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School Bell

The bell which had hung in the tower of "the old high school" ad which for  may years had called Maquoketa children to school each morning and afternoon, was found among the ruins of the building after the fire in December, 1921.  A glass case was made for it and a few other fire relics, including several geological specimens and an electric light bulb, and they now can be seen in the school superintendent's office.


High School Band Reorganized in 1937

Members of the school band after it was reorganized last year, were:

Clarinets: Junior Raab, Warren Meyers, James Caven, James Wendel, Marjorie Turnquist, Imogene von Schrader, Mary Frances Wing, Myrl Turner, Amy Marie Mcowan, Jack Sagers, Ruth Merriman, Charles Anderson, Evelyn Blizik.

Obo: Miriam Jargo.

Flute: Shirley Snell.
Saxophones: Cletus Crowley, Abe Rosenberg, Mary Eloise Lary, Bob Phillips, Addie Mae Becker.

Alto horns: Maybeth Throckmorton, Gene Richardson, Marilyn Turnquist, Lorraine Smith.

Baritones: Thomas Harrington, Donald Smith, James Palmer.

Cornets: Robert Barker, Gene McLain, LeMoine Tomlinson, Wilma Raab, Donald Henningsen, Jesse Tubbs, Donald Hayes, John Miller, Corabeth Bolt, Averl Hager, Lowell Lee Henry, Charles Gallagher.

Trombones: Ada Belle Busch, Elizabeth Nissen, Velora Wilms, Dorothea Harder, Edward Carson.

Bass horns: Joe Moore, Eva Wilcox.

Drums: James Crawford, Otis Joiner, Carol Easton, Jack Keck.




SOURCE: Jackson Sentinal Centennial Edition - 1938