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Doctors & Dentists 


Among the first dentists to locate in Maquoketa were Dr. A. S. Hodge in the fifties, Dr. S. Holmes and Dr. F. G. Potter, early in the sixties.  Dr. Hodge was widely known for his fine plate workmanship.  Doctor Holmes was the first dentist to take up crown and bridge work here, and for a time was an instructor at Chicago Dental College, and was the second dentist in Iowa to discover the casting gold crown process.  Dr. M. A. Robinson is now the "dean" of local dentists.


Ellis Name Familiar In Dental Profession

An interesting story of a "family profession" which reminds one of the days when a boy always followed the trade of his father, is the story of Dr. Gideon Ellis, Maquoketa dentist for a period of 50 years.

Four of the 14 Ellis brothers decided to be dentists and "Gid" came to Maquoketa in 1875 to set up his business.  His two sons decided to follow their father's profession, and in 1892 J. B. completed his dental course at Iowa University and joined his father.  The second son, Gideon C., completed his course in 1903 and joined the firm.  In 1923 Dr. J. B. Ellis' son Paul received his degree of D.D.S. from the university, and he, too, entered the office.

The elder doctor's daughter Caddie, also felt an interest in the "family profession" for she married a dentist, Dr. E. A. Phillips.  Their son, Ben, was graduated from the university college of dentristry in 1921 and entered his father's office.






SOURCE: Jackson Sentinal Centennial Edition - 1938