These obituaries were retrieved, and the index compiled, by Charter Members of J. C. Genies originally. These obits are in the Jackson County Gen. library, Maquoketa, Iowa. Transcribed for this web site by Ann Miller.
Alexander, Alpheus * 32
Alexander, Alpheus 33
Alexander, (Father) 32
Ast, Mrs. Lawrence * 32
Beckwith, John B. 30
Bennett, Mrs. * 32
Bodkin, Mahula M. 33
Branfas, Mrs. Fred 36
Brown, Harriet Newel Bennett 29
Brown, Mrs. Ann 27
Bruce, Mrs. Ellen 42
Cain, John 36
Cain, Margaret 39
Clark, Henry 30
Clark, Polly (Aunt) 36
Claussen, Leroy 24
Clump, (Brother) 36
Collins, (Girl) 42
Courtney, Mrs. James 25
Courtney, Rosanna Campbell 25
Crane, Fayette W. 39
Davis, Hall J. 42
Dye, Electa Gilbert 27
Dye, Mrs. Elect 27
Dyer, August Leonard 24
Eaton, Adaline 28
Edwards, Eldad 35
Eggerstadt, Glen Howard 35
Elbury, Mrs. Phoebe * 32
Emsberger, Mrs. 36
Field, Dexter 29
Frazier, Lucy 41
Freeman, Clemintine Sutton 40
Germond, Sarah Ann Ward 26
Gilmore, Evans 37
Gilmore, James E. 37
Graaff, Hipolyte 31
Harrison, Bertha May Lowe 43
Hatfield, Julia Ann Gillett 24
Haywood, Mrs. Sarah 38
Hendley, Mrs. 31
Hoywood, Mrs. Sarah Maskery 36
Isbell, Mrs. Jane 40
Johnson, Fred 40
Johnston, Freddie 42
Kaler, Tillie 40
Kaler, Tillie 41
Kegley, James 26
Kukkuck, H.J. (Sr.) 36
Larkey, Lulu * 32
Larkey, Lulu 35
Longman, Elias 28
Longman, John Elias 26
McCabe, Mrs. Kate 26
McCard, Keziah 26
McCullough, J.C. 39
McCullough, J.W. 37
McNabb, Mrs. Mary M. Livingston 37
Mitchell, Mrs. Nicholas 31
Mole, Wm. 35
Monroe, Beulah 35
Morse, Belle E. 25
Morse, Mrs. Will 36
Mueller (Daughter) 30
Nelson, Peter Otto 34
O'Day, Florence 34
Olmstead, Mrs. Henrietta 40
Olmstead, Mrs. Henrietta 42
Osborn, Frank 37
Overhulser, Jake 27
Perryman, John 43
Peters, Mrs. * 32
Plough, Mrs. Henriette 36
Pool, Simeon 29
Priaulx, James 36
Priaulx, Thomas 36
Propst (Mother) 30
Purdy, Mrs. Mary A. Grant 40
Raven, Christ * 32
Rohlf, Marion 28
Ryan, Minerva Cass 31
Seda, Mrs. Mary 37
Seda, Winchell 28
Shepherd, Samuel (Rev.) 38
Siegel, (Child) * 32
Smith, Edith Myrtle 34
Stender (Daughter) 26
Stender (Daughter) 27
Sterbenz, George * 32
Stimson, Maloa Ruth 34
Struble, Gerald 24
Symons, Frederick 42
Taubman, Mrs. Margaret 37
Tesky, John 28
Thola, (Infant) 40
Trimble, Mrs. Louisa 26
Tubbs, Freeland G. 24
Van Schaick, Mrs. Emma 27
Wing, Elizabeth Wigfield 27
Wing, Grace Harns 41
Wurster, Geo. 31

18 March 1904 - ALEXANDER

Robert Alexander was called hom from Davenport for the severe illness and death of his father.


Word was received Saturday morning in Preston of the death of ALPHEUS ALEXANDER which occurred at 4:30 a.m. at his home in Spraueville. For the past several weeks Mr. Alexander has been failing very fast. The funeral services were held at 10 o'clock from the home with interment at the Van Buren cemetery.

25 March 1904 - MRS. BENNETT

James Potter and Isabelle Bennet of Monmouth went to wyoming to attend the funeral of MRS. BENNETT, the grandmother of the latter. Mrs. Bennett was almost 91 years old and an old resident of Wyoming but the past few years had lived with a daughter in the western part of the state, having been brought to wyoming for burial.

25 March 1904 - GEORGE STERBENZ

Mr. George Sterbenz died very suddenly with paralysis last Wednesday just south of the town of Baldwin. He was staying with his son in law Jacob Stanisha.

25 March 1904 - SIEGEL

L. Siegel and wife of Andrew mourn the loss of their eleven months old CHILD which was called home March 16th.

25 March 1904 - MRS. PETERS

MRS. PETERS of Andrew, an old citizen of Perry township, died March 18th aged 75 years. She had lived with her daughter, Mrs. John Jensen, for a number of years. One son from DeWitt, one from LaMotte and one living here besides her daughter, were with her to care for her in her last sickness. Funeral services was held at the Lutheran church conducted by Rev. Adix with interment in Andrew cemetery.

25 March 1904 - MRS. PETERS

MRS. PETERS, mother of Wm. Peters of LaMotte, one of our esteemed business men, died at the home of her son in law, John Jensen, near Andrew, last Friday at the age of 78 years. The funeral services and burial took place Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Peters and family, of this city, attended the last sad rites.

25 March 1904 - MRS. PHOEBE ELBURY

MRS. PHOEBE ELBURY of Eyeota, Minn. died Tuesday morning suddenly. The deceased was a sister of Mrs. Dr. Maftin and made many friends when visiting here several years ago.

25 March 1904 - LULU LARKEY

Her friends here will be shocked to learn of the death of Miss LULU LARKEY, who was formerly a resident of this city and a popular clerk at the H. Servatius store. Appendicitis was the cause of her death which came March 21st at the home of her mother in Independence, Kansas.

25 March 1904 - MRS. LAWRENCE AST

MRS. LAWRENCE AST died at the home of son, Lawrence, in this city Tuesday afternoon, March 22, after a lingering illness due to old age. Mrs. Ast was born in Alsace-Lorain-France, Nov. 1, 1832, and was married to Lawrence Ast in 1857. In 1872 they came to America and settled one farm two miles northwest of this city. The funeral will be held this morning at Sacred Heart church at 10 o'clock. Rev. Father Bowen celebrating Requiem Mass. Burial in Mt. Hope Cemetery.

25 March 1904 - CHRIST RAVEN

CHRIST RAVEN died on Tuesday, March 22 at his home nine miles south of Maquoketa from injuries received last fall in a runaway caused by the fright of his team at the Tracy automobile. Mr. Raven's skull was fractured and he received internal injuries from which he never recovered. Deceased was born near Haderslabe, Germany, July 11, 1844. Note from Ann Miller - (There may be more to this obituary.. I didn't have the next page. It is available in its entirety at JC Gen. Library.)

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