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City / Town Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Ackley Inter County Journal Weekly Friday Ind. Rep Scales & Carlson
Ackley World Weekly Wednesday Dem Geo. F. Althouse
Adair News Weekly Friday Rep Roy A. Stacey
Adel Dallas County News Weekly Wednesday Rep A.C. Hotchkiss
Adel Dallas County Record Weekly Thursday Rep Record Pub. Co.
Afton Star-Enterprise Weekly Thursday Ind V.B. Cargill
Ainsworth Clipper Weekly Friday Local J.H. Pearson
Akron Register-Tribune Weekly Thursday Rep Ray A. Smith
Albia Monroe County News Weekly Thursday Dem Clark & Gass
Albia Republican Weekly Thursday Rep Albia Pub. Co.
Albia Union Semi-weekly Tues & Fri Rep A.L. Anderson
Alden Times Weekly Friday Rep Lyman & Furry
Algona Advance Weekly Thursday Rep Dewel & Clark
Algona Courier Weekly Friday Dem Hinchon & Finnell
Algona Kossuth County Teacher Monthly   Educational Sid J. Backus
Algona Upper Des Moines Republican Weekly Wednesday Rep Shearer & Haggard
Allerton News Weekly Thursday Rep H.E. Adamson
Allison Butler County Tribune Weekly Thursday Rep Wm. J. Hunt
Alta Advertiser Weekly Friday Rep R.P. Willis
Alta Vista Vidette Weekly Wednesday Ind F.E. Howard
Alton Democrat Weekly Saturday Dem Jno. F.D. Aue
Altoona Herald Weekly Thursday Ind. Rep J.C. Mason
Alvord Register Weekly Thursday Rep C.E. Fitzgerald
Ames Intelligencer Weekly Thursday Rep F.R. & M.C. Conaway
Ames Iowa Agriculturist Monthly   Agricul Students & Faculty
Ames Iowa Engineer Monthly   Eng Students & Faculty
Ames I.S.C. Student Weekly Monday Coll I.M. Fuller
Ames Times Weekly Thursday Rep L.G. Hardin
Anamosa Eureka Weekly Thursday Rep Gardner & Bye
Anamosa Journal Weekly Thursday Dem E.R. Moore
Anamosa Reformatory Press Weekly Saturday Inst. Felix H. Pickworth
Anita Republican Weekly Wednesday Rep J.M. Briggs
Anita Tribune Weekly Thursday Rep Sherman F. Myers
Ankeny Times Weekly Friday Ind Rep Al Stader
Anthon Herald Weekly Wednesday Rep G.F. Kane
Aplington News Weekly Thursday Local O.A. Voogd
Arlington News Weekly Thursday Rep W.F. Lake
Armstrong Journal Weekly Thursday Dem Journal Pub. Co.
Arthur Advertiser Weekly Friday Rep Frank P. Clarkson
Ashton Leader Weekly Thursday Dem C.W. Lewis
Atlantic News Daily except Sunday Ind Rep C.F. & E.P. Chase
Atlantic News Weekly Thursday Ind Rep C.F. & E.P. Chase
Atlantic Optimist Monthly   Temperance W.E. Wirrier
Atlantic Telegraph Daily except Sunday Rep William H. Wiseman
Atlantic Telegraph Weekly Friday Rep William H. Wiseman
Auburn Recorder Weekly Thursday Rep E.H. Merrill
Audubon Advocate Weekly Friday Ind Dem R.C. Spencer
Audubon Republican Weekly Thursday Rep Albert C. Ross
Aurelia Sentinel Weekly Friday Rep Albert S. Crabb
Aurora Observer Weekly Thursday Rep R.A. Tennis
Avoca Journal-Herald Weekly Thursday Dem F.M. Beymer
Ayrshire Chronicle Weekly Thursday Rep C.H. Cookinham
City or Town Publication Edition Publication Days Character Editor or Publisher
Bagley Gazette Weekly Thursday Rep F.H. Plumb
Bancroft Register Weekly Friday Rep W.F. Laidley
Batavia Watchman Weekly Thursday Ind C.P. Lowther
Battle Creek Times Weekly Thursday Local E.F. Peffer
Baxter New Era Weekly Thursday Rep H. Hazlett
Bayard Advocate Weekly Thursday Ind Geo. A. Grow
Bedford Free Press Weekly Thursday Rep R.V. Lucas
Bedford Times-Republican Weekly Thursday Rep Merritt W. Campbell
Belle Plaine Democrat-Herald Semi-weekly Tues & Fri Dem Harvey Slack
Belle Plaine Union Weekly Thursday Rep O.C. Burrows
Bellevue Herald Weekly Tuesday Dem A. Brandt
Bellevue Leader Weekly Thursday Rep W.F. Schirmer
Belmond Herald Weekly Wednesday Rep E.A. Pierce
Belmond Iowa Valley Press Weekly Thursday Rep W.R. Ramsay
Birmingham Enterprise Weekly Thursday Rep C.L. Sheward
Blairstown Banner Weekly Thursday Ind L.H. Bufkin
Blakesburg Excelsior Weekly Thursday Ind F.J. Raymond
Blanchard State Line - Herald Weekly Thursday Rep H.S. Dewell
Blencoe Herald Weekly Thursday Ind Harmon Cline
Blockton News Weekly Thursday Ind Rep Lupton & Nulph
Bloomfield Davis County Republican Weekly Thursday Rep P.T. Grimes
Bloomfield Democrat Weekly Thursday Dem K.F. Baldridge
Bode Bugle Weekly Friday Rep J.F. Temple
Bonaparte Record Weekly Wednesday Rep A.G. Roberts
Bondurant Journal Weekly Thursday Rep N.B. Fulmer
Boone Boone County Democrat Weekly Friday Dem Herron & Menton
Boone Independent Weekly Friday Labor Independent Pub Co.
Boone News-Republican Daily except Sunday Rep S.G. Goldthwaite
Boone News-Republican Weekly Thursday Rep S.G. Goldthwaite
Boydon Reporter Weekly Thursday Rep Wm. W. Brady
Braddyville Enterprise Weekly Friday Ind S.L. Hill
Breda News Weekly Thursday Dem W.I. Kortright
Breda Ostfriessische-Nachrichten Tri-monthly   Local L. Huendling
Bridgewater Times Weekly Thursday Local Fred V. Brower
Brighton Enterprise Weekly Saturday Ind C.C. Heacock
Brighton News Weekly Thursday Ind Orvil Kiger
Bristow Butler County Times Weekly Wednesday Rep J.B. Williams
Britt News Weekly Thursday Rep Simpkins & Roberts
Britt Tribune Weekly Thursday Rep E.N. Bailey
Brooklyn Chronicle Weekly Thursday Rep C.E. Stallcop
Buffalo Center Tribune Weekly Thursday Rep Chas. A McGowan
Burlington Evening Gazette Daily except Sunday Dem Thomas Stivers
Burlington Hawk-Eye Daily except Monday Rep J.L. Waite
Burlington Lutherischer Semi-monthly   Religious Rev. Wm Rosenstengel
Burlington Saturday Evening Post Weekly Saturday Rep J.W. Murphy
Burlington Volksfreund-Tribune Daily except Sunday Ind Volksfreund Pub. Co.
Burlington Volksfreund-Tribune Weekly Wednesday Ind Volksfreund Pub. Co.
Burt Monitor Weekly Thursday Rep Robt. S. Sherwood
Bussey Tri-County Press Weekly Friday Rep Lee E. Johnson

Source: "The Iowa Official Register for the Years 1911-1912", Twenty-Fourth Number; compiled under the supervision of William C. Hayward, Secretary of State and John M. Jamieson, deputy, by Guy S. Bewer; Des Moines, Emory H. English, State Printer, E.D. Chassell, State Binder; 1911; pages 723-746.

Transcribed for Iowa Old Press by Sharyl Ferrall, winter 2005

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