Extra! Extra! A STAR IS BORN!

Iowa Old Press co-editor Linda Ziemann 'took the stage' in front of a microfilm reader last week when she was interviewed by t-v reporter Denise Hnytka of Sioux City television KMEG-14.

Denise told us that she found Iowa Old Press while surfing the internet and was curious about our project. A flurry of excited emails were exchanged and Linda agreed to meet with Denise while on a research trip to the Sioux City area. The spot aired on the 10 p.m. news February 6, 2007.

Linda .... you did a terrific job in telling the story of Iowa Old Press. You were the star of the show!

A brief text version of Linda's interview appeared on the KMEG-14 website for a couple days ..... Click the thumbnail to read all about it ......

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Thanks Denise and KMEG-14, for letting the Sioux City area viewers know how they can find their Iowa ancestors in the news at Iowa Old Press!


KMEG-14 News - Sioux City, Iowa
KMEG-14 News - Sioux City, Iowa

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