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Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa
June 21, 1923.

John Van Ness
John VanNess an old and respected citizen of this community died at this home in Sidney, Saturday June 16, 1923. He was born in Coles county, Illinois, January 27, 1840, being 83 years, 4 months and 19 days old at the time of his death. He was the youngest of eleven children and when just a young lad he moved with his parents to Jefferson county, Iowa, where he lived for five years, then moving to Fremont county where he has since made his home until about fourteen years ago he moved to Sidney, residing in the east part of town, and only a short time ago moved to the home where he died. He had been in poor health for the past seven months. He was married to Rachel Acord, February 26, 1863 and to this union were born eight children, W. G. VanNess of Oklahoma City, J. H. VanNess of David City, Nebr., John VanNess Jr., of Omaha, Mrs.U. S. Reeves of Blair, Nebr., Mrs. John Simmerman of Broken Bow, Nebr., Albert, Mary and Mrs. Frank Racobs all of Sidney. There are 31 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren besides a host of relatives and friends to mourn his death. Mr. VanNess was a member of the Presbyterian church having joined this denomination when he was a young man. Funeral services were held Monday June 18th at 2 o'clock at the Presbyterian church, conducted by Rev. Todd of Shenandoah in the absence of Rev. Davis who was out ot town. The music was furnished by the Presbyterian quartet, Mrs. Vernon Johnson, Mrs. Jess Ettleman, Warren Darrah and Hubert Hanson. The pall bearers were A. F. Darrah, Fred Hiatt, R. P. Lindsay, J. S. Butcher, Chas. Martin and Jas. Reade. There were many beautiful floral offerings from relatives and friends. Interment was in Sidney cemetery.

[transcribed by W.F., March 2007]


Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa
June 28, 1923

The Annual Event of the Home Coming of Sidney Alumni Association Held Friday Evening.
The Annual Homecoming of the Sidney Alumni Association was held at the high school auditorium, Friday evening June 22 at eight o'clock.......etc.....

Ruth Abbott of Imogene
Alice Black of Imogene
Mrs. Evelyn Calwell of Omaha
Mrs. Mabel Wilson Gochenour of Red Oak.
Mrs. Jennie Crandall Gordon and husband of near Hamburg.
Orville Howard of Imogene
Mrs. Flora Wilson Lewis of Farragut
Miss Josephine Penn of Council Bluffs
Mrs. Mildred Chantry Rhode of Tabor
Mrs. Margaret Mitchell Ross of Farragut
Mrs. Myrtle Marvin Smith of Omaha
Mrs. Ruth Travis Thomas of Shenandoah
Mrs. Fred Evans Yost and husband of near Bartlett

Ruth Abbott, Imogene, Class of 1923
Carl Adams, Sidney, Class of 1916
Mrs. Elizabeth Adams, Sidney, Class of 1897.
John Quincy Adams, Sidney, Class of 1919
Lydia Spittler Adams, Sidney, Class of 1911
Ruth Adle, Sidney, Class of 1917
Clifford Billings, Sidney, Class of 1923
Flora Birkby, Knox, Class of 1921
Alice Black, Imogene, Class of 1923
Neva Butcher, Sidney, Class of 1922
Mrs. Jessie Shockley Carter, Sidney, Class of 1888
Willa Martin Carter, Sidney, Class of 1915
Mary Carter, Sidney, Class of 1923
Charles Cartmill, Sidney, Class of 1922
Jane Cartmill, Sidney, Class of 1918
Robert Cartmill, Sidney, Class of 1922
Joe Chantry, Sidney, Class of 1923
Gerald Clark, Sidney, Class of 1922
Mrs. Effie Crandal Chantry, Sidney, Class of 1902
Lucille Cutts, Sidney, Class of 1923
Warren Darrah, Sidney, Class of 1923
Frances Elliott, Sidney, Class of 1922
Mildred Elliott, Sidney, Class of 1923
Edith Engelke, Sidney, Class 1921
Erma Engelke, Sidney, Class of 1909
C. L. Eskew, Sidney, Class of 1890
Jesse Ettleman, Sidney, Class of 1906
Maud Mitchell Ettleman, Sidney, Class of 1908
Evelyn Haning Falwel, Omaha, Class of 1920
Edwin Focht, Sidney, Class fo 1923
Lloyd Focht, Sidney, Class of 1923
Mabel Wilson Gochenour, Red Oak, Class of 1912
Jennie Crandal Gordon, Sidney, Class of 1911
Mrs. Lillian Eaton Gore, Sidney, Class of 1897
Mary Gore, Sidney, Class of 1922
Brice Goy, Sidney, Class of 1911
Raymond Goy, Sidney, Class of 1903
Helen Gray, Sidney, Class of 1920
Hubert Hanson, Sidney, Class of 1913
Bertha Hiatt, Sidney, Class of 1919
Velma Hiatt, Sidney, Class of 1915
Eves Holloway, Sidney, Class of 1918
Orville Howard, Imogene, Class of 1901
Thomas Iiams, Sidney, Class of 1908
Gladys James, Sidney, Class of 1919
Herschel James, Sidney, Class of 1923
Crystal Jones, Sidney, Class of 1923
Dorria Jordon, Sidney, Class of 1922
Dora Jorgenson, Sidney, Class of 1921
Harriette Tate Larson, Sidney, Class of 1915
Eva Wilson Lewis, Farragut, Class of 1914
Mabel Lewis, Sidney, Class of 1921
Thelma Lindsay, Sidney, Class of 1917
Fern Shannon Lovelady, Sidney, Class of 1908
Dr. Ralph Lovelady, Sidney, Class of 1907
William Magel, Sidney, Class of 1903
Waldo Martin, Sidney,Class of 1922
Mildred McCormack, Knox, Class of 1923
William McDonald, Sidney, Class of 1923
Florence McKean, Sidney, Class of 1909
Glenne Dixon McMaker, Plattsmouth, Nebr., Class of 1912
Ida Meyer, Sidney, Class of 1917
Marie Meyer, Sidney, Class of 1922
Mrs. Cora Tarr Murphy, Sidney, Class of 1890
Eva Murphy, Sidney, Class of 1918
Bernice Bobbitt Otte, Sidney, Class of 1912
Mrs. Ollie Marvin Otte, Sidney, Class of 1907
Pauline Chambers Otte, Sidney, Class of 1915
Donald Payne, Sidney, Class of 1923
Josephine Penn, Council Bluffs, Class of 1919
Mildred Penn, Sidney, Class of 1920
Viola Pickens, Sidney, Class of 1923
Mildred DeFreece Pullman, Sidney, Class of 1912
Mildred Chantry Rhode, Tabor, Class of 1917
Inez Richardson, Sidney, Class of 1912
Clark Rogers, Sidney, Class of 1921
Margaret Mitchell Ross, Class of 1912
Anna Meyer Schaaf, Sidney, Class of 1913
Julia Goodner Schaaf, Sidney, Class of 1916
Hattie Goodner Schaaf, Sidney, Class of 1916
Mrs. Myrtle Smith, Omaha, Class of 1906
Helen Gore Stiles, Sidney, Class of 1920
Muriel Stiles, Sidney, Class of 1921
Ted Stiles, Sidney, Class of 1919
Ruth Travis Thomas, Class of 1912
A.V. Thornell, Sidney, Class of 1890
Vesta Thornton, Class of 1910
Mrs. Anna Wilson Travis, Sidney, Class of 1890
Clara Barnes Travis, Sidney, Class of 1916
Edna Spittler Travis, Sidney, Class of 1916
Mrs. Leona Lieb Tyson, Sidney, Class of 1901
Bernice VanNess, Sidney, Class of 1922
Everett VanNess, Sidney, Class of 1922
Fonda Watson, Sidney, Class of 1923
Opal Watson, Sidney, Class of 1920
Gertrude Watts, Sidney, Class of 1922
Eva Webber, Sidney, Class of 1913
Nancy Webber, Sidney, Class of 1920
Lucille Watson Wilson, Sidney, Class of 1915
Helen Winkler, Sidney, Class of 1918
Miss Eula Woodlands, Sidney, Class of 1900
Freda Evans Yost, Bartlett, Class of 1922
Carroll Younts, Sidney, Class of 1921
Esta Zach, Sidney, Class of 1923

Dennis H. McBeth was born in Jasper County, Iowa, September 13, 1866 (*sic, should read 1868) and died at this home south of Percival Saturday June 23, 1923 at the age of 56 (*sic) years 9 months and 10 days. He had been sick for a year; but his condition became worse about 5 weeks ago, but he was confined to his bed only one week. When a small child he moved with his parents from Jasper County to Nebraska, living there until twenty five years ago, when they came to this community where he has resided ever since. He was married in 1895 to Susie Laymon at Geneva, Nebraska. Seven children were born to this union, two dying in infancy. Those surviving are Ivan, Maggie, Bernice, Florence and Mrs. Robert Reed. He also leaves four brothers and six sisters to mourn his loss. Six of these were present. Funeral services were held Saturday morning at the home conducted by Rev. Carlyon with interment in the Blanchard cemetery.
(*notes in parenthesis were added by the transcriber)

Samuel Reed was born in Lee County, Iowa, December 25, 1844 and passed away at his home in Percival, Iowa, June 16, 1923 at a ripe old age. Mr. Reed served in the Civil War and his passing leaves Percival with only one surviving Civil War Veteran, Jack Withers. At the close of the war in 1866, he was married to Cordellia Gerrish in Fort Madison, Iowa. Seven children were born to this union, namely: P. H. of Percival, Mrs. Addie Hoventer of St. Joseph, MO., Mrs. Nellie Hampton,
Wyoming, Mrs. Oliva Keyser, Randolph, Elbert of Burwell, Neb., and Mrs. Carrie Copeland of Fargo, North Dak. One child Laura died in infancy. He is also survived by one sister, Mrs.Britton of Taylor, Nebr. The children were all present at the funeral, also Mr. Hovanter of St. Joseph, and Mr. and Mrs. John Clanton of Missouri and Mr. and Mrs. Courtwright of Shenandoah, grandchildren of Mr. Reed. Funeral services were held at the home, Wednesday morning, conducted by Elder Higgins of Nebraska City with interment in Wyuka cemetery in Nebraska City.

Married In Council Bluffs
John Webber and Miss Frances Crawford, two of Sidney's popular young people were married at Council Bluffs Saturday evening at the M.E. parsonage and are now at home to their friends at 1922 Sixth Ave., Council Bluffs. Mrs. Webber is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Crawford and was born and raised in Sidney, where she was popular among the young people. She has a pleasing and winsome personality and wins friends wherever she goes. Mr. Webber was also born and raised in Sidney where he grew to young manhood. He is a graduate of the Sidney high school of 1923 and is very industrious, and a young man of good habits. He is a fine athlete. He has a good position in Omaha. The host of friends will wish them happiness and prosperity.

[transcribed by W.F., August 2003]

Fremont County