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GRIFFITH, JACOB B.—Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 12, P. O. Millersburg. Was born in Chester county, Pennsylvania, December 28, 1820, and remained there until he attained his fourth year. Then moved with his parents to Ontario county, New York, where he lived six years. He moved to Guernsey county, Ohio, residing there until 1842, when he moved to Morgan (now Noble) county, Ohio, remaining there until 1850. He then came to this State (Iowa) and settled in Washington county. Remained one year then came to Iowa county and settled in his present location in the spring of 1852. He was married in Morgan county, Ohio, in June 1848, to Miss Mary Hodge, a native of Ohio. Her ancestors were natives


of Ireland. Mr. Griffith's ancestors were natives of Germany and Wales. Their family consists of six children: Lydia J. (born March 22, 1849, now Mrs. S.C. Berstler), Mary Ann (born April 6, 1851, now Mrs. Dennis Cover), Maggie E. (now Mrs. A.E. Stoner), Jetha J. (born August 4, 1862), Samuel H. (born October 12, 1864) and William T. (born April 13, 1867). Lost four children: Florence O. (born July 2, 1855, died December 7, 1866), Charles F. (born October 8, 1857, died February 8, 1861), Abel H. (born October 6, 1859, died April 13, 1865) and Eunice A. (born December 5, 1870, died November 17, 1873). Mr. Griffith owns a fine farm of 290 acres of cultivated land.




JORDAN, S. G.—Farmer, Sec. 5, P. O. Deep River. Was born in Noble county, Ohio, November 5, 1834, and was there educated and raised. March 16, 1877, he came to his present location. He was married in 1856, to Miss Sarah Hughes, and by this union they have two children: Orrin W. and Isaac D. Lost one, Frances C. Mr. Jordan's second marriage was in 1863, to Miss Emily J. Bell, a native of Ohio. The result of this union is four children: William R., Lammon P., Mary and Ida. Lost one, Agnes B. Mr. J. Takes an interest in educational matters, and is the owner of 283 acres of land. He is one of the most prominent auctioneers in this part of the county.


SANTER, F.—Farmer and carpenter, Sec. 9, P. O. Hedge. Was born in Germany in 1832, and was there educated and remained until his twentieth year. He learned the trade of carpenter and joiner in his native country and in 1852 emigrated to America, settling in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There he remained for three years when he came to this State and settled in Scott county. There lived until 1873, when he came to his present location. He was married, in Philadelphia, in 1855, to Miss R. Schavfle. Their family consists of eight children: Eliza, George, August, Rosa, Freddie, Willie, Henry and Katie. Mr. S. owns a farm of 160 acres. He is an active member of the German Methodist Church, and when the building was erected gave $200 towards paying for it.