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BAUGH, JAMES M.—Farmer, Sec. 14, P.O. Marengo. Was born April 15, 1833, in the State of Indiana, and at the age of eleven years removed with his parents to this State, settling in Jones county. In the spring of 1843 he removed to Linn county, and after residing there until the spring of 1845 returned to Jones county, where he followed farming. In the spring of 1858 he again went to Linn county, and in the spring of 1860 he went to Johnson county. After making his home there for one year he moved to Benton county, and in 1865 came to this county, where he has since resided. He is the owner of a fine farm consisting of 165 acres, well improved. Mr. Baugh was married in Linn county, this State, on the 4th of October, 1859, to Miss Angeline Rudolph. By this union they have five children: Addie M., Ross, James J., Ellie D. and Florence L.


CARTER, GEORGE—Farmer, stock-raiser and brick manufacturer, Sec. 13, P.O. Marengo. Was born on the 17th of December, 1839, and is a native of Athens county, Ohio. When five years of age he removed with his parents to Indiana, where he was raised and educated. After leaving school he became engaged in a flour and grist mill and continued at it until the spring of 1863, when he went to Idaho Territory. There he followed mining and teaming and in December, 1872, returned to Indiana, where he remained until the spring of 1874. He them came to this county


and is here extensively engaged with his brother in farming and stock-raising. They also manufacture from 500,000 to 1,000,000 brick per year. The stock-farm is one of the finest in the county and comprises about 1,000 acres, 700 of which are under cultivation. The average number of cattle per year is 150 head.


CARTER, C.—Of the firm of Carter Brothers. Was born in Ohio, March 19, 1837, and when seven years of age removed with his parents to Indiana, where he was raised. After obtaining his education he followed the milling business with his brothers until 1864, when he came to this county and became engaged in their present business. In February, 1878, he went to Leadville, where he engaged in mining, manufacturing brick and the livery business. In the spring of 1857 Mr. Carter went to the Pacific coast and returned in 1858, having visited the principal places on the western slope. He was married in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the fall of 1860 to Miss Eleanor E. Titler, a native of Iowa. By this union they have three children living, two daughters and one son.


GOINGS, GEORGE W.—Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 15, P. O. Marengo. Was born in Ohio on the 25th day of December, 1818, and when six years of age removed with his parents to Indiana, where he was raised. After completing his education he learned the trade of stone-cutting and followed it for seven years, when, on account of ill health, he was obliged to give it up. Then he engaged in farming and followed it there until the summer of 1849, when he came to this county, being one of its pioneers. He is the owner of a fine farm of 288 acres, well improved. Has a good location for his residence, four miles northwest of Marengo. Mr. Goings has been twice married. First, in Indiana, in October, 1846, to Miss Susanna Wood. By this union they had eleven children of whom one is living. His second marriage was in this county, to Miss Mary J. Norris. They have five children, two boys and three girls.


KNEPPER, F.C.—Proprietor of brewery, Sec. 18. P.O. Marengo. Was born in Germany, December 31, 1827, and was raised there. He received a good education after which he learned the brewer’s trade, and continued it there until April, 1850. He then emigrated to the United States, landing in New York, and from there went to Chicago where he resumed his former business. In 1851 he went to St. Louis, remaining until 1852, and in 1853 went on the government exploring expedition to Fort Benton as teamster. In 1854 removed to Davenport, this State, and there obtained a position as foreman in a malt house. While there, in 1862, he started a large brewery and continued to operate it until 1870, when he sold out. In the spring of 1872 he came to this county and resumed the brewery business, having the only brewery in the country. He was married in Davenport, in September, 1858, to Miss Margaret Teege. They have five children: Edward, Clara, Julius, Herman and Alma.


TITLER, G.W.—Farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 17, P.O. Marengo. The subject of this sketch is a native of Ohio, and was born April 2, 1839. He was there educated, and in October, 1853, he came to Iowa county where he has since resided, being the owner of 440 acres of well improved land. Has a fine residence beautifully located. Is an extensive dealer of thorough-bred cattle, and in fact is one of the largest stockdealers in the county. His marriage was on the 4th of October, 1870, in this county, at which time Miss Abigail Bishop became his wife. They


have six children, two of whom are living: Arich B. and Bessie B. George is deceased.


WANNAMAUGHER, MRS. ELIZABETH—Her maiden name was Elizabeth Bowers, and she was born in Indiana, October 20, 1827, and was there raised and educated. On the 14th of January, 1847, she was married to Samuel Wannamaugher. In 1853, with their family, they came to this county and here Mr. W. was engaged in farming and stock-raising until his death, which occurred January 4, 1865. He was a man of broad views, large experience, and good business qualifications and his loss was mourned by many friends. He left a family of five children now living: Isaac, John, William, Laura and Lillie. Three are deceased: Margaret, Mary and Emily.


WILLIE, CHRISTIAN—Farmer, Sec. 18, P.O. Marengo. Was born in July, 1824, a native of Switzerland. There he was raised, and after leaving school commenced farming, which he has made his principal occupation through life. In the spring of 1857 Mr. W. immigrated to America, landing in New York, and from there went to Lancaster, New York, where he resumed farming and also worked a tannery two years. In the spring of 1866 he came to this county, and has since made his home here. He owns a fine farm of 71 acres of well improved land. In March, 1858, in New York State, Miss Rickie Erriesman became his wife. Their family consists of three children: Mary, Christian and Dennis.