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Source: The History of Iowa County, Iowa, 1881, Des Moines, Union Historical Co., Birdsall, Williams & Co., p. 513-515.

Alum, John B., barber                                     
Alverson, Edwin C., druggist                              
Allen, J. C., Supt. woolen mills                          
Bailey Bros. & Rush, flour mills                          
Baltz, George, grocer                                     
Bartlett, J. T., physician                                
Baumer, A., grocer                                        
Beck, Wm., merchant tailor                                
Beem, J. T., lawyer                                       
Blasier, Lizzie A., milliner                              
Branch, Fritz, saloon                                     
Branch, J. H., Pres. first national bank                  
Baumer, C., bank cashier                                  
Brockman, D. C., physician                                
Butler, James, hotel proprietor                           
Butler, & Cronin, saloon                                  
Butterfield, W. E. & J., foundry                          
Bingham, clerk in national bank                           
Cartwright & Cutright, photographers                      
Cole & Lewis, lumber and shingles                         
Crenshaw, H. F., postmaster                               
Crotzer, Rebecca, restaurant                              
Cook, George, Park House proprietor                       
Childress, G. T., funiture                                
Carpenter, H. M., harness-maker                           
Deffinbough, H., general store                            
Dinwiddie, John C., land agent                            
Dougherty, J. H., barber                                  
Downard, Albert L., jeweler                               
Eddy, W. M., druggist and physician                       
Elliott, George, confectioner                             
Elliott, Margaret I., restaurant                          
Eckert, Chas., blacksmith                                 
Eyrich, Geo. F., boot and shoemaker                       
Feenan, Hughes & Kirk, lawyers                            
Flannagan, John M., saloon                                
Freeman & Moynihan, general store                         
Fisher, P. E., Western Union Telegraph operator           
Gilbert & Miller, abstracts and loans, and photographers  
Gode, Derdrick, boots and shoes                           
Goldthwaite, Frank O., druggist                           
Goldthwaite & Van Boskirk, dry goods                      
Good, M. G. & Co., grain dealer and elevator              
Green, Eli, dentist                                       
Green, George W., harness-maker                           
Griffith, Horace C., physician                            
Groff, Richard B., notions                                
Gruber, Michael, blacksmith                               
Holden, -----, Central Hotel proprietor                   
Hale, John, livery                                        
Hipp & Garns, grocers                                     
Hedges & Alverson, lawyers                                
Henderson, Mrs. L., milliner                              
Hogan, Edward, saloon                                     
Holbrook, N. B., real estate and loan agent               
Hopkins, Edmund, general store                            
Hueber, Anne, notions                                     
Huston, W. L., physician                                  
Holm, G., justice of peace                                
Jennis, Isaac H., harness-maker                           
Keene & Son, carriages and wagons                         
Kelly, Martin P., hotel proprietor                        
Kennicott, J. H., Clifton House proprietor                
Ketcham & Bro., lumber and grain elevator
Knepper, Frederick, brewer
Leib, Elias N., grocer
Lewis, S. W., insurance
Libby, Nelson, hardware
Liddle, William R., blacksmith
Liddle, Benjamin, blacksmith
Lively, F. L., meat market
Lyon, Asher M., boot and shoemaker
Lyon, Joseph B., restaurant
Lyons, Daglin, saloon
McBride, Andrew, flour and feed
McBride, Lewis C., justice of peace
McCombs, James, hotel proprietor
McCombs & Hickman, grocers
McFall, C. V., confectioner
McKenna, Peter, boot and shoemaker
Mabb, Thomas, restaurant
Marengo Savings Bank, N. B. Holbrook, president
Mays, W. H., barber
Merritt, Matthew, hardware
Miller, John, lawyer
Miller, Levi, justice of peace
Nelson, John W., boot and shoemaker
Newbern, Alva, jeweler
Norton, Dillin & Co., general store
Parkhurst, Hiram H., druggist
Petrick, Joseph, tailor
Rowell, R. C., carpenter
Rathjen & Fris, furniture
Redman, Howard N., confectioner
Reno, Benjamin F., grocer
Reno, Lewis Q., furnishing and dry goods
Rowe, Henry, carpenter
Rowland, David M., marble works
Rumple & Lake, lawyers
Stapleton & Dinwiddie, lawyers
Schultz, Wm. C., physician
Scott, Alexander, coal and implements
Sehorn, Jacob G., Weekly Democrat
Shaw, J. M., U. S. Express agent
Sheuerman Bros., dry goods
Simmons & Ratliff, saloon
Slater, Geo., blacksmith
Smith, M. P., lawyer
Swezey, George, carpenter
Schmoeke, Joseph, wagon maker
Snavely, Wm. A., hardware
Spering & Crenshaw, Marengo Republican
Stover & Morrison, loans and collections
Swezey, Mrs. Ann E., milliner
Stong & Blair, meat market
Talbott, T. J., livery, and sheriff of county
Thompson, Sarah Jane, dry goods
Vogt, Philip, carriages
Vaeth, R., jeweler
Walts, John W., general store
Weisbeck, Henry, saloon
West, George W., meat market
Wilson, David H., lawyer
Wilson & Brown, grocers
Wilson, J. A., hotel proprietor
Yohe, Jacob, shoemaker
Zimmerman, Conrad, saloon

Submitted by Carol Eddleman

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