Humboldt County Resources


Humboldt County Courthouse
The following is a list of holdings of the court house.  You can also get copies of Birth and Death Records after 1907 from the State of Iowa.
Birth Records from 1880 
Death Records from 1880 
Marriage Records from 1853 
Land Records from 1856 
Probate Records date to the beginning of the county
Court Records date to the beginning of the county 
The address of the courthouse is:
P.O. Box 100 
Dakota City, IA 50529-0100
 (515) 332-1571

Check out their website!

Humboldt Co. Historical Society

The Historical Society has a lovely museum east of Humboldt on the outskirts of Dakota City.  The address of the museum is 905 1St Avenue North, Dakota City IA 50529.  They do have some publications for sale.  The website for the historical society is no longer working but they do have a Facebook page.  Visit by clicking here.


Humboldt County Library
Humboldt Co. has quite an extensive collection of papers at their library in Humboldt.  These holdings include Obituaries, Burial Records, Marriage Records and much local and state History.  The library is located on the corner of 1st Avenue N and 6th Street N.  
Humboldt County Library

30 6th Street N.
Humboldt, IA  50548-1759

Humboldt Newspaper
Humboldt Independent is the local newspaper which has been around for quite some time.  They do have a web site and publish current obituaries.  Their address is:
Humboldt Independent Newspaper
512 Sumner Avenue
Humboldt, IA  50548
Ph: 515-332-2514  Fx: 515-332-1505

Humboldt Co. Genealogical Society
The GS maintains their files at the library.  You can write to them at the following address:
Humboldt Co. Genealogical Society
c/o Humboldt Library
30 6th Street N
Humboldt, IA  50548
I will try to find more information about the society and post it here.
HCGS  Web Site has been disabled, let me know if you have a new web site.

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