Renwick Businesses


A village on Boone River, and on the C. & N.W. Railroad, in Humboldt County, 105 miles northwest of Des Moines, 18 northwest of Dakotah, the county seat, and 10 north of Eagle Grove, the nearest banking point. Settled in 1882, it contains a Baptist church and ships grain, live stock and produce. Stage tri weekly to Belmond; fare $1, and semi weekly to Garner; fare $1.50. Population 100. Telegraph Western Union, Exp. AM, Mail daily. T. J. Stoddard postmaster.

Baptist Church

Postmaster T. J. Stoddard

A. P. Anderson—Druggist

J. E. Diefenbaker—grain and coal

W. T. Drennen—hardware

Joseph Gasser—shoemaker

S. Griebel—furniture

D. Hoyt—lumber

B. K. Klasre—General Store

Lum Brothers—Flour Mill

H. E. Martin—railroad and telegraph agent

James Murphy—blacksmith

F. C. Needham—Creamery

A. B. Richardson—General Store

Stoddard Brothers—General Store


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