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Abandoned Towns, Villages And Post Offices


  • ACME. Located on the Chicago & Great Western Railway, about 7 miles southeast of Riceville, 7 miles northwest of Elma (southwest 1/4 of Section 10, Afton Township). A post office was established there on January 6, 1891, Thomas J. Hartnell, postmaster. The office was discontinued October 31, 1917.
  • ARNOLDSVILLE. The name in 1857 of the post office at the town of Florenceville (see below).
  • BUSTI. A post office in the central part of Afton Township, as shown on maps of the early 1860's, but in the later years of that decade and a few years later it is shown as a hamlet on the west line of section 31, Howard Township, about one mile north of the location of the present town of Elma.
  • CECELIA. In the southern part of Afton Township. Post office, 1881-85.
  • CRANE CREEK. In the western part of Paris Township. Post office, 1865-67.
  • EATONVILLE. The name of the post office from 1861 to 1869 about two miles west of the present town of Chester.
  • FLORENCEVILLE. A town in the northwest portion of section 10, Albion Township, on both sides of the Upper Iowa River. Post office, 1871-1900. Several dwellings remain, but no stores.
  • FORESTON. A town in the northwest portion of Section 14 and the northeast of 15 of Forest City Township and on both sides of the Upper Iowa River.  Post office, 1857-71.
  • GLEN ROY.  A pioneer village on the Upper Iowa River about two miles northwest of the present town of Lime Springs.  On the establishment of the railroad station of Lime Springs in 1868 its post office for a few years was called Glen Roy to distinguish it from the old town.
  • HOWARD. Given on maps from 1875 to the early 1880's in connection with Busti as Howard Busti Post Office, about one mile north of the location of the present town of Elma, but later given in the eastern part of Howard Township.
  • HOWARD CENTER.  A village platted in 1856 located in the southwest corner of Section 24, Howard Center Township.  It was the county seat from 1857 to 1858. Post office, 1857-93.
  • JAMESTOWN.  A post office (1857-61) in the northwestern part of Jamestown Township near the present town of Riceville, which is on the west side of the county line.
  • LIME SPRINGS.  The original town of Lime Springs was a little over one mile north of the present town of that name, and was on both sides of the Upper Iowa River.  A mill still operates there.
  • LOWTHER STATION. Former name of the village of Acme.
  • NEW OREGON. The first established and for some years the leading town in the county.  It was in the north parts of section 2 and 3, New Oregon Township, on both sides of the Turkey River, and two miles south of where stands the present city of Cresco.  Post office, 1855-75.  A few residences still remain.
  • OSBORN.  In the central part and later in the southeastern part, of Albion Township, as shown on the maps of the period of its existence 1859-1867.
  • POND VALLEY. In Section 36, Paris Township.  Post Office 1869-71.
  • STERGIS.  A post office in Paris Township in 1859.
  • VERNON SPRINGS.  An important town in Sections 33 and 34, Vernon Springs Township, on the north bank of Turkey River.  It was two miles southwest of the present city of Cresco, and was the county seat from 1865 to 1867.  Post office, 1861-69.

Source:  Annals of Iowa, Transcribed by Roseanna Zehner

Edited by Bernie Glienke (2004)