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Teachers Institute

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1910 Teachers’ Institute
The annual Howard County Teachers’ Institute is in session this week and is proving to be the best held for several years, both in point of number in attendance and the interest manifested.

The excellent program provided by county Superintendent Fallgatter brings out a full attendance at every session, no teachers feeling that they can afford to miss any of the good things provided for them; and the instructors say that it is seldom, if ever, their privilege to meet such enthusiastic and earnest workers as are the teachers of Howard county.

The complete enrollment of teachers is as follows:

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Auringer, MyraRiceville
Barker, MattieCresco
Basteson, ChristineElma
Bents, EllaCresco
Bird, GertrudeBonair
Bouska, RichardCresco
Brown, BelleCresco
Brown, FannieElma
Brown, TillieCresco
Bruner, AliceChester
Buffton, FlorenceCresco
Carter, IreneRiceville
Cashman, ElizabethElma
Caward, HelenCresco
Chick, SusieLime Springs
Crowell, EstherCresco
Daley, JasCresco
Daley, KathrynCresco
Davis, AnnaCresco
DeLange, ClaireCresco
Dempewolf, LydiaCresco
Dugan, MaudeElma
Ellingson, ChristineElma
Evans, M. EdithLime Springs
Evans, MaryLime Springs
Fessenden, DaleCresco
Fessenden, ZinaCresco
Fitzgerald, AliceElma
Forthum, GenaNot Provided
Forthun, ChristineLe Roy, Minn.
Fox, RubyRiceville
Foye, MyrtleLime Springs
Friend, EthelCresco
Gager, FlorenceCresco
Gibbons, BessieCresco
Glass, BernadettaCresco
Glass, LorettaCresco
Goettel, GrettaLe Roy, Minn.
Graf, LenaElma
Graf, MarguriteElma
Halver, GraceChester
Harris, GeneviveElma
Harris, IreneElma
Harris, MaeNot Provided
Herold, Wm.Cresco
Herzog, LucyNot Provided
Hewitt, EmmaLime Springs
Hoppe, GertrudeElma
Hoppe, SadieCresco
Jensen, MarieLime Springs
Jinderlee, LouiseElma
Jones, AliceLime Springs
Jones, MaeLime Springs
Keefe, CassieElma
Kelley, FlorenceElma
Kelley, PearlElma
Ketchum, FlorenceRiceville
Kline, IdaCresco
Lappin, LauraLe Roy, Minn.
Lusk, LeonaChester
Lyons, GeraldCresco
Malanophy, AbbieCresco
Malone, MargaretElma
McCarthy, AnnaElma
McDermott, JohnCresco
McDermott, JuliaNot Provided
McKee, ElvaChester
McKee, VeraChester
Moen, AlveCresco
Moen, AmeliaNot Provided
Moen, GertrudeNot Provided
Molloy, MaymeChester
Mullen, SarahLime Springs
Nichols, VirginiaCresco
O’Brien, MaeWaukon
Owen, HarrietLime Springs
Owen, MargarettaChester
Peters, MissLe Roy, Minn.
Peterson, CorneliaDecorah
Pitzke, ClaraRiceville
Plopper, StellaNot Provided
Poepichal, AliceElma
Richardson, NellieElma
Robison, NettibelleAustin, Minn.
Roche, LottyElma
Roche, NellieHarmony, Minn.
Schultheis, MamieRiceville
Seavy, EuniceRiceville
Shafer, Mrs. BerthaLime Springs
Shields, LettyLime Springs
Shields, MaryLime Springs
Slack, MamieKeokuk
Sullivan, KatyLime Springs
Sullivan, KittieElma
Sullivan, MarieElma
Swancutt, RossRiceville
Thomas, MarieLime Springs
Tipton, MyrtleLime Springs
Torney, HazelRiceville
Turner, AliceChester
Walsh, IdaCresco
Wanless, EdnaCresco
Watson, AbbieCresco
Weesner, LucyElma
Weirs, SilyElma
Zender, AngelaCresco

The Teachers Institute attendance report was extracted from Library of Congress Micro-Film using: Chronicling America, transcribed and prepared for the Web by Bill Waters. This Report was published in the Source: Twice-A-Week Plain Dealer Aug. 19, 1910, FP, C1 and Aug. 30, 1910, FP, C7