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Teachers Institute

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1907 Teachers’ Institute
The fifth summer session of the Howard County Normal Institute began Monday, July 1st, at the High School building in Cresco. Promptly at 7:30 o’clock, conductor E. C. Roberts touched the lever and the wheels began to move with little friction and no serious jolts. Sixty-four teachers were in their places ready for the beginning. This number rapidly increased to eighty-one. Until July 15th, the sessions begin at 7:30 and close for the day at 12:14, leaving the afternoon and evening for Study. During the last half, beginning, with July 15th. The morning program will be unchanged except that music under Miss Hammond will take the place of Didactics the first period. Illustrative primary teaching will supersede reading, and penmanship will be offered the last period. During the last-half, there will be afternoon sessions including Psychology under Sup’t. McAnelly, a lecture each day, and primary work with Miss Huffman. No first grade subjects are offered this year. The teachers wisely decided to spend the whole time reviewing the subjects they are to teach. Miss Huffman is a teacher of long experience and wonderful ability: Her work cannot fail to inspire the student teachers and interest the public. The system of primary reading presented by her is to be used in the Howard County, schools next year. The course of afternoon and evening lectures are a very important feature. Not often is an institute so fortunate as to secure such a series of good things. All the work of the institute is public and visitors are cordially welcomed.

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Auringer, EmmaRiceville
Becker, LloraCresco
Bird, GertrudeBonair
Biwer, RoseElma
Bufton, FlorenceCresco
Caward, HelenCresco
Clark, CatherineAlta Vista
Crain, lvaElma
Daskam, EdithHarmony Minn.
Dawes, MaryBonair
Dempewolf, LydiaCresco
Donaldson, MabelleCresco
Ellingson, ChristinaElma
Evans, Mary J.Lime Springs
Fellows, DaisyRiceville
Fellows, GertrudeRiceville
Fessenden, ZinaCresco
Fitzgerald, RoseElma
Forry, AllieCresco
Friend, EthelCresco
Gager, FlorenceCresco
Graf, MaggieElma
Haaf, LauraElma
Harris, KathrynElma
Helmer, BelleCresco
Hewett, EmmaLime Springs
Hewett, MabelLime Springs
Hoppe, GertrudeElma
Huber, CeliaElma
Isaac, MargueriteCresco
Jeffers, MontaCresco
Jensen, MarieLime Springs
Jinderlee, LouisaElma
Kaiser, HazelCresco
Kakac, HelenCresco
Kakac, IoneCresco
Kelley, FlorenceElma
Klatfke, MinnieCresco
Kline, LeahCresco
Kline, MamieCresco
Knopf, IdaCresco
Kratz, MabelCresco
Lawson, GladysChester
Lindsey, AnnaHarmony Minn.
Lindsey, RuthHarmony Minn.
Mabon, TomCresco
Malone, MargaretElma
McBride, NellieElma
McCook, Allie MaeCresco
Mullen, AgnesLime Springs
Nesset, HelmaCresco
Nichols, LouisaCresco
Nichols, VirginiaCresco
Parchman, LillieLime Springs
Parry, BessieLime Springs
Perry, DoraCresco
Perry, LolaCresco
Plopper, StellaCresco
Raker, Rose Cresco
Richardson, NellieElma
River, EthelCresco
Roberts, MyrtleLime Springs
Roberts, PearlLime Springs
Shafer,BlerthaLime Springs
Shields, LettieLime Springs
Shields, MaryLime Springs
Sickle, DottieLime Springs
Snow, PerleLime Springs
Sullivan, NellieElma
Theilan, BarbaraMcIntire
Thompson, GertrudeCresco
Tipton, MyrtleLime Springs
Tollephson, AdaCalmar
Volkman, Arthur Cresco
Walsh, IdaCresco
Webster, WinifredCresco
Weers, LillieElma

The Teachers Institute attendance report was extracted from Library of Congress Micro-Film using: Chronicling America, transcribed and prepared for the Web by Bill Waters. This Report was published in the Twice-A-Week Plain Dealer on July 5, 1907, Page 1.