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Petit Jurors—March Term 1912

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Allen, W. F.Cresco Ward No. 2
Bly, GeoCresco Ward No. 3
Bouska, F. R.Vernon Springs twp
Brandmill, Chas.Afton twp No. 1
Brooks, D. H.Cresco Ward No. 1
Burr, F. R.Cresco Ward No. 3
Ellingson, NelsNew Oregon twp No. 2
Evans, H. R.Albion twp
Farnsworth, WillisVernon Spgs twp
Gesell, Theo.Howard twp No. 2
Hayes, J. P.Albion twp
Hoffman, RudolphJamestown twpi
Jennison, SamJamestown twp
Johnson, OttoCresco Ward No. 3
Jordan, M. J.Chester twp
Kacer, JosephNow Oregon twp No. 2
Keinhart, AlbertParis twp No. 2
Kerr, N. P.Forest City twp
Leslie, JohnnieChester twp
Lloyd, R. J.Albion twp
Marshall, F. G.Howard twp No. 2
McHugh, O. J.Cresco Ward No. 3
Moses, Wesley, Jr.Saratoga twp
Often, W. E.Vernon Springs twp
Powers, C. J.Cresco Ward No. 2
Praska, JamesParis twp No. 2
Ronnie, KnuteHoward twp No. 1
Schann, H.Oak Dale twp
Selck, S. H.Chester twp
Shumway, D. P.Cresco Ward No. 3
Smith, DaleChester twp
Stern, G. A.Howard Center twpi
Vrba, AntonNew Oregon twp No. 1
Wade, R. W.Cresco Ward No. 1
Wallace, Chas.Oak Dale twp
Wilcox, Geo.Oak Dale twp

This information was extracted from Library of Congress Micro-Film using: Chronicling America, transcribed and prepared for the Web by Bill Waters. This Report was published in the Twice-A-Week Plain Dealer Jan. 26, 1912, P-FP, C-2