Harrison County Iowa Genealogy


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William ELLIOTT, has been a resident of Harrison County since 1871, and is now a farmer located on section 24, Lincoln Township. He was born in Ireland in April, 1845 and remained in that country until he was about twenty years of age. His parents were James and Mary ELLIOTT, who were natives of the Emerald Isle. They were the parents of seven children, our subject being the sixth child. They were as follows, Elizabeth, John, Matilda, Sarah, James, William and Ann. Of the five living three are in America. When twenty years of age our subject sailed for the New World and landed in Quebec, Canada, where he lived three years and then went to Omaha, Neb., where he remained one year and then went back to Canada, remained one winter and then came to Dunlap, Iowa, bringing $300 with him.

Our subject was united in marriage with Mary L. BROWN in August, 1877. She was the daughter of Guernsey and Mary L. BROWN, natives of New York, who were the parents of four children�Fannie, Lillie, Barnard and Mary L., who was the wife of our subject and died in 1887. In the autumn of 1888 he married Livonia WILLIAMS, daughter of Ebenezer and Maryetta WILLIAMS, who had four children---Maryetta, Electa, Martha, and Livonia. The parents were natives of Massachusetts and Vermont and are both deceased.

By his first marriage Mr. ELLIOTT had three children: William A., born July 27, 1877; Adeline A., November 28, 1879; Hersilia M., October 9, 1880.

Our subject makes no religious profession but his wife belongs to the Desciples Church.

Upon coming to Harrison County our subject went to work for Thomas McDONALD, and after leaving him went to Council Bluffs, near which place he worked on a farm for ten months then came back to Harrison and Crawford Counties and worked at chopping, farming and cattle herding for five years, at the end of which time he purchased sixty acres of land on section 19, of Union Township where he built a house. He paid $8 per acre for some of his farm and $10 for the balance, and added to his land from time to time until he had two hundred and two acres. He lived there for two years then sold his farm and bought where he now lives. His present farm, consisting of one hundred and fifty-five acres, was mostly wild land which he improved, building the house, sheds and outbuildings, and has lived on this place ever since with the exception of one year spent in Ohio.

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