Harrison County Iowa Genealogy


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Orson P. EDMONDS, a thrifty farmer residing on section 5, of Jackson Township, came to Harrison County in the summer of 1867, and located on the place where he now lives consisting of four hundred and ninety acres. It was wild land at the time he purchased it, costing him $5 per acre. The first winter he lived in a shanty, built by some railroad men. He at once built him a house and good sized barn, also a double crib, wagon house and granery, and dug a well, over which he erected a windmill. He has added to this tract of land until now he owns seven hundred acres, one hundred being under cultivation, while the whole tract is protected by a good fence. It was our subject's ill-fortune to be a resident of the county during the grasshopper years, which were never known to, in any way, materially enhance the value of a man's growing crops.

Mr. EDMONDS was born in March, 1840, in Plymouth, Mich. His parents were William and Elvira EDMONDS, the former a native of England and the latter of Vermont. They were the parents of two children -- Charles (deceased), and Orson P.

Our subject moved from Michigan to Illinois with his parents when a small boy, his father dying on the way. He lived in Illinois until he was six years of age, and then removed to Walworth County, Wis., and remained there until about twenty-three years old, and then strolled over the country, working by the month until he finally settled in Harrison County, comparatively a poor man.

He was married in May, 1867, to Mary A. BURNS, daughter of Samuel and Catherine, natives of Ireland, who had six children, named as follows: Mary, Rachel, Catherine, Margaret, Ellen, Eliza.

By this marriage union our subject and his wife have been blessed by the birth of six children, born in the following order: William S., Robert B. (deceased), Christopher C., Ella M. (deceased), George D., and Katie A. (deceased).

Mr. EDMONDS belongs to Little Sioux Masonic Lodge, and stands high in his community.

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