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TYLER - Leonard G. TYLER, drug dealer at Dunlap, was born June 3, 1849, in Berkshire County, Massachussetts. He is the son of Henry N. and Harriet A. (COON) TYLER, natives of Massachusetts and Vermont respectively, and of English-Scotch and Irish extraction. Our subject was reared in Chittenden County, Vermont, from his third year. In 1863 he went to Montpelier, where he entered the drug store of N. K. BROWN, and in the autumn of 1865 went to Chicago, where he remained until 1869, and then went to Oregon, Illinois, and after the Chicago fire returned to that place, continued in the drug business for a short time and then came to Harrison County, Iowa, and located on a farm three miles from Dunlap, where he partially improved a one hundred and twenty acre farm, and lived upon the same for four years. He then came to Dunlap and engaged in the grocery business with his brother, Charles H. TYLER, who is now deceased, and who was the pioneer furniture dealer at that point. Our subject remained with his brother one year and then entered the employ of R. B. HILLIS in his general store. After being in that store two years he took charge of the old Tyler Hotel for a few months, and then became a salesman with his brother-in-law, J. A. NAY, in the hardware business, continuing that for one year, and then entered the drug store of A. L. MANNING, whose business he afterward purchased, and now operates. He carries a $5,000 stock of drugs and medicines. He also handles musical supplies and sewing machines.

He was married September 12, 1888, to Miss Edith J. NORTON, of Blair, Nebr., who is a native of Illinois. Her parents are Luther M. and Theodosia NORTON. Our subject and his wife have one child -- Leone Genevieve.  Mr. TYLER is a believer in the principles of the Republican party and has belonged to the Odd Fellows Order for twenty-one years. He has passed all the chairs in the Subordinate Lodge and of the Encampment.

Of our subject's father and mother, it may be said that they are both living, the father past eighty-five years and the mother past eighty years of age. They had a family of ten children -- Laura, wife of J. A. NAY, of Long Pine, Nebraska; Charles, deceased; Albert, a resident of Defiance, Iowa; Frank, a resident of Omaha, Nebr.; Ida, wife of James GURFRY, residing in Iowa; Walter B., drowned in the Platte River in Nebraska; Edward V., deceased; Percy W., living near Ute, Iowa; Ernest G., a resident of Logan.   Mr. TYLER has been a correspondent for some of the leading journals, and is one of the prime movers of the Chautauqua club, and takes an active part in all that tends to build up good society in Harrison County.

Source: 1891 History of Harrison County Iowa.
Tyler Family Researcher: Paul Klein.
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SCOFIELD - Charles G. SCOFIELD wended his to Harrison County during the month of October 1856, and settled at Six-Mile Grove, where he remained until 1861, when he and his two oldest sons, William and Moses, enlisted in Company A, Fifth Iowa Cavalry. Charles G., he of whom we write this biographical notice, wore the loyal blue for three years and was honorably discharged at Atlanta, GA, September 14, 1864.

Mr. SCOFIELD was born in Warren Couty, Ohio, February 22, 1816, and is the son of William and Lydia (ABBOTT) SCOFIELD, and when he was eight years of age, he was bereft of his father who died, and was then bound out to John JACOBY, of Greene County, Ohio, at whose place our subject remained until sixteen years of age. He then went to work by the month, following that until the time of his marriage, the date of which was September 17, 1840. He married Matilda FRASIER, daughter of Israel FRASIER, who was a native of Virginia, and was the mother of seven chidren -- William, Moses, Adelia, Stephen, Solomon, Diana, and George, who died aged nine months.

In November, 1860, our subject's wife died at Six-Mile Grove, and soon after he entered the army as above referred to. After the close of the war and on March 5, 1865, he married Mary A. RICHARDSON, widow of Marvin F. RICHARDSON, and settled on the site of his present (1891) home on section 18, Jefferson Township.

By his last marriage five children have been born -- Emma J., Charles Sherman, who died at the age of none months; Oda I., Myra C., and Katie.

Mr. SCOFIELD's sons, William and Moses, after coming out of the army, went to California in 1874, and now live in Colorado. In reviewing so much of this man's life it must now be recorded that since 1875, or for a period of sixteen years, the light of day has been shut out from the "windows of his soul," as he was stricken with blindness, as a result of his exposure and hardships while serving as a Union Soldier in the War of the Rebellion.

Source: 1891 History of Harrison County Iowa.
Scofield Family Researcher: Richard Metteer [Updated email address needed! rmetteer@wayne.esu1.k12.ne.us no longer valid].
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PROBASCO - Samuel PROBASCO, one of the representative men of Dunlap, has been a resident of Harrison County since 1880, coming from LaSalle County, IL at that time. He located in Harrison Township, on a farm on section 15, which now extends into section 22, and comprises three hundred and four acres. Here he has made many improvements. He also has another farm in Douglas Township, of one hundred and sixty acres, in which locality he formerly owned three hundred acres, but sold a part. In 1888, he came to Dunlap and engaged in the livery business, which was consumed by fire in June, 1891. He lost twelve head of horses; his loss amounting to $2,000. Since that time he has erected a good feed stand on the site of his former barn. He handles livery and agricultural implements in connection. He is agent for the Buckeye Manufacturing Company, and is one of the leading business men in this part of the county, ever striving to promote the interests of the community at large.

Mr. PROBASCO is a native of Hampshire County, West Virginia, born March, 1832. He is the son of Jacob and Ellen (FRAZIER) PROBASCO, who were natives of Virginia, and who, in 1837, when our subject was about five years old, moved to Tazewell County, Illinois, where the father died in 1847, at the age of forty-five years. The mother died in 1845, aged forty years. The father was a farmer and they had eight children: Elizabeth (deceased), wife of O. MASON; Johannnah, (deceased), wife of Allen HODGSON; Sarah E. (deceased); Hannah, (deceased); Samuel, our subject; Nancy, wife of Michael NORMAN, of Dunlap; Mary, wife of Frank HALSTONE, of Streator, IL; and William (deceased).

Our subject was reared in his native State, accustomed to farm labor, and when about fifteen years of age he commenced working by the month, and in 1854, was united in marriage to Anna HODGSON, born in Illinois in 1836. After they were married, our subject commenced to farm for himself, in La Salle County, where he remained until he came to Harrison County. He may well be termed a self made man, commencing life without means, but by pluck and industry has succeeded in securing a handsome competency. Mr. and Mrs. PROBASCO are the parents of five children: Sarah E., wife of D.B. ELBERT, of Harrison County; Jacob, a resident of Harrison Township; William, a resident of Douglas Township; Charles, a resident of Harrison Township; and Samuel, Jr., at home.  Politically, our subject is a staunch supporter of the Deomcratic party, and has held many of the local offices.

Source: 1891 History of Harrison County Iowa.
Probasco Family Researcher: Nora Probasco.
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PROBASCO - Jacob PROBASCO, the son of Samuel and Anna (HODGSON) PROBASCO, (whose sketch is above) will form the subject of this notice.

Jacob was born in La Salle County, IL, July 23, 1858, and was reared midst the scenes of farm life, and received his education in the public schools of the Prairie State. In the autumn of 1878, he came to Harrison County, Iowa, and has been identified with her interests ever since. Upon coming to the county, he first located on a farm, belonging to his father, situated on section 22, of Harrison Township, where he spent about three years, after which he purchased eighty acres on section 35, where he made his home until 1888, and then removed to one of his father's farms nearer town, and on section 15, which he still (1891) operates, carrying on extensive farming as well as the breeding of fancy stock. They keep on hand an average of fifty head of high grade draft horses; and at this time have five head of high bred stallions - Norman and Clydesdales, two having been imported...

Our subject was united in marriage November 20, 1878, to Adeline ELBERT, daughter of Noah and Elizabeth (REYNOLDS) ELBERT, the former a native of Ohio, and the latter of Pennsylvania, but now reside in Harrison Township. Mrs. PROBASCO was born in Knox County, Ohio, April 21, 1860. They have a family of three children -- Anna E., born Nov 19, 1879; Leonard B., Jul 23, 1883, and Laura V., Jan 11, 1885. (data as of 1891).

Noah ELBERT, father of Mrs. PROBASCO, was born in Ohio, July 4, 1824. He is a son of George and Margaret ELBERT, and was reared to farm life and was married in May, 1852 to Elizabeth REYNOLDS, who was born in Washington County, Penn., December 7, 1822. She is the daughter of Thomas and Sarah (HORTUPEE) REYNOLDS. After Mr. ELBERT was married, he lived in Ohio for several years, after which he made his home in Illinois until 1880, since which time they have lived in Harrison County, Iowa. They are the parents of ten children -- David B.; William E.; Sarah E., wife of David GOODRICH; Mary A., wife of Jacob PROBASCO; John P.; Olive M., deceased; Ellen, wife of George ROSENBAUGH; and three, who died in infancy. Mr. ELBERT, in his polictical choice, voted the Democratic ticket.

Jacob PROBASCO, the subject of this sketch, affiliates with the Democratic party. He has been a member of the School Board and is a thorough-going business man in all that that term implies.   Harrison Township is noted for its fine horse-farms, and none have produced better stock than has our subject whose animals are known far and near....

Source: 1891 History of Harrison County Iowa.
Probasco Family Researcher: Nora Probasco.
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COOPER - Stephen I. COOPER, who is numbered among the later class of settlers who wended their way to the limits of Harrison County soon after the construction of the Northwestern Railroad, will form the subject of a notice in this connection. His present (1891) home is located on section 4, of Cass Township. In company with his parents, Charles H. and Lucinda M. COOPER, he arrived in Harrison County during the month of March. His parents now reside six miles from Turin, Monana County, Iowa. They first staid one year at Jeddo, and the next year lived one mile south of Woodbine, also lived at different places in Crawford County, Iowa, where they purchased a farm in 1875, and resided until 1878, and then removed to Monona County.

Mr. COOPER was born in Oswego County, N.Y., April 29, 1855, and was the third child of a family of six. His early years were spent in the old Empire State, assisting his father and attending the district schools until the family moved to Harrison County.

When our subject left home he was seventeen years of age and possessed a robust constitution, so he followed farm work, receiving a man's wages until 1880, working by the month. On March 6th of that year he was united in marriage to Rosella R. ELLISON, a native of Harrison County and a daughter of M. A. and Hannah ELLISON, a sketch of whom appears elsewhere in this work. They commenced their marriage life on one of the PECKENPAUGH farms, which they rented for four years and then purchased his present farm on sections 3 and 4, of Cass Township, comprising eighty acres of well-tilled land.

Mr. and Mrs. COOPER are the parents of three children -- Walter, deceased, born Dec 17, 1880; Floyd H., born May 4, 1886; and Hattie B., born September 2, 1888.   What our subject owns he has made through his own exertion, labor and good management. Politically, he supports the Republican party.

Source: 1891 History of Harrison County Iowa.
Family Researcher: N/A.
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ARNOLD - Marion ARNOLD, a resident of Harrison Township, is a native of Knox County, Ohio, born in May, 1827, and is a son of Moses and Mary (MORGAN) ARNOLD, natives of Maryland and Virginia, respectively. Our subject was reared in the Buckeye State, until he was eighteen years of age, and was brought up to farm life. The family removed to Indiana, and remained until 1856, and then came to Iowa, locating in Decatur County. The mother died in Ohio, and the father in Harrison County, Iowa, to which locality he came in 1869. They had a family of sixteen children, our subject being the third child, and when about twenty years of age, he began life for himself, coming to Harrison County in 1868, from Pottawattamie County. He is a carpenter by trade, but has paid special attention to his farm labors. He came to Harrison Township in 1886. He operates the KELLOGG farm.

Politically he is a supporter of the Republican party. He was married in 1860 to Miss Susan STEWART, who was born in Ohio, in 1837. By this marriage union five children have been born -- Ella J., wife of James BOYD, residing in Harrison Township; Albert, in Harrison Township; Mary E., wife of Justin RIGG, a resident of Lincoln Township; Charles E. and Orville M., at home.

Our subject and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal church. Mr. ARNOLD is the oldest representative of his father's family. His father passed from the scenes of this life about 1885.

Source: 1891 History of Harrison County Iowa.
Family Researcher: Judy Jennings.
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