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Transcribed and submitted to IAGenWeb by Karon Velau, April 2020

Ellsworth High School Graduating Class of 1933

Poetic description of their characteristics from their school paper, The Tatler.

Source - The Ellsworth News, Ellsworth, Iowa, Wed.,, April 5, 1933, p.1 and Wed., May 24, 1933, p.4, (online at

(1). Dorothy E. Allen – born December 19, 1915
A smiling blond, small but snappy with Irish blood, of truly good jokes is very fond, she’s related to the class, as dirt with mud

(2). Mary Elizabeth Brinton – born November 7, 1915
Many friends has Peggy Brinton, bright-eyed, smiling and friendly, always in on all the fun, if you’re in trouble, she’ll help you gladly

(3). David Charles Caruth – born December 30, 1915
As you may know was not much good at singing songs, in Ellsworth High where he did go, nor will he ever, howe’er he longs.

(4). Dorothy M. Farris – born October 6, 1916
For treasurer is Dorothy Farris, she’s  never accused of timidity, outspoken and sure as any heiress, in first grade they’d called her naughty

(5). Willard M. Henderson – born July 13, 1915
Ghost of Orion, in the wild game world notorious, is built in true athletic proportion, as basketball captain was victorious

(6). Harwin M. Hosler – born August 22, 1915
Is another good boy, that’s won a hard-earned athletic letter, he’s considering sailin’ some day; Ahoy!, when he came to E. H. S., remember the spatter

(7). Maxine A. Hovda –  born July 18, 1915
The girls’ basketball captain, conducts herself in sportsman fashion, yet with her school grades she is certain to win honors without exception

(8). Robert A. “Harris” Hovda – born June 3, 1913
On Harris Hovda it’s hard to rhyme, he is too inconspicuous, to over impress you any time, but he is a good worker, take it from us

(9). Frances G. Lindebak – born February 20, 1916
Has a magic pen with which she shows considerable talent, but it gets her in trouble now and then, although the pictures were well meant

(10). Katherine M. Olsen – born March 13, 1917
Cool and keen, earns her grades and music honors in operetta and music scene, we’ll hang ambition’s garlands on her

(11). Eleanor B. Olson – born September 21, 1916
Takes after “Big John” by growing up to a very good size, but nimbleness on keys is shown on typewriter or piano she’ll give a surprise.

(12). Roger M. Olson – born February 14, 1915
Shame to Orpheus, makes pretty rhyme in real comedy, to consider him sober is erroneous, pedagogic discipline, can’t check his flippancy

(13). M. Jean Peterson -  born March 14, 1916
Nicknamed beans, tall and straight as a jack pine tree, is never far behind the scenes, a busy girl she’ll always  be

(14). Virgil C. Peterson – born November 17, 1915
Is always about, when something is done that’s exciting, yet he’s not given to fighting

(15). Virgie Peterson -  born November 17, 1915
Class secretary, small, modest, graceful and shy, fills her office quite capably, truly an attraction for any eye

(16). Homer B. Pitzer – born December 14, 1915
Our presidential choice, has led the class in synchronism; charming us all by his tenor voice, and radiated optimism.

(17). Myron J. Reister – born July 10, 1915
May look the villain, but really he’s quite chivalrous, the ladies consider him really killin’, but I doubt if he takes them serious

(18). Jasper I. Riskedahl – born April 28, 1915
Tall but stout is Jasper Riskedahl, long he was haunted by algebra; but now his fears are banished, one and all we’ll rejoice with him; Rah! Rah! Rah!

(19). Wesley G. Thoreson – born October 7, 1914
And here from Ames is Wesley Thoreson, our black haired, black eyed basketball center, give him the ball, he’ll show how it’s done, and why he has an athletic letter

(20). Curtis L. Vining – born October 12, 1915
A tall, slim chap is Curtis Vining, in English he did not set a blaze, but in the vaudeville he was shining, he is deserving of the praise.

(21). R. Sterling Vold – born April 7, 1914
The class is fond of Sterling Vold, happy, carefree, smiling and bold, he’ll not die of worry we’re told, if you’re friendless he’ll not leave you cold

(22). Paul R. Weaver – born October 3, 1915
A studious chap is Paul Weaver, A’s his grades all thru school, we’ll miss him (vice president) sure, at Tatler work he’s no fool. [The Tatler is the school paper]

The Class sponsor and teacher was Otto C. Freese, born April 20, 1901
For sponsor we have Otto Freese who has led and helped us through the year, we’ll give him now a life lease to share the honors of our