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Transcribed for the IAGenWeb Project by Janelle Martin,  November 2014
Full Roster of Teachers Attending Hamilton County Pedagogues Institute
July 1910

Daily Freeman-Tribune, Thursday, July 14, 1910, p. 8
The County Institute- Full roster of teachers who are in attendance at annual gathering of Hamilton County Pedagogues. An able faculty in charge. Work moving forward in satisfactory manner and teachers will be much benefitted.

One of the most successful teachers' institutes ever held in Hamilton county is the one in session here this week.  With an excellent faculty to handle all departments of the work, things move along very smoothly and the teachers will be much benefitted by the session. The session closes Saturday afternoon.

The faculty is composed of County Supt. Holaday, Supt. D. M. Kelly and Prof. A. P. Heald of this city, W. W. Overmeyer of West Liberty, Miss Margaret Overholzer of Cherokee, Prof. Levi Neese of Kamrar, Prof. L. A. Wilson of Eldon.

The full roster of teachers attending is as follows:

Ida Amundson
Josie Amundson
Hattie Adams
Emma Amundson
Sadie Anderson Violet Ackley Pearl Burke
Bessie Bickford
Symvia Berryhill
Elma Bockwoldt
Clara Berven
Louise Berven
Eunice M. Bute
Fay Bottorff
Minnie Bateman
Edna Banks
Ruby Crowter
Lillie Bateman
Angie Crabtree
Anna Christenson
Evangeline Closz
Alpha B. Closz
Mary Dundon
Nettie Carlson
Loretta Donovan
Harriett Fairfield
Irene Frank
Bertha A. Fuller
Feriba Ferguson
Dena Fjetland
Edna L. Fallein
Emma Glasgow
Alma Graham
Viola F. Howard
Lydia Graham
Lola Hughes
Clara Hawlk
Mildred Horsley
Jennie Halliday
Amanda Hansen
Louise Houck
Pearl Johnson
Mabel Hensel
Etna Johnson
Julia Jewett
Anna Keane
Mary Johnson
Edith Lindquist
Ada Knutson
Bessie Lyon
Luella Kearns
Carrie Maakested
Agnes Lynch
Ruby McLaughlin
Maude Lundell
Reba McVay
Hazel McComb
Alda MacFarland
Fae Miller
Blanche McCrory
Ethel Mabbott
Marjorie Murphy
Lulu Madison
Grace McConnell
Etta Nicholson
Gertrude Narland
Jennie Nott
Margaret Perry
Martha Ostrem
Emma Robrertson
Alice Oppendal
Minnie Rushia
Lizzie Olson
Gertrude Riley
Fred Parker
Mathilda Ringstad
Leah Robbins
Metta Robinson
Leona Ruppel
Mabel Sogard
Jessie Smith
Cora M. Swain
Bessie Swain
Emile Sanford
Clara Shinkle
Laura Sanford
Lulu Seymour
Hellen Smith
Vivian Smith
Edith Seeley
Rose Smith
Ruth Tatham
Bertha E. Teal
Irene Thompson
Mary Tatham
Symvia Thompson
A.M. Teter
Sadie VanBuskirk
Zoe Wilson
Edith VanBuskirk
Ada Waitman
Florence Welch
Lexie Wood
Blanche Young
Belle Wyckoff
Ethel Zitterell
Ada Gerber
Gladys Dale
Elma Young
Dagmar Christenson
Ada Bell
John S. Thompson
Ida Reed
Annette MacFarland
Lois Kelly
Alice L. Hemenway
Anna Hia
Bertha Hendrickson
Irene Nott
Daisy V. Fairchild
Alice Snow
Evelyn L. Ferguson
Edith Bell
Jennie Christenson
Ida Brown
Gertrude Boyington
Zora Riley
Louise Breitenkamp