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Submitted by Barbara Crafton Vulgamott, March 2002.


General Stocks – Jones & Smith, F. E. Edwards & Co., J. H. Smith & Son, B. F. Derr & Co., Wheeler & Young, L. L. treat, Altmeyer & Co., R. K. Eastman, M. H. & G. W. Smith

Groceries – Scriven & Wickware, Hubbard & Eames, Crandall & Eyer, Pickard & Hout, J. D. Sketchley, Eastman & Zublin, Fritz Jensen, Geo. Wambach, M. Cherrie & Son, John Derrickson

Hardware – Crary & Evans, J. P. Clagg, Lager & McMurchy, P. Wolf

Druggists – Teed & Detlor, Second Street, Miller & Packard, Kimball & Black, Teed & Detlor, Seneca Street

Clothing – Frank Bros., W. L. Gary, L. Sime

Boots and Shoes – Geo. Shipp & Son, Gilbert & Trumbauer, O. C. Donaldson

Furniture – J. W. Allington, Stotz & Beach, J. H. Lee & Co.

Millinery Goods – Mrs. A. J. Boyington, Mrs. K. H. Shane, Mrs. A. Thompson

Implement Dealers – S. J. Root, W. B. Howard, J. P. Clagg, N. Cox

Lumber – F. D. Young, Nelson & Co., E. N. Lee, Z. Gilman

Real Estate – R. N. Woodworth, John L. Kamrar, W. C. Allen, M. Everts, W. J. Covil, I. Doane

Coal Dealers – E. D. Goit, Nelson & Co., J. W. Maffit

Merchant Tailors – F. I. Cash, W. W. Wells, M. Deady

Restaurants – Phil Reuillard, G. W. Burden, S. Hamler, Mrs. Bates, Ed. Shultz, W. A. Hutton, Frank Ward, C. W. Hathway

Flour and Feed – W. H. Riley, E. S. Kimball, W. W. Stow, Wm. Woodruff

Jewelry, Books and Stationery – Teed & Detlor, Seneca Street; Lee Bros., Teed & Detlor Seneca Street

Ladies’ Furnishing Goods – Misses Howard and Reeves, Mrs. Rice

Elevators and Stock Dealers – J. W. Mattice, F. D. Young, B. F. Miller & Son, M. L. McCullough, Ira W. Packard

Meat Markets – Zublin & De La Mater, Babbitt Bros., J. Schaller, French & Proctor, Ulrich & Lenhart

Harness – H. N. McClure, A. J. Allen, W. H. Floyd

Banks – First National, McMurray & Eastman, B. F. Miller & Son

Hotels – Willson House, Grand Central, Potter House, Gardner House, Hamilton House

Mills – Eagle Mill, Steam; Moore & Fenton, Model Mills, steam; Mabbott & Son, D. D. Chase, water mills

Photograph Galleries – John Cook, J. W. Oberholtzer

Churches – Congregational, Rev. J. E. Wheeler; Methodist, Rev. E. N. Earhart; Baptist, Rev. L. N. Call; German Lutheran, Rev. H. W. Rabe; Catholic, Rev. Father Brennan; Universalist, not supplied

Lawyers – Chase & Chase, Martin & Hall, J. L. Kamrar, F. Q. Lee, N. B. Hyatt, W. J. Covil, G. B. Pray, E. D. Burgess, L. J. Pierson

Physicians and Surgeons – J. N. Medbery, J. R. Compton, J. P. Williams, C. I. Eberle, T. K. Ross, S. Robbins

Veterinary Surgeons – A. Prosser, W. H. Ely

Barber Shops – Pace & Ashcraft, John Poncin, L. B. Ash

Newspapers – The Hamilton Freeman, Hunter & Smith; Webster City Argus, Pray & Chase; Webster City Advertiser, C. D. Auyer; Weekly Review, W. A. Hutton

Livery Stables – B. H. Hellen, W. H. Ely, Lasher Bros., A. H. Guerney

Creameries – Eastman & Zublin, P. C. Storey

Blacksmiths – S. Cleckner, Wm. Howell & Son, Joseph Fisher, F. E. Brown, L. C. Gensman, M. Holverson, Hensel & Fink, A. McCausland, Jos. Kinney, L. P. Christenson, L. Litchfield

Painters – M. R. Dalbey, J. J. Worthy, W. J. Brown

Boot and Shoe Shops – Geo. Shipp & Son, Wm. Hahme, D. B. Smith, Fred Obergfall, Gilbert & Trumbauer

Wagon Makers – Babcock & Schaller, Frank E. Brown, A. E. Servis, Wm. Moore

Coopers – Wm. Woodruff, _______Brewer

Saloons – T. Murphy, Schomer Bros., D. W. Reynolds, Schaller & Taylor, Wells & Tuttle, Nic. Schomer

Miscellaneous – two dealers in hides, pelts and furs; two bakeries, one marble works, one gunsmith, one foundry and machine shop, two poultry dealers, one cigar manufacturer