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Contributed to IAGenWeb by Jackie Frederick, August, 2012 

St.Paul Cemetery Entrance

St. Paul Cemetery

Clear Lake Township

As of November 2011

The St. Paul Cemetery is in Clear Lake Township in Hamilton County.  It is located one mile South of Jewell on Highway 69, four miles West on Highway 175 to Nelson Ave., South on Nelson about 3.5 miles.  The cemetery is east of St. Paul Lutheran Church.  This country church has been a community landmark since about 1875.  The beautiful, old church building burned in the winter of 1984.  Even though the congregation has become smaller through the years, a new church was built almost immediately, in the same location.


The names in this cemetery reflect the Norwegian background of the community.  Many families of the same names still live nearby community.  Several burials are reported to have been made on nearby farms in the early times.  Whether they were ever moved to this cemetery is not know.


The cemetery is plotted in four (4) sections (NW, NE, SE, SW) starting at the gate of the cemetery.  There is a central driveway separating the north and south sections; also a division at the flagpole dividing east and west sections.


The first burial here was Adolf Emil Nelson on March 2, 1895.



The cemetery was walked and photographed November, 2011 by Jackie Frederick for the Hamilton Heritage Hunters Genealogical Society.  This cemetery list was transcribed from the township records for the cemetery.


       Name                                                  Birth-Death Date                                           Comments

Alsager, Aaron

Sept 9, 1878-Apr 20, 1933


Alsager, Arne

Mar 9, 1835-Jan 10, 1907

“Father”; Husband of Julia Alsager

Alsager, John

Aug 2, 1869-Feb 20, 1908

Son of Arne & Julia Alsager

Alsager, Julia

Jan 21, 1840-Aug 11, 1915

“Mother”; Wife of Arne Alsager

Amdal, John

Apr 11, 1824-May 5, 1896

Husband of Siri Amdal; “Father” footstone

Amdal, Siri

Feb 18, 1829-Feb 12, 1906

Wife of John Amdal; “Mother” footstone

Andersen, Karen Marie

Oct 8, 1895-July 1972

Wife of Marius Andersen

Andersen, Marius

June 22, 1894-Oct 1979

Husband of Karen Marie Andersen; Changed name from Thorsbakken when immigrated to US

Anderson, Alma

Mar 11, 1895-Dec 28, 1900

Daughter of Eric P. & Julia A. Anderson

Anderson, Arabella


Daughter of Eric P. & Julia A. Anderson

Anderson, Dorothy L.


Wife of Robert V. Anderson

Anderson, Emma Josephine

Mar 21, 1888-Feb 2, 1909

Daughter of Eric P. & Julia A. Anderson

Anderson, Eric P.

Aug 22, 1850-Mar 24, 1933

“Father”; Husband of Julia A. Anderson

Anderson, Ida Marie

April 30, 1886-Apr 3, 1914

Daughter of Eric P. & Julia A. Anderson

Anderson, infant


“Baby” ; Child of  Ben & Clara Anderson

Anderson, Julia A.

Aug 13, 1855-July 31, 1942

“Mother”; Wife of Eric P. Anderson

Anderson, Kathleen Ann


Daughter of Ben & Clara Anderson

Anderson, Robert V.

Dec 17, 1928-July 30, 1998

Husband of Dorothy L. Anderson

Anderson, Wayne


Infant; next to Robert V. Anderson; Becker funeral marker

Arends, Infant


Son of A & C Arends

Benson, Alice (Mathre)

Apr 19, 1897-Apr 7, 1987

Wife of Samuel M. Benson; Daughter of Sewell & Hattie (Admundson) Mathre; Married Jan 1, 1947




Benson, B. L.

Nov 5, 1877-Feb 17, 1908

Husband of Julia Karin Benson

Benson, Carl N.

Feb 12, 1908 – Feb 12, 1908

Aged 1 month, 9 days; Son of B. & A. Benson

Benson, Jennie



Benson, Julia Karine

Sept 4, 1883-June 30, 1904

Wife of B. L. Benson

Benson, Leonard B

Nov 3, 1912-June 13, 1913

Son of Ben & Martha Benson

Benson, Leonard Burton

Feb 9, 1911 – Nov 26, 1911

Son of Ben & Martha Benson

Benson, Martha

Mar 14, 1880-Nov 10,1921

Wife of Ben Benson

Boe, Nellie


Wife of Ole B. Boe

Boe, Ole B.


Husband of Nellie Boe

Boe, Roy Orlin


Son of Ole B. & Nellie Boe

Brekke, Arthur C.


Husband of Wilma M. Brekke; Son of Ole & Caroline Brekke

Brekke, Caroline (Madson)


Wife of Ole I. Brekke

Brekke, Gerda Mathilda


Daughter of Ole I. & Caroline Brekke

Brekke, Ingebrigt


Husband of Olina Brekke

Brekke, Ingolf Olaus

May 17, 1900-Feb 22, 1992

Husband of Tilda M. Brekke; Son of Ole I. & Caroline Brekke;

Brekke, Ole I.


Husband of Caroline Brekke

Brekke, Olina


Wife of Ingebrigt Brekke

Brekke, Otilia Christena

Apr 14, 1907-Oct 16, 1973

Daughter of Ole I. & Caroline Brekke

Brekke, Tilda M. (Oppedal)

Oct 27, 1906-Apr 4, 1999

“Tillie”; Wife of Ingolf O. Brekke; Married Mar 30, 1929

Brekke, Wilma M.

Oct 27, 1904-Oct 1983

Wife of Arthur C. Brekke

Brenne, Margaret


Becker Funeral Home marker

Brown, Kathy Jean

Aug 19, 1964-Aug 19, 1964





Chalma, John V.


Husband of Sevrie Chalma

Chalma, Mabel


Daughter of John V. & Sevrie Chalma

Chalma, Sevrie


Wife of John V. Chalma




Dicks, Elsie M.

Dec 20, 1901-Apr 15, 1988

Wife of Thomas G. Dicks

Dicks, Thomas G.

June 10, 1914-Aug 20, 1993

Husband of Elsie M. Dicks

Dyvig, Ben

Jan 29, 1881-Mar 25, 1967

Son of Edwin & Trina Dyvig

Dyvig, Bertha



Dyvig, Blanche M.

Aug 13, 1902-Aug 17, 1902

Infant daughter of Ben & M Dyvig

Dyvig, Carrie (Johnson)

June 25, 1872-Nov 4, 1967

Wife of Edwin O. Dyvig; Daughter of Thomas & Ellen Johnson

Dyvig, Clifford Ivan

July 30, 1917-Aug 4, 1991

Husband of Gladys (Laugermann) Dyvig; Son of Edwin & Anna Dyvig; US Army Air Corps-WWII

Dyvig, Edwin

Mar 28, 1839-Mar 3, 1908

Husband of Trina Dyvig

Dyvig, Edwin C.



Dyvig, Edwin Olaus

1870-May 14, 1958

Husband of Carrie Dyvig

Dyvig, Helen H.

June 15, 1915-Apr 1975

Wife of Nealion E. Dyvig

Dyvig, Isabelle (Knutson)


Wife of Ole E. Dyvig

Dyvig, Martha

Dec 26, 1888-Apr 23, 1970

Daughter of Ole & Isabelle Dyvig

Dyvig, Nealion E.

Nov 28, 1909-June 1974

Husband of Helen H. Dyvig; Son of Edwin O & Carrie Dyvig

Dyvig, Ole E.


“Father”; Husband of Isabelle Dyvig

Dyvig, Selma T.

Sept 21, 1903-Mar 11, 1904

Infant daughter of Ben & M Dyvig

Dyvig, Tom



Dyvig, Trina

May 16, 1844-Dec 26, 1949

Wife of Edwin Dyvig

Dyvig, Victoria


Earnest’s daughter; No Stone




Enderson, Alice I. (Knudson)

June 12, 1894-Oct 1982

2nd wife of Thomas Enderson

Enderson, Infant daughter

July 25, 1935

Infant daughter of Thomas & Marie Enderson

Enderson, Infant son

Dec 14, 1919

Infant son of Thomas & Marie Enderson

Enderson, Marie (Thorsbakken)


Wife of Thomas Enderson

Enderson, Thomas

Mar 25, 1895-Oct 5, 1990

Husband of Marie Enderson




Favinger, Fredrick Earl

Mar 1, 1895-Mar 11, 1971

Husband of Martha Favinger; FHL# 1653176 - WWI

Favinger, Martha (Mathre)

July 5, 1895-Oct 29, 1944

Wife of F. Earl Favinger

Frerichs, Harlan E.

July 24, 1935-Mar 15, 2001

Husband of Janet S. Frerichs; Parents of Brad, Stace & Amy; Married Dec 6, 1959

Frerichs, Janet S.


Oct. 13, 1939-; Wife of Harlan E. Frerichs

Frette, Bertena

Apr 30, 1886-July 18, 1984

Wife of Edward P. Frette

Frette, Edward P.

June 18, 1882-Mar 1, 1939

Husband of Bertena Frette

Frette. Vernal  C.

Apr 18, 1918-Sept 9, 2004





Hanson, Anna

May 15, 1847-Feb 15, 1901

Wife of Hans Hanson; same side of stone as Iver M. Johnson

Hanson, Hans

1835 - 1907

Husband of Anna Hanson; same side of stone as Julia Johnson

Hauge, Anna E.

Jan 24, 1889-Mar 1983

Wife of Halvor Hauge

Hauge, Annie C.

Apr 11, 1891-Oct 1982


Hauge, Halvor


Husband of Anna Hauge

Haukoos, Harris L.

1933-May 31, 1960

Son of Lester H. & Oleva O. Haukoos

Haukoos, Lester H.

June 23, 1902-Apr 10, 1994

Husband of Oleva  O. Haukoos

Haukoos, Oleva O.

Mar 3, 1905-Feb 7, 2001

Wife of Lester H. Haukoos

Helgeson, Malende

Oct 6, 1829-Mar 15, 1905


Hendrickson, Casper L.

July 6, 1896-Oct 1973

Husband of Stella O. Hendrickson

Hendrickson, Lars L.


“Father”; Husband of Linnie C. Hendrickson

Hendrickson, Lauren P.

June 6, 1927-Oct 23, 2008


Hendrickson, Linnie C.


“Mother “; Wife of Lars L. Hendrickson

Hendrickson, Stella O.

May 18, 1903-Sept 1987

Wife of Casper L. Hendrickson

Hoversten, Anna (Sealine)

Dec 11, 1893-May 20, 1998

Wife of Ben Hoversten

Hoversten, Ben M.


Husband of Anna Hoversten

Hoversten, Gjertru


Wife of Thor Hoversten; “Mother”

Hoversten, Gloria H.

Feb 21, 1923-Aug 23, 2010


Hoversten, Henry

Jan 27, 1895-Apr 19, 1914


Hoversten, Thor J.


Husband of Gjertru Hoversten; “Father”




Jacobson, Albert E.


Husband of Martha T. Jacobson

Jacobson, Arthur

Jan 17, 1916-July 13, 1971

Husband of Margaret Jacobson; Illinois 52 US Navy-WWII

Jacobson, Bertha G.

Oct 14, 1876-Nov 8, 1940

“Mother”; Wife of Henry O. Jacobson

Jacobson, Clara A.


Wife of Harry  L. Jacobson; Parents of  Shirley, Sharon & Sherry

Jacobson, Clarence Melvin


 Son of Henry O. & Bertha G. Jacobson

Jacobson, Harry L.


Husband of Clara A.  Jacobson; Son of Henry O. & Bertha G. Jacobson; WWII

Jacobson, Henry O.


“Father”; Husband of Bertha G. Jacobson; Father of Clarence & Harry Jacobson

Jacobson, Ingeborg


No stone

Jacobson, Jacob S.

Dec 26, 1866-Sept 8, 1896

Husband of Margretha Jacobson; (calc) birthdate; aged 30y, 8m, 13days;  2 stones (tall original; and newer one)

Jacobson, Kristine C.

May 8, 1885-Jan 4, 1905

Wife of Carl O. Jacobson; “Mother” footstone

Jacobson, Mabel


“infant”; daughter of J. S. & M. Jacobson

Jacobson, Margretha


Wife of Jacob S. Jacobson

Jacobson, Martha  T.


Wife of Albert E. Jacobson

Jacobson, Mrs. Ole


Wife of Ole Jacobson

Jacobson, Ole

Nov 9, 1823-Jan 11, 1899

Husband of      Jacobson; (calc birthdate) aged 75y, 2m, 2days

Jacobson, Paul



Jacobson, Terrill Arthur


“Our Terry”; Son of Arthur & Margaret Jacobson

Jenson, Cecilie (Benson)


Wife of P. W. Jenson; Born in Steines, Norway; Died in Muscatine, IA;

Jenson, Infant


No Stone; daughter of P. W. & Cecilie Jenson

Johnson, Anna M.


Wife of Henry O. Johnson

Johnson, Arlene M.


Mar 25, 1925-; Daughter of Lewis M. & Serina Johnson

Johnson, Baby Florence


Daughter of James L. & Belle Johnson

Johnson, Belle


Wife of James L. Johnson; America Legion Auxiliary

Johnson, Ben L.


Husband of Martha Johnson

Johnson, Clare Gail

Feb 5, 1943-Feb 5, 1943


Johnson, Clarence G.

Aug 15, 1896-May 30, 1983

Husband of Tena J. Johnson

Johnson, Ellen J.


Wife of Lars Johnson

Johnson, Enger


Wife of Thomas N. Johnson

Johnson, Esther May

Apr 24, 1914-May 6, 1914

Infant daughter of Lewis M. & Serina Johnson

Johnson, Ferd

Apr 27, 1904-Nov 30, 1910

Son of Henry O. & Anna M. Johnson

Johnson, Fred B.



Johnson, Helga

Feb 19, 1857-June 7, 1914


Johnson, Henry O.


Husband of Anna M. Johnson

Johnson, Inger Laura


Wife of O. J. Johnson

Johnson, Iver Mehl

Dec 7, 1854-Apr 16, 1903

Husband of Julia Johnson; same side of stone as Anna Hanson

Johnson, James L.

Dec 24, 1889-Feb 5, 1959

IA PVT Co B 326 Infantry-WWI; FHL# 1643090

Johnson, Julia


Wife of Iver M. Johnson; same side of stone as Hans Hanson

Johnson, Julia E.

June 18, 1904-Oct 16, 1915

Daughter of B. L. & Martha Johnson

Johnson, Lars

Jan 15, 1844-May 21, 1902

Husband of Ellen J. Johnson

Johnson, Leonard S.

Sept 9, 1919-Nov 15, 2010

Husband of Margaret L. Johnson; WWII

Johnson, Lewis M.


Husband of Serina Johnson

Johnson, Lorraine May

Dec 25, 1924-Sept 8, 1932


Johnson, Margaret L.

May 13, 1923-Nov 19, 2001

Wife of Leonard S. Johnson

Johnson, Martha


Wife of Ben L. Johnson

Johnson, Millie E.

Nov 5, 1915-July 31, 1981

Daughter of Lewis M. & Serina Johnson

Johnson, O. J.


Husband of Inger Laura Johnson

Johnson, Sam J.



Johnson, Serina


Wife of Lewis M. Johnson

Johnson, Tena J.

Mar 17, 1902-July 19, 2006

Wife of Clarence Johnson

Johnson, Thomas N.


Husband of Enger Johnson

Johnson, Tollak

July 10, 1851-Aug 21, 1925


Jorgenson, Caroline

July 12, 1844-Mar 5, 1911

Wife of Ole Jorgenson

Jorgenson, John

May 12, 1875-Sept 25, 1919


Jorgenson, Ole

June 22, 1835-Oct 25, 1909

Husband of Caroline Jorgenson




Knutsen, Albert

July 1, 1910-July 9, 1910

Son of Reverend & Mrs. M. N. Knutsen

Knutson, Tena Joetta

May 2, 1893-Apr 1969

Wife of Pastor Simon A. Knutson




Larson, Christina

Feb 13, 1873-Feb 23, 1936

Wife of Harry Larson; “Mother”

Larson, Clara H.

June 24, 1898-Aug 28, 1900

Daughter of Harry & Christina Larson

Larson, Dwight D.

Apr 14, 1948-Nov 14, 1999


Larson, Harry

July 19, 1863-June 4, 1925

Husband of Christina Larson; “Father”

Larson, Hattie

Feb 13, 1859-Sept 8, 1914


Larson, Jeanette E.


Mar 16, 1927-; “Mother”

Lewison, Anna M.


Daughter of Lewis & Carrie Lewison

Lewison, Carrie


“Mother”; Wife of Lewis Lewison

Lewison, Lewis


“Father”; Husband of Carrie Lewison




Madson, Andreas


“Brother”; Same stone as Ole & Johanna Madson

Madson, Isabelle

Nov 29, 1886-May 9, 1995

Wife of Ole Madson

Madson, Johanna


“Mother”; Wife of Ole Madson; Same stone as Ole and Andreas Madson

Madson, Joseph E.


Son of Ole & Isabelle Olson

Madson, Ole


“Father”; Husband of Johanna Madson; Same stone as Johanna and Andreas Madson

Madson, Ole


Husband of Isabelle Olson

Mason, Anna

-June 3, 1895


Mathre, Albert S.


Husband of Mabel B. Mathre

Mathre, Hannah (Knutson)

Aug 12, 1896-Mar 15, 1982


Mathre, Hattie

Feb 26, 1871-Nov 28, 1942

Wife of Sewell Mathre

Mathre, Henry O.



Mathre, Infant

Feb 4, 1932-Feb 4, 1932

Infant son of Albert & Mabel Mathre

Mathre, Mabel B.


Wife of Albert S. Mathre

Mathre, Martin W.

Mar 11, 1891-Mar 20, 1909

Son of S.L. & Hattie Mathre

Mathre, Sewell L.

Oct 1, 1860-Mar 22, 1947

Husband of Hattie Mathre

Mickelson, Martha


No stone

Mickelson, Thomas B.


“Our Daddy”

Mickelson, Tosten

Oct 5, 1850-Sept 1, 1908


Mikkelsen, Aasa


Wife of Pastor Baard Mikkelsen

Mikkelsen, Pastor Baard


Pastor; Husband of Aasa Mikkelsen




Nelson, Adolf Emil

Aug 11, 1862-Mar 2, 1895

Husband of Hellen Bendikte Nelson

Nelson, Aletta M.

Feb 5, 1893-Feb 17, 1893

Daughter of John C. & Elizabeth B. Nelson; Aged 12 days

Nelson, Arthur Lorance

July 17, 1896-Feb 5, 1963

IA Sgt US Army-WWI; FHL# 1643090

Nelson, Byrdie M.

Jan 6, 1892-Nov 1977

Wife of Elmer W. Nelson

Nelson, Dean D.

Apr 8, 1919-Nov 9, 2003

Husband of Doris M. Nelson; Son of Iver & Inger Nelson; SPY1 US Navy-WWII

Nelson, Doris M.

Sept 29, 1921-Apr 3, 2009

“Loving Wife and Mother”; Wife of Dean D. Nelson

Nelson, Elizabeth B.

Dec 26, 1859-Dec 5, 1945

Wife of John G. Nelson

Nelson, Elmer W.

Sept 15, 1888-Feb 1986

Husband of Byrdie M. Nelson

Nelson, Espen



Nelson, Hellen Bendikte

Feb 4, 1819-July 20, 1896

Wife of Adolf Emil Nelson

Nelson, Inger C.

May 25, 1892-Aug 1973

Wife of Iver J. Nelson

Nelson, Iver J.


Husband of Inger C. Nelson; Son of John & Elizabeth Nelson

Nelson, Jayne T.

May 29, 1911-Nov 15, 1913

Son of Elmer W. & Byrdie M. Nelson; headstone is just in front of Inger C. Nelson

Nelson, John G.

May 17, 1853-Feb 7, 1916

Husband of Elizabeth B. Nelson

Nelson, Julia


Sister of Mrs. Ole Jacobson?

Nelson, Robert J. Sr.

Oct 17, 1924-Aug 3, 1989

Husband of E.W. Nelson; Son of Iver J. & Inger C. Nelson; PVT US Army-WWII

Nelson, Sigvald N.

Mar 1, 1880-Oct 12, 1901

Son of John G. & Elizabeth B. Nelson; aged 21 y, 7m, 11 d

Nelson, Vera C.

Jan 24, 1922-July 20, 1997

Wife of Vern E. Nelson

Nelson, Vern E.

Jan 27, 1917-Apr 16, 1990

Husband of Vera C. Nelson; Son of Iver & Inger Nelson; TEC4 US Army-WWII

Ness, Esther L. (Johnson)


Feb 15, 1918; Wife of M. Carl Ness; Married Mar 4, 1951;  Dau of Lewis M. & Serina Johnson; Parents of Mary, Marvin, Marilyn & Myron

Ness, M. Carl

Nov 24, 1912-Jul 28, 1995

Husband of Esther L. Ness; TEC5 US Army-WWII




Olson, Anna K.

Apr 15, 1900-Mar 5, 1989

Wife of Joseph S. Olson

Olson, Arnold


Husband of Jeannette Olson

Olson, Arthur B.


aged 7 months; Son of Edwin & Malinda Olson

Olson, Arthur B.

Jan 29, 1901-Aug 12, 1988

Husband of Beulah A. Olson; Son of Edwin & Malinda Olson

Olson, Beulah Angeline (Knutson)

Apr 1, 1912-Feb 21, 2011

Wife of Arthur B. Olson; Daughter of Simon & Tina (Olson) Knutson; Married Feb 23, 1937

Olson, Birdy Viola

Oct 3, 1890-July 31, 1904

Daughter of O.H. & L. Olson

Olson, Dorothy Ann


2nd wife of Emmett Olson

Olson, Edwin


Husband of Malinda Olson

Olson, Elaine


1st wife of Emmett Olson; Daughter of Dave & Bertha Hanson

Olson, Emmett


1919-; Son of Joseph & Anna Olson; Husband of (1) Elaine Olson; (2) Dorothy Ann Olson; (3) Norma Jean (Frisk) Olson;

Olson, Fern I. (Satre)


Wife of Melferd E. Olson

Olson, Goodman S.

May 1, 1881-Dec 29, 1975

Husband of Marie Olson

Olson, Hattie



Olson, Infant

no date

 “infant”; Son of Edwin & Malinda Olson

Olson, Jeannette


Wife of Arnold Olson

Olson, John Olai

1894 - 1897

Son of Edwin & Malinda Olson

Olson, John Olai

Nov 12, 1896-Dec 21, 1992

Son of Edwin & Malinda Olson; PVT  US  Army – WWI; FHL #1643090

Olson, Joseph S.


Husband of Anna K. Olson

Olson, Julia


Wife of O. H. Olson

Olson, Malinda


Wife of Edwin Olson

Olson, Marie

July 6, 1884-Feb 25, 1920

Wife of Goodman S. Olson

Olson, Melferd Ernest

May 29, 1907-Dec 1, 1970

Husband of Fern I. Olson; Son of Goodman & Marie Olson; Married Mar 29, 1933; Stanhope Vol. Fireman

Olson, Norma Jean (Frisk)

Oct 2, 1926-Apr 2, 1991

1st wife of Homer Frisk; 3rd wife of Emmett Olson; Mother of Steve, Jane and Gary

Olson, O. H.


Husband of Julia Olson

Olson, Ole Johan

Nov 2, 1879-Oct 17, 1942


Olson, Olina

Jan 12, 1883-Dec 12, 1956


Olson, Olina Jumira

July 25, 1911-Sept 16, 1911

Daughter of Oscar M. & J. Olson

Olson, Omer


“Father”; NO name; name from trustee map

Olson, Omer



Olson, Verlin D.


Son of Melferd E. & Fern I. Olson




Palmer, Esther (Sansgaard)

Apr 21, 1925-June 1, 1992


Peterson, Alfred L.

Jan 3, 1918-Jan 14, 1993

US Coast Guard-WWII

Peterson, Anna V.


Wife of Laurence C. Peterson

Peterson, Asbjorne


No Stone

Peterson, Elsie



Peterson, Emma


Wife of Hawley Peterson

Peterson, Georgian


No Stone

Peterson, Hawley


Husband of Emma Peterson

Peterson, Jesper S.

Sept 5, 1911-Sept 5, 1911

Son of Laurence C. & Anna V. Peterson

Peterson, Laurence Christian

Sept 27, 1875-Aug 1962

Husband of Anna V. Peterson; Name on WWI draft registration is “Laurids Christian Peterson

Peterson, Selma


Wife of A. O. Peterson




Reianes, Ole O.

Nov 19, 1884-Oct 16, 1944

WWI veteran;  FHL#-1643111




Sandeen, Harriet (Benson)



Sansgaard, Delores D.


Feb 9, 1929-; Wife of Reuben L. Sansgaard

Sansgaard, Eunice



Sansgaard, Jane P.


Nov 23, 1951-; Wife of R. Alan Sansgaard

Sansgaard, Mable


Wife of Selmer Sansgaard

Sansgaard, R. Alan

Oct 14, 1951-June 27, 1996

Husband of Jane P. Sansgaard; Son of Reuben & Delores Sansgaard; Parents of Rachel, Maren & Jeffery

Sansgaard, Reuben L.

May 8, 1923-Jan 14, 1999

Husband of Delores D. Sansgaard; Parents of R. Alan, Brian & Brent, Rebecca & Janet

Sansgaard, Selmer

Dec 28, 1895-Mar 1970

Husband of Mabel Sansgaard

Satre, Carrie M.


Wife of Oscar J. Satre

Satre, Constance Mae

July 6, 1923-Sept 24, 1923

Daughter of Henry M. & Mabel B. Satre

Satre, Esther G.

May 31, 1915-May 1982

Wife of Gerhardt O. Satre

Satre, George, O.

Dec 13, 1886-Feb 1980

Husband of Sena Satre

Satre, Gerhardt O.

Nov 11, 1914-Apr 1968

Husband of Esther G. Satre; Son of George Satre

Satre, Gjertrud


“Mother”;  Wife of Ole O. Satre

Satre, Henry Melko

Oct 20, 1894-Nov 1981

Husband of Mabel B. Satre; WWI Veteran; FHL #1643111

Satre, Mabel B.

June 5, 1894-July 1982

Wife of Henry M. Satre

Satre, Ole O.


“Father”; Husband of Gjertrud Satre

Satre, Oscar J.


Husband of Carrie M. Satre

Satre, Sena


Wife of George O. Satre

Soren, Clarence


“Son”; Son of John & Elizabeth Soren

Soren, Elizabeth


“Mother”; Wife of John Soren

Soren, Infant

No dates


Soren, John


“Father”; Husband of Elizabeth Soren

Sorenson, Helen

Aug 14, 1824-Feb 10, 1907

Wife of L. Sorenson

Stout, Anfin S.


Wife of Iver Stout

Stout, Elmer

Mar 27, 1914-Feb 1983


Stout, Hazel

Apr 7, 1912-Mar 1986


Stout, Iver


Husband of Anfin S. Stout; Iver, John, and Julia share the same headstone

Stout, John


Iver, John, and Julia share the same headstone

Stout, Julia


Iver, John, and Julia share the same headstone

Stout, Lewis


Son of Iver & Anfin Stout

Stout, Louisa

Jan 3, 1883-May 15, 1970


Swenson, Doris J.


b. June 29, 1945; Wife of Roger G. Swenson; married Dec 3, 1965; Parents of James, Bryan, Kathleen & Eric

Swenson, Ike

Feb 14, 2000-Feb 16, 2000

Son of James Swenson; gr-grandson of Rueben & Signa Swenson

Swenson, Roger G.

June 20, 1943-Jan 23, 2007

Husband of Doris J. Swenson; Son of Rueben & Signa Swenson

Swenson, Rueben T.

May 7, 1913-Oct 12, 1996

Husband of Signa A. Swenson

Swenson, Signa A.

Jan 6, 1921-Sept 8, 2008

Wife of Rueben T. Swenson

Sydness, Hana


No Stone

Sydness, Hans


No Stone

Sydness, Severt


No Stone

Sydness, Tillie


No Stone




Taig, Jacob T.


Husband of Sarah Taig

Taig, Sarah


Wife of Jacot T. Taig

Thorsbakken, Alma I.

Dec 21, 1906-June 31, 2005

Wife of Christian Thorsbakken

Thorsbakken, Anders



Thorsbakken, Christian

Dec 10, 1895-Feb 1981

Husband of Alma I. Thorsbakken

Thorsbakken, Emma A.

May 30, 1905-Dec 1980

Wife of Otis  B. Thorsbakken

Thorsbakken, Karen



Thorsbakken, Otis B.


Husband of Emma Thorsbakken

Todnem, Martha


Wife of P. Ben Todnem

Todnem, P. Ben


Husband of Martha Todnem




Ubben, Alan Ray


Infant son of Wayne & Kathryn Ubben

Ubben, Kathryn


Wife of Wayne Ubben

Ubben, Wayne


1934-; Husband of Kathryn Ubben




Wheeler, Bertha (Enderson)


Wife of Kenneth Wheeler

Wheeler, Kenneth

Apr 7, 1913-Aug 25, 1996

Husband of Bertha Wheeler

Wheeler, Kevin



Williams, Andrew


Husband of Mary Williams; Son of William & Johanna Williams

Williams, Bertha Malinda

July 1, 1869-May 13, 1898

Daughter of William & Johanna Williams

Williams, Gurina


Wife of Willie Williams

Williams, Harlene E. (Dyvig)

Feb 28, 1911-Nov 1981


Williams, Johanna

Aug 11, 1835-Dec 11, 1903

Wife of William Williams

Williams, Mary


Wife of Andrew Williams

Williams, William

Jan 15, 1840-July 7, 1926

Husband of Johanna Williams

Williams, Willie


Husband of Gurina Williams; Son of William & Johanna Williams

Wing, Jennie C

July 20, 1893-Sept 3, 1893

Daughter of  G. & Maggie Wing

Wing, Maggie (Williams)

Nov 1, 1871-May 17, 1894

Wife of  G. Wing; Daughter of William & Johanna Williams