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  Contributed to IAGenWeb by Jackie Frederick,  March 2011. Updated listing January, 2017

Lawn Hill Cemetery

Clear Lake Township, Hamilton County


 Lawn Hill Emetery Entrance


The Lawn Hill Cemetery is in Clear Lake Township, south of Stanhope, Iowa.  It is located on a gravel road (360th Street) a mile south of State Hwy 175 and 1½ mile east of State Hwy 17.  The cemetery is between Kantor Ave on the West and Lakins Grove on the East. 

The cemetery is on a hillside on the north side of 360th Street surrounded by rich Iowa farm land.  This is the primary cemetery for the Stanhope area with many of its early Stanhope pioneers buried here.  Land records indicate that Peter Hove donated the land for the cemetery in 1874 for the Clear Lake (township) Lutheran Cemetery Association.    Descendants of Peter Hove still own property nearby.  The earliest burial in the cemetery has a date of 1876 and can be found in the northwest part of the cemetery. 

Lawn Hill is a well kept, pretty cemetery.  Along the gravel road by the cemetery is a line of pine trees.  There was not a church associated with the cemetery. 

The cemetery is plotted in West to East rows starting with lot #1 on the northwest side of the cemetery.  There is a driving path in the middle and on the east side of the cemetery. 

There are over 60 veterans resting here in the cemetery including:  6 Civil War veterans and 18 WWI veterans

The cemetery was walked and photographed November, 2010 by Jackie Frederick for the Hamilton Heritage Hunters Genealogical Society.  This cemetery list was transcribed from the township record for the cemetery.  Periodic updates have been added to the list.


Ahrens, Bonnie (Sorenson)

June 24, 1934-Mar 11, 2006

Wife of Lawrence Ahrens;

On back of gravestone: “Mother of Michael, Dennis, Duane and Mark Feaker”

Ahrens, Lawrence

May 5, 1923-Oct 22, 2003

Husband of Bonnie Ahrens; Parents of Riqui Ann Ahrens

Ahrens, Riqui Ann

April 29, 1972-April 29, 1972

Infant daughter of Bonnie & Lawrence Ahrens

Allen, A. Jackson

Nov 15, 1833-May 17, 1907

Husband of Dyza Allen

Allen, Ada

Apr 18, 1886-Feb 20, 1939

Daughter of A. Jackson & Dyza Allen

Allen, Andrew

Dec 26, 1863-June 3, 1889

Son of A. Jackson & Dyza Allen

Allen, Charles Marion

Sept 16, 1878-Jan 31, 1956

Husband of Ella I. Allen; Son of A. Jackson & Dyza Allen

Allen, Dyza

Jan 16, 1844-June 16, 1932

Wife of A. Jackson Allen

Allen, Ella Isabelle (Wheeler)

Oct 19, 1882-July 31, 1978

Wife of Charles M. Allen; Daughter of Joseph F & Elizabeth Gates Wheeler

Allen, Fern Georgia

Feb 22, 1916-Oct 30,1916

Daughter of Charles M. & Ella Allen

Anderson, Alvin Gorden

Sept 23, 1893-July, 1966

WWI Veteran - FHL# 1643090

Anderson, Brandon John

Aug 24, 1989-Nov 16, 2013

Son of Roger & Vickie Anderson

Anderson, Charles O.



Anderson, Clarence W.



Anderson, Dr. DeWayne Campbell

Oct 7, 1919-Dec 8, 1991

Husband of Harriet Anderson; Son of Ingewald & Edna Anderson; Parents of Paula & Margaret; 11th Armored Division - US Army; WWII

Anderson, Harriette Louise

Jan 5, 1923 – July 1, 2015

Wife of Dr. DeWayne C. Anderson; Daughter of Ernest & Eleanor Kraft

Anderson, Dorothy (Thompson)

Apr 26, 1921-Dec 26, 2013

Wife of George E. Anderson; Daughter of CC & Artie Thompson

Anderson, Ethel Ione (West)

Jan 21, 1918-Dec 22, 2004

Wife of Harold E. Anderson; Parents of Harold Jr. and Murray

Anderson, George Edward

Jan 26, 1921-Oct 28, 2002

Husband of Dorothy F. Anderson; S1 US Navy - WWII; Stanhope FD marker

Anderson, Gertrude Marie (Carlson)

May 21, 1902-Feb 22, 1959

Wife of Samuel G. Anderson; Daughter of Carl A & Anna M. Carlson

Anderson, Harold Earl

Aug 3, 1915-Dec 12, 1974

 “Andy”; Husband of Ethel I. Anderson; Son of Hugh & Nora Anderson

Anderson, Henry H.



Anderson, Hugh D.


“Father”; Husband of Nora Anderson

Anderson, Ida M.



Anderson, Marty Raye

Dec 26, 1969-Sept 16, 1986

“Love forever Mom Dad Letitia & Melissa”; Son of Murray & Bea Anderson

Anderson, Mary E.


Wife of Virgil G. Anderson

Anderson, Nora


“Mother”; Wife of Hugh D. Anderson

Anderson, Samuel Grant

July 26, 1886-1968

Husband of Gertrude M. Anderson; WWI Veteran-FHL# 1643090

Anderson, Virgil G.

Feb 24, 1921-Oct 21, 1997

Husband of Mary E. Anderson

Arends, Harmka (Greenfield)

Aug 9, 1901-May 1975

Wife of William A. Arends

Arends, Merlin

May 22, 1930-Dec 31, 1999

Wife of Mary J. Arends; Married Mar 15, 1951

Parents of Sheila Sue, William Arthur, Linda Lou and Sandra Ann

Arends, Rodger H.

Mar 18, 1933-Oct 7, 2008

Husband of Martha Ann Arends; Son of Arthur & Verna Arends;

Parents of Julie and Curt; CPL US Army - Korean War

Arends, William A.

Apr 24, 1898-Nov 1972

Husband of Harmka Arends; Married Dec 30, 1920; Son of Arend J & Anna (Naber) Arends

Arendts, Edna (East)

Feb 3, 1905-Sept 29, 1984

Wife of Everett Arendts; Daughter of W. R. & Anna (Kent) East

Arendts, Everett Eldren

Mar 31, 1905-Jan 1971

Husband of Edna Arendts

Arntzen, Harold Obert

July 2, 1916-May 22, 1992

1st wife was Marion Dillavoe; Husband of Marguerite Arntzen; US Navy in the Pacific Theater - WWII

Arntzen, Marguerite A.   (Eaton)

Oct 26, 1920-Mar 20, 2010

Wife of Harold O. Arntzen; Daughter of Herschel D & Flossie K Eaton




Ballantine, Donald Dean

Apr 10, 1928 – July 6, 2014

Husband of Phyllis Ballantine; son of John and Mayme Ballantine

Becker, Fred H.


Husband of Marie M. Becker

Becker, Marie M.

1904-Aug 13, 1934

Wife of Fred H. Becker; Daughter of John A & Amanda Fosberg

Berglund, Deane L.

1916-July 1999

Husband of Vera Berglund

Berglund, Eric

Feb 13, 1885-Jun 1973

Husband of Helen E. Berglund

Berglund, Helen E.


Wife of Eric Berglund

Berglund, Rodney Deane

Jul 2, 1956-Jul 2, 1956


Berglund, Vera B.


Wife of Deane L. Berglund

Bertholet, Delma L. (Sogard)

Sept 2, 1907-June 1971

Wife of Gaston Bertholet

Bertholet, Gaston R.

Sept 18, 1900-June 9, 1975

Husband of Delma L. Bertholet;  Pfc U.S. Army

Billington, Annie E.


Wife of David E. Billington

Billington, David E.


Husband of Annie E. Billington; Co. I - 102 Regt. Illinois Vol.; GAR 1861-1865 marker

Billington, Isaac

Oct 6, 1886-Oct 6, 1886

Son of Annie E & David E. Billington; No stone

Billington, Leaf C.

Mar 1, 1877(calc)-Oct 1, 1886

Son of Annie E & David E. Billington; Engraved on parents stone as Leaf T. and has a separate stone as Leaf C.

Bishop, Curney


Infant son of Mark & Sara Bishop

Bishop, Lola


Infant daughter of Mark & Sara Bishop

Bishop, Mark


Husband of Sara Bishop

Bishop, Nina

Nov 22, 1906-Jan 9, 1998

Daughter of Mark & Sara Bishop

Bishop, Sara


Wife of Mark Bishop

Blow, Violet H.

Oct 18, 1899-Feb 5, 1900

Aged 3m, 18d; Daughter of A.D & L.E Blow

Bockwoldt, Arnold

Dec 16,1897-Jan 16, 1898

Son of Frank & Johanna Bockwoldt

Bockwoldt, Arthur F.

Dec 16, 1897-Oct 18,1973

Husband of Gertrude A. Bockwoldt; Son of Frank & Johanna Bockwoldt

Bockwoldt, Frank


Father; Husband of Johanna Bockwoldt

Bockwoldt, Gertrude A.  (Hoversten)

Feb 3, 1898-Jan 1973

Wife of Arthur F. Bockwoldt; Daughter of Thor and Gjertru Flettre

Bockwoldt, Johanna (Reischauer)


Mother; Wife of Frank F. Bockwoldt

Branch, James Nelson

Aug 15, 1882-Nov 29, 1957

Husband of Mabel Branch; son of Nelson & Sarah Branch

Branch, Mabel (Read)

Aug 20, 1883-Aug 1974

Wife of James N. Branch

Brewer, A. H.


Marker flush with ground; Three names on one stone

Brewer, Alexander G.

Feb 18, 1850-Nov 30, 1915

Husband of Mary E. Brewer

Brewer, Anna M.


Wife of Curtis S. Brewer

Brewer, Curtis S.


Husband of Anna M. Brewer

Brewer, Eddie


Son of Curtis S. & Anna M. Brewer; on side of parent’s stone-also separate stone

Brewer, Erwin L.

Sept 26, 1883-Apr 18, 1955;

Son of Erwin L & Mary E. Brewer

Brewer, H. B.


Marker flush with ground; Three names on one stone

Brewer, I. J.


Marker flush with ground; Three names on one stone

Brewer, Mabel O.

Dec 14, 1880-Apr 26, 1882

Daughter of Erwin L & Mary E. Brewer

Brewer, Mary E.

Dec 6, 1855-Apr 4, 1930

Wife of Alexander G. Brewer

Brewer, Nathan J.

Apr 1, 1832-Dec 14, 1880

aged 43y, 8m, 13d; Pvt; Company K, 13th regiment, Iowa Inf; Union Army-Civil War

Burris, Norma L.

Nov 18, 1918-Sept 29, 1998


Burris, Walter Guy

Aug 13, 1886-Nov 8, 1918

marker flush with ground

Burris, Willard Guy

May 16, 1919-Aug 4, 2006

Engraved on East side of Willard Taylor stone; not cremated; Willard’s wife’s ashes to be buried with Willard Burris; US Navy - WWII

Bute, Delia Jane (Kepler)

Feb 14, 1864-Feb 16, 1962

“Mother”; Wife of William E. Bute; Daughter of Solomon & Philena Kepler

Bute, E. G.

Apr 2, 1875-Aug 17, 1898

Tall broken marker

Bute, Josephine L.

Jan 26, 1890-July 6, 1907

Daughter of Samuel C & Susan A. Bute

Bute, Letitia

June 20, 1833-Mar 10, 1907

“wife”; located on side of marker; Wife of Madison Bute

Bute, Madison

Aug 1811-Aug 3, 1885

aged  74y; Husband of Letitia Bute

Bute, Orphie

Dec 18, 1888-Dec 18, 1888

Daughter of Samuel C. & Susan A. Bute

Bute, Samuel C.


“Father”; Husband of Susan Ann Bute

Bute, Susan Ann


“Mother”; Wife of Samuel C. Bute

Bute, Victoria I.

Nov 1, 1894-Dec 16-1969


Bute, William E.


“Father”; Husband of Delia Jane Bute

Byers, Florence

Aug 14, 1916-Apr 13, 1999

Daughter of Hilman I. & Teresse B. Granville




Calvin, Manerva E.

Oct 4, 1841 (calc)-May 21, 1885

aged 43y, 7m, 17d; Wife of George Calvin

Campbell, Laura



Carlson, Anna S


Wife of Carl S. Carlson

Carlson, Arthur

Oct 27, 1917-Dec 11, 1994

Died in Clear Lake, Iowa; WWII

Carlson, Carl A.


Husband of Anna S. Carlson

Carlson, Ferman LeRoy

June 1, 1903-Aug 11, 1979

Husband of Vera Carlson; son of C. J.E. & Emma (Lindquist) Carlson

Carlson, Roger Louis

Aug 28, 1929-Sept 12, 2009

Son of Ferman & Vera Carlson; US Air Force – Korean Veteran

Carlson, Ronald Dick

Jan 21, 1931-Jan 6, 2011

Son of Ransom and Esther (Dick) Carlson; Husband of Marilyn Carlson; Parents of Ronda, Steve, Lori and David; US Army – Korean Conflict

Carlson, Vera  (Vaubel)

June 14, 1905-Aug 28, 2002

Wife of Ferman Carlson;  parents of Roger, Donna

Carter, Daniel W.

Mar 20, 1999-Mar 20, 1999

Infant twin of Rod & Karla Carter;

Twins buried in one casket; grandchildren of Donna K. Wildt

Carter, Peta Jean

Mar 20, 1999-Mar 20, 1999

Infant twin of Rod & Karla Carter;

Twins buried in one casket; grandchildren of Donna K. Wildt

Challe, Ben

                     -Dec 18, 1955

Husband of Ellen S. Challe

Challe, Ellen S.


Wife of Ben Challe; individual stone; Photo on family marker

Charlson, Inez (Iverson-McCoy)

1919-Sept 2004

Daughter of John E. & Agnes M. Iverson;

Wife of Robert McCoy (1919-1988), 2nd  marriage to Orville S. Charlson

Charlson, Orville S.


2nd Husband of Inez (Iverson) McCoy; Parents of David and Richard

Christensen, Margaret Rose

Aug 18, 1928-June 27, 2007

Wife of Herbert Christenson; Daughter of Arthur & Gertrude Bockwoldt

Christenson, Arthur C

May 4, 1902-Nov 1979

Husband of Bernice Christenson; Parents of Gerald Max and Gyneth Ruth

Christenson, Bernice M.

Sept 23, 1906-Dec 17, 1991

Wife of Arthur C. Christenson

Clabaugh, Charles E.

Oct 14, 1903-Jan 12, 1990

Husband of Goldie Clabaugh

Clabaugh, Goldie Emma Marie

Nov 11, 1909-Nov 28, 1994

Wife of Charles E. Clabaugh; Daughter of Leonard & Esther (Swanson) Monson

Clabaugh, Janet Marion (Strain)

Jan 3, 1928-June 17, 1968

Wife of Richard L. Clabaugh; Daughter of Jesse G & Nellie Strain

Clabaugh, Leona E. (Wills)

Sept 3, 1901-Mar 21, 1994

Wife of LeRoy Clabaugh; Daughter of Albert & Ardaline (Rountree) Wills

Clabaugh, LeRoy

Nov 7, 1900-Dec 2, 1975

Husband of Leona E. Clabaugh; Son of Willis Wilfred & Minnie (Olson) Clabaugh

Clabaugh, Richard L.

Feb 19, 1928-Oct 16, 1990

Husband of Janet M. Clabaugh; Stanhope FD Marker

Clausen, Carl Eaton

Feb 5, 1915-Apr 9,1976

Husband of Rita Clausen; son of LeRoy & Elsie Clausen; Parents of Marjorie & William

Clausen, Rita

Nov 23, 1916-Aug 1995

Wife of Carl E. Clausen

Clausen, William Roger


Son of Carl E. & Rita Clausen

Corrow, Clem C.


Husband of Maud E. Corrow

Corrow, Maud E.


Wife of Clem E. Corrow

Coslow, Phyllis (Malmberg)

Dec 15, 1924-May 4, 2005

Wife of Roy D. Coslow

Coslow, Roy David

Sept 21, 1916-Dec 25, 2010

Son of David and Eunice (Cornett) Coslow; Husband of Phyllis Coslow

Covel, Allie M.

Mar 7, 1869-Mar 26, 1876

aged 6y, 10m, 19d; Daughter of W.D & A.J Covel

Craven, Audrey (Bennett)

May 10, 1922-Oct 8, 2010

Wife of Charles E. Craven; Daughter of George & Clara Bennett, Sr.

Craven, Charles E.

Dec 18, 1911-Nov 20, 2001

Husband of Audrey Craven;  Married Dec 14, 1942;

Parents of Janice, Melvin, Robert, DeWayne, Dennis




Davis, Alice R.



Davis, Beatrice T.

Feb 8, 1910-Mar 1986

Wife of Charles W. Davis

Davis, Charles


“Father”; Husband of Elizabeth Davis

Davis, Charles W.

Aug 28, 1909-Apr 1983

Husband of Beatrice T.

Davis, Earl S.

Nov 17, 1890-Oct 27, 1971

Husband of Lillian V. Davis; son of Charles & Elizabeth Davis

Davis, Elizabeth


“Mother”; Wife of Charles Davis

Davis, Frank A.

Oct 16, 1895-1952

Husband of Garnet Marie Davis;

Co. B, 28th Inf. Regt.  1st Division; WW I Veteran-FHL# 1643090

Davis, Franklin J.

July 28, 1926 – Sept 8, 2014

Husband of Romona E. Davis; parents of Janet and Nicolas

Davis, Furman L.

Feb 10, 1902-Aug 1975

Husband of Lenora L. Davis

Davis, Garnet Marie


Wife of Frank A. Davis

Davis, Hazel Anna (Whalen)

Feb 16, 1894-Jan 27, 1990

Wife of Roy H. Davis; Daughter of John & Alice (Goodman) Whalen

Davis, Lenora Lottie

Apr 1, 1910-July 20, 1966

Wife of Furman L. Davis; Daughter of James & Nellie (Sorenson) Johnson

Davis, Lillian V.

May 7, 1903-Dec 1979

Wife of Earl S. Davis

Davis, Nicholas Ray

Feb 21, 1952-Aug 4, 1986

Husband of Marjorie E. Davis; son of Franklin & Ramona Davis

Davis, Roy Harrison

Mar 21, 1889-July 14, 1980

Husband of Hazel A. Davis; son of Charles & Elizabeth (McFarland) Davis

Dick, Clarence E


Son of G.H. & Nora Dick; Individual stone & on back side of family marker

Dick, Ethel A. (Davis)

Oct 1, 1892-Feb 1981

Wife of Dr. Leo G. Dick; Daughter of Charles & Elizabeth (McFarland) Davis

Dick, G. H.


“George Horton”; Husband on Nora Dick

Dick, George Hadley

June 6, 1902-Mar 5, 1914

Son of G.H. & Nora Dick; Individual stone & on north side of family marker

Dick, Dr. Leo Gideon

Sept 6, 1890-Jan 15, 1976

Husband of Ethel A. Dick; Son of G.H. & Nora Dick;

WWI Veteran-FHL # 1643347

Dick, Nora   (Branch)


Wife of G. H. Dick

Dick, Ralph E.

Apr 8, 1887-Mar 5, 1904

Son of G.H. & Nora Dick; Individual stone & on north side of family marker

Dick, Shirley B.

Apr 9, 1930-Oct 4, 2001

Daughter of Leo & Ethel Dick




East,  Nancy E.


Daughter of W.A. & Mary M. East

East, Ira F.

Apr 19, 1859(calc)-Mar 11, 1889

aged 28y, 10m, 20d

East, Mary M.

Apr 29, 1838-July 24. 1906

Wife of W. A. East

East, W. A.

May 19, 1837-Oct 20, 1902

Husband of Mary M. East

Eaton, Flossie K

Aug 27, 1898-Jan 3, 2002

Wife of Herschel D. Eaton

Eaton, Herschel D.

May 26, 1900-Aug 21, 1984

Husband of Flossie K. Eaton; Parents of Marguerite and JD

Eaton, J. D.

Apr 1932-July 23, 2016

Son of Herschel & Flossie Eaton; US Veteran

Egger, Donald Paul

Dec 16, 1927-Feb 8, 1998

Husband of Norma J. Egger; Parents of Dennis, Donna, Terry; Stanhope FD marker

Egger, Norma Jean   (McIntire)

Aug 20, 1929 – Aug 19,1016

Wife of Donald P. Egger; Daughter of Clair & Mildred McIntire

Egger, Terry Lee

Jun 4, 1956-Sept 27, 2005

Son of Donald & Norma Egger

Eklund, Robert Neil

Feb 9, 1938-Feb 9, 1938


Ellis, Betty Mae

Sept 27, 1923-Aug 25, 1981

Wife of John M. Ellis; Daughter of William & Laura Knorr

Ellis, John Mark

Aug 29, 1915-Dec 19, 2003

Husband of Betty M. Ellis; Son of John & Grace Ellis; US Army-WWII Veteran

Enright, Tom



Erickson, LaVonne H.

Jan 18,1921-Sept 11,1998

Wife of Melford A. Hove; 2nd marriage to George Erickson

Ervin, Charles Otis


Husband of M. Blanche Ervin; WWI

Ervin, M. Blanche

1898-Apr 15, 1968

Wife of Charles O. Ervin

Evans, Belle



Evans, Cora Mae

Sept 19, 1913-Mar 10, 1012

Wife of Harold P. Evans

Evans, Harold Price

Mar 12, 1908-July 1, 1999

Husband of Cora Mae Evans

Evans, Harold R.

May 11, 1942 – Mar 15, 2013

PCF Army National Guard

Evans, Joseph


Sgt-Co E, 39 Illinois Inf: US Veteran 1861-1865




Ferguson, Alice L.

May 8, 1867-Jan 18, 1950

Wife of Roy H. Ferguson; “Mother”

Ferguson, Ellender

Oct 10, 1833(calc)-Nov 23, 1894

aged 64y, 1m, 13d; Wife of J. S. Ferguson

Ferguson, I. C.


Small child stone on south side of Ellender Ferguson

Ferguson, Inez C.

Jul 24, 1879(calc)-Apr 13, 1894

aged 14y, 8m, 20d; name engraved on back of Ellender Ferguson gravestone

Ferguson, Johnnie D.

Feb 28, 1885-Apr 15, 1889

aged 4y, 1m, 15d; Son of H.C. & Alice Ferguson

Ferguson, Roy H.

Sept 11, 1891-Oct 27, 1918

Husband of Alice L. Ferguson

Fister, Henry “Hank”

Feb 6, 1916-Mar 13, 1987

Father of Donna K. (Fister) Wildt

Fitzgerald, baby

June 16, 1882(calc)-Aug 10, 1882

aged  1m, 25d

Fitzgerald, Emmett

Aug 31, 1875(calc)-Feb 15, 1876

aged  5m, 15d; Son of R.P. & E.L. Fitzgerald; small broken marker

Fitzgerald, Ralph


On back of marker; aged 3 yr, 9m, 1d

Forsberg, Amanda C.


Wife of John A. Forsberg

Forsberg, John A.


Husband of Amanda C. Forsberg

Fosberg, Clarence Leonard

Oct 18, 1899-Sept 26, 1984

Husband of Lenore J. Fosberg; Son of John & Amanda Fosberg;

WWI Veteran-FHL# 1643090;  Stanhope FD marker

Fosberg, Lenore Josephine


Wife of Clarence L. Fosberg

Frazier, Jane

Dec 11, 1784(calc)-May 4, 1877

“Our Mother”; aged 92y, 4m, 23d

Fuller, Caroline A. (Wills)

Aug 10, 1913-Jul 15, 2004

Wife of Everett L. Fuller

Fuller, Everett LeRoy

Nov 29, 1912-Nov 18, 1995

Husband of Caroline A. Fuller; Son of Lester & Zada (McFarland) Fuller

Fuller, Ronald

Apr 21, 1944 – June 9, 2016

Husband of Deb Fuller; Son of Everett &Caroline Fuller




Granville, Albert D.


Nephew of Brita Ringheim

Granville, Floyd B.

Oct 18, 1910-Sept 27, 1916

Son of Hilman I. & Teresse B. Granville

Granville, Helen E.


Wife of Marlin O. Granville

Granville, Hilman I.


Husband of Teresse B. Granville; Nephew of Brita Ringheim

Granville, Marlin O.

Aug 3, 1909-Oct 1978

Husband of Helen E. Granville

Granville, Martin H.

Feb 4, 1888-Nov 11, 1931

Nephew of Brita Ringheim; Iowa Pvt., 338 Field Arty, 88 Division - WWI

Granville, Teresse B.

May 31, 1890-Jan 1986

Wife of Hilman I. Granville

Green, Miles Parker

Feb 13, 1924-Sept 2, 2005

Husband of Myrtle Green;  US Veteran - Marines

Green, Myrtle O.

Sept 27, 1915-Oct 31, 2009

Wife of Miles Green; Parents of Jerry, Larry, Gary & Fred




Hadaway, Alice A.

1919-Apr 9, 2010

Wife on Donald C. Hadaway

Hadaway, Donald Clair

July 23, 1917-Aug 3, 2004

Husband of Alice A. Hadaway; Son of Harley & Rose (Meyer) Hadaway;

US Navy-WWII Veteran

Hagan, Joe T.

July 9, 1907-Dec 15, 1997

Husband of Margaret M. Hagen; US Navy- WWII

Hagen, Margaret M.

Apr 27, 1912-Feb 27, 1991

Wife of Joe T. Hagan

Hall, Grace V. (Jacobson)

May 11, 1930-May 1, 2000

Wife of Pastor Enoch Hall; Daughter of Carl R. & Alice J. Jacobson

Hall, Pastor Enoch Robert

Dec 17, 1920-Jan 26, 2012

Husband of Grace V. Hall; Son of Pastor Martin & Anne  (Westwick) Hall; Army Air Corp-WWII

Hallander, Anna S.

Oct 21, 1880(calc)-May 31, 1881

aged 7m, 10 d; Daughter of Alexander G. & Carrie Hallander

Hallander, Mary

Feb 6, 1803-Oct 14, 1888

aged 85y, 8m, 8d; Wife of Alexander Hallander; No stone

Haman, Lon Alan

Feb 20, 1968-Apr 7,1996

Son of Ed & Beth Haman; Father of Levi; Stanhope FD marker

Hamilton, Amos A.

June 6, 1869-Dec 26, 1939

“Father”; Husband of Annie C. Hamilton; Son on Cicero & Sarah Hamilton

Hamilton, Annie C.

Feb 17, 1870-Jan 8, 1913

“Mother”; Wife of Amos A. Hamilton

Hamilton, Cicero


“Father”; Husband of Sarah Hamilton

Hamilton, Harold L.

Oct 10, 1897-Aug 16, 1899


Hamilton, Ida

Sept 3, 1864-Feb 14, 1924

Daughter of Cicero & Sarah Hamilton

Hamilton, Sarah


“Mother”; Wife of Cicero Hamilton

Hamilton, Willard

Dec 3, 1899-Dec 10, 1899


Haney, Jane E.

Mar 13, 1840(calc)-Nov 30, 1894

aged 54y, 8m, 17d; Wife of W. J. Haney

Haney, Mary

Feb 3,1803(calc) - Oct 11, 1888

Wife of Alexander Haney

Haney, Joseph W.

June 3, 1832(calc) - Mar 27, 1899

Aged 66 y, 9m, 24d; Husband of Jane E. Haney;

Pvt 26 Regiment, Iowa Infantry; Union Army-Civil War; film roll M541 Roll 11;

Gravestone shows W. J. Haney; Civil War registration has Joseph W. Haney

Hanson, Bernice A.

Mar 6, 1914-May 31, 2005

Wife of Erling H. Hanson

Hanson, Dale Eugene

Aug 16, 1926 – Mar 23, 2014

Husband of Margaret A. Hanson; Son of Lawrence & Lucille Hanson;

 US ARMY – Japan - WWII

Hanson, Erling H.

Sept 9, 1914-July 27, 2005

Husband of Bernice A. Hanson; U.S. Army- WWII

Hanson, Gasper M.

Dec 28, 1898-June 13, 1981

Husband of Martha Hanson

Hanson, Herman

Apr 4, 1904-Jan 1973


Hanson, Theodore Lawrence

Dec 28, 1897-Feb 1970

“Lawrence”; Husband of Lucille Hanson

Hanson, Neva Lucille (Philp)

June 16, 1902-June 1, 1993

“Lucille”; Wife of Lawrence Hanson; Daughter of James & Wilhelmina (Snyder) Philip

Hanson, Margaret Ann (Hill)

Feb 1, 1931-Aug 17, 2009

Wife of Dale Hanson; Daughter of Cecil & Flo Hill; Parents of Sheri, Dalene and Ken

Hanson, Martha

Feb 6, 1905-Dec 15, 1995

Wife of Gasper M. Hanson

Hanson, Uva A.

July 12, 1918-Nov 20, 2006


Hanson, William “Mervin”

Sept 8, 1923-July 13, 2009

Cremated; Son of Lawrence & Lucille Hanson; US Army

Hansson, Adolph


North side of family headstone; Son of Sven & Matilda Hansson

Hansson, Birtha A.


North side of family headstone; Daughter of Sven & Matilda Hansson

Hansson, Hans


South side of family headstone; Son of Sven & Matilda Hansson

Hansson, Marey


South  side of family headstone; Daughter of Sven & Matilda Hansson

Hansson, Matilda


Wife of Sven Hansson

Hansson, Sven


Husband of Matilda Hansson

Hartsell, Bessie

Sept 31, 1881(calc)-Oct 6, 1881

aged 1 week; Daughter of G.W. & L.M. Hartsell

Harvey, Marie


Wife of William H. Harvey; RNA marker

Harvey, William Henry

May 8, 1874-Feb 12, 1924

Husband of Marie Harvey; son of James E & Melissa J Harvey;

WWI Veteran - FHL# 1643090

Hays, Robert

July 25, 1931-Dec 10, 1931

Son of Mignonne Hamilton Grovier

Hearshman, George H.


marker flush with ground

Henderson, Michael Eugene

Sept 21, 1946-Oct 24, 2005

Father of Brett, Scott, Chris

Henderson, Nilva Jean   (Riley)

Sept 13, 1923 – Mar 11, 2015

Wife of William V. Henderson; US Navy - WWII

Henderson, William Owen


Son of William & Nilva Jean Henderson; Grandson of Pearl Riley Knight

Henderson, William Vernon

Feb 17, 1920-July 3, 2010

Husband of Nilva Jean Henderson; Married Nov 18, 1944;

 Parents of Ann, Billie, William Owen; SKD1-US Navy; WWII

Hendrickson, Lila Dell (Kent)

Jan 26, 1906-Feb 28, 1966

Wife of Marion Hendrickson; Daughter of US Grant & Minnie D. Kent

Hendrickson, Marion Willard

Jan 22, 1901-Feb 1983

Husband of Lila Hendrickson

Hill, Albert S.

1904-Aug 11, 1933

Husband of Mabel G. Hill

Hill, Annie Jorgena  (Satre)

Sept 23, 1880-Dec 14, 1964

Wife of Morgan A. Hill; Daughter of Ole & Gertrude Satre

Hill, Betty Jean (Fredericksen)

Dec , 1924-Aug 19, 1992

Wife of James K. Hill, II; Daughter of Christian & Caroline Fredericksen; Parents of James, Jeffery, Lila Jane

Hill, Fern Vivian


Daughter of  Morgan A. & Annie J. Hill

Hill, Florence M.

Oct 26, 1909-Mar 11, 2008

Wife of Idres M. Hill; Parents of Patricia, Kent, Kay, Jacqueline, Karla, Karma

Hill, Idres M.

Aug 25, 1912-Aug 10, 2006

Husband of Florence M. Hill; son of Morgan A. & Annie J. Hill

Hill, James Kenneth, III


Husband of Lillian L. Hill; Parents of Lisa, Kenneth, Kristan J. Clayton

Hill, James Kenneth, II

Aug 2, 1923-July 10, 1991

Husband of Betty J. Hill; Son of James Kenneth & Lila Mae (Neel) Hill;

U.S. Army Air Corps - WWII

Hill, Lillian L.


Cremated; Wife of James K Hill, III

Hill, Mabel G.  (Tungesvik)

Apr 10, 1906-Aug 1981

Wife of Albert S. Hill; Daughter of Osmund & Andrine Tungesvik

Hill, Morgan A.


Husband of Annie J. Hill

Hinds, Doris


Daughter of Glenn F. & Lucy A. Hinds

Hinds, Glenn F.

Feb 6, 1894-July 1972

Husband of Lucy A. Hinds

Hinds, Lucy A.


Wife of Glenn F. Hinds; Parents of Doris, Loren, & Maurice

Hove, Charles E.

Apr 5, 1927-Jun 16, 2004

Husband of Doris C. Hove; Son of Amil & Gertrude Hove; Parents of Susan & David; US Army- Korean War (1953-1955)

Hove, Doris C.

Mar 2, 1935-Dec 14, 1989

Wife of Charles E. Hove

Hove, E. Marie



Hove, Edd M.


“Father”; Husband of Hulda E. Hove; Individual stones face east at foot of lot

Hove, Edith M.  (Meyer)

Jan 14, 1895-July 9, 1974

Wife of Martin M. Hove; Daughter of Fred & Anna Ginder Meyer

Hove, Emily


“Mother”; Wife of Peter Hove

Hove, Erwin H.

Jun 14, 1913-Oct 22, 1986

Husband of Eva (Peggy) M. Hove; Son of Edd & Hulda Hove; WWII Veteran- Air Force

Hove, Eva M.

Apr 17, 1912-Dec 7, 2000

“Peggy”; Wife of Erwin H. Hove; Married Dec 23, 1944

Hove, Florence Gertrude (Miller)

June 6, 1887-Oct 6, 1957

“Mother”; Wife of Peter M. Hove; Daughter of Peter & Mary Christine Miller

Hove, Gordon

July 10, 1931-Nov 11, 2010

Wife of Lois Hove; Son of Amil and Gertrude Hove; Married Nov 21, 1953;

Parents of Gary and Randy; Korean War Veteran

Hove, Henry M.

Mar 5, 1883-May 1975

Crowded onto south side of lot

Hove, Hulda E. (Erickson)

Dec 12, 1884-Aug 9, 1981

“Mother”;Wife of Edd M. Hove; Daughter of Axel & Engleborg Erickson

Hove, Leo Adolph

Feb 6, 1917-Jan 10, 1996

Husband of Lois M. Hove; Son of Peter & Bertha Hove

Hove, Lillian ‘Levona’

Jan 14, 1918-May 27, 1952

Daughter of Edd M. & Hulda E. Hove, Women’s Air Force (Waves)

Hove, Lois M. (Snyder)

Nov 29, 1921-Mar 18, 2008

Wife of Leo A. Hove

Hove, M. Loreen

Feb 7, 1916-Dec 1995

Wife of Melvin A. Hove; “Minnie Loreen”; Parents of Richard B. Sandra K. & Melva J.

Hove, Martin M.

July 4, 1875-Sept 17, 1953

Husband of Edith M. Hove; Son of Mons P. & Anna Hove

Hove, Meflord Arnold

Sept 18, 1915-May 25,1987

Husband of LaVonne H. Hove; Married Sept 18, 1940; Son of Peter & Florence Hove; Iowa National Guard; Parents of Helen, Mary, Paul, Harold Jr., Roger

Hove, Melvin A.

Aug 21, 1911-Aug 19, 1992

Husband of M. Loreen Hove; Son of Eddie & Hulda Hove;

US Navy-WWII Veteran; Highway Patrol marker

Hove, Peter


“Father”; Husband of Emily Hove; Family stone 6’ east of individual markers

Hove, Peter M.


“Father”; Husband of Florence G. Hove

Hove, Richard B.

Jan 30, 1934-June 1976

Son of Melvin & Loreen Hove; PFC U.S. Army, Korea War Veteran

Hove, Velma Ruth


Daughter of Martin M.& Edith M. Hove




Iverson, Agnes Marie  (Sandall).

Feb 20, 1885-Feb 21, 1973

Wife of John E. Iverson; “Mother”

Iverson, John E.

July 31, 1877-July 1976

Husband of Agnes M. Iverson; “Father”; Son of Einar & Sigrud Iverson




Jackson, Anna



Jackson, Jacob


“Father”; Husband of Martha Jackson

Jackson, Joseph


“Joe”; Brother of Mattie Knight

Jackson, Martha


“Mother”; Wife of Jacob Jackson

Jackson, Simon J.

Oct 21, 1890-Apr 26, 1891

aged 6m, 5d; Infant son of J.C. & A.D. Jackson

Jacobson, Albert


Husband of Kate Jacobson

Jacobson, Annie


Wife of John Jacobson

Jacobson, Henry


Husband of Olive Jacson

Jacobson, John


Husband of Annie Jacobson

Jacobson, Kate


Wife of Albert Jacobson

Jacobson, Olive


Wife of Henry Jacobson

Jacobson, Wilmer


Son of Henry & Olive Jacobson

Jans, Lorraine E. (Law)

Nov 13, 1927-Apr 13, 1996

Wife of Richard Jans; Parents of Dale & David

Jans, Richard John

Aug 29, 1925-Dec 25, 1991

Husband of Lorraine Jans; Married Feb 25, 1951

Jenkins, Agnes E.


Wife of Oscar F. Jenkins

Jenkins, Bertha



Jenkins, Derrel



Jenkins, Esther D.

Aug 20, 1896-Mar 1986

Wife of Oscar F. Jenkins

Jenkins, Oscar F.


Husband of Esther D. Jenkins and Agnes E. Jenkins

Johnson, Darlyn Faye

Nov 9, 1920-Jan 12, 1921

Infant daughter of Lewis E & Emma F. Johnson

Johnson, Emma Faye


Headstone says “Erma”, Wife of Lewis E. Kepler; Daughter of William B. & Ella Kepler

Johnson, Eugene Arnold

Sept, 20, 1930-Feb 13, 1982

Husband of Wilma Johnson; Son of Orvie & Jeanette Johnson; US Air Force-Korean War

Johnson, Jeanette (Okland)

Aug 6, 1911-Oct 18, 2005

Wife of Orvie H. Johnson

Johnson, Lewis Edward

Sept 10, 1891-1976

Husband of Emma F. Kepler; WWI veteran

Johnson, Michael O’Dean

Dec 6, 1952-Dec 6, 1952

Infant son of Orvie & Jeanette Johnson; “Our infant son”

Johnson, Orvie Harris

Feb 8, 1906-Aug 8, 1990

Husband of Jeanette Johnson; Son of Malchi & Martha Johnson; Parents of Eugene, Beverly, Dan, Bonnie, Michael

Johnson, Wilma

Jun 29, 1937-Dec 4, 2003

Wife of Eugene A. Johnson

Johnston, Ellen L.

Jan 28, 1851-Sept 22, 1939

Wife of James A. Johnston; “Ella”

Johnston, James A.

July 29, 1849-Apr 28, 1941

Husband of Ellen L. Johnston

Johnston, Oscar J.


aged 12days; Son of James A. & Ellen L. Johnston

Jones, Edmund Westley

Oct 31, 1865(calc)-Feb 21, 1880

aged 14y, 3m, 21d; Son of John & Melvina Jones

Jones, Gertie Blanch

Aug 28, 1886(calc)-Mar 30, 1887

aged 7m, 2d; Daughter of John & Melvina Jones

Jones, Melvina R.   (Horseman)

May 28, 1846(calc)-Jan 17, 1888

aged 41, 7m, 20d; Wife of John Jones




Kauffman, Beulah M.

Aug 20, 1916-July 23, 1918


Kauffman, Nellie A.

Oct 12, 1890-June 1973

Wife of Ralph A. Kauffman

Kauffman, Ralph A.


Husband of Nellie A. Kauffman

Kent, Alvin Lloyd


Son of U.S. Grant & Minnie D. Kent

Kent, Eva Madge


Daughter of U.S. Grant & Minnie D. Kent

Kent, Minnie Dell


Wife of U.S. Grant Kent

Kent, U. S. Grant


Husband of Minnie Kent

Kepler, Adam


Husband of Elizabeth Kepler

Kepler, Alfred

Apr 20, 1839-Mar 1902

Husband of Eliza A. Kepler; Pvt-9th Iowa Calvary; Union Army-Civil War

Gravestone shows Alfred Kepler; Civil War registration has William A. Kepler;

Kepler, Belle


“Mother;  Wife of G.F. Kepler

Kepler, Edward

June 9, 1871(calc)-Oct 31, 1893

aged 22y, 8m, 5d; Son of Alfred & Eliza Kepler;

name engraved on back of parents stone and also individual stone

Kepler, Eliza A.


Wife of Alfred Kepler; daughter of Isaac & Eleanor Durrani

Kepler, Elizabeth (Myres)

Nov 19, 1831-June 16, 1917

Wife of Adam Kepler; Daughter of John Myers

Kepler, G. F.


“Father”; Husband of Belle Kepler

Kepler, Harold A.

Mar 1, 1907-Mar 8, 1907

Infant son of G.F. & Belle Kepler

Kepler, Ida E.

Sept 21, 1868-June 5, 1892

aged 23d, 8m, 15d; daughter of Alfred & Eliza Kepler;

name engraved on back of parents stone and also individual stone

Kepler, Luella Barbara

 Oct 1875-Feb 1, 1907

“Mother”; “Ella”; 1st wife of William B. Kepler (Mar 11, 1895);

Daughter of David & Eliza McFarland

Kepler, Mae I. (Bute)


“Mother”; Wife of Otis W. Kepler

Kepler, Mattie (Johnston)

Dec 21, 1874-Apr 1, 1957

2nd wife of William B. Kepler (May 3, 1914); Dau of James A. & Ellen Johnston

Kepler, Nina O.


Daughter of G.F. & Belle Kepler

Kepler, Otis W.


“Father”; Husband of Mae I.  Kepler; Son of Adam & Elizabeth Kepler

Kepler, William Burton

Jan 31, 1873-Apr 16, 1935

 “Father”; Husband of Ella Kepler, Mattie Kepler; Son of Alfred & Eliza Kepler

Kern, Joe

Apr 13, 1898-Jan 1986

Husband of Mary E. Kern

Kern, Mary E.

Jan 28, 1927-Apr 16, 1994

Wife of Joe Kern

Kilmer, William L.

Jan 6, 1956-Apr 14, 2009

Husband of Lisa Kilmer

Knight, Alma L.


“Mother”; Wife of Dannie R. Knight

Knight, Daniel J.


Husband of Martha Knight

Knight, Dannie R.


“Father”; Husband of Alma L. Knight; Family stone 6’ east of  individual markers

Knight, Esther A.

Jan 23, 1894-Apr 1979

Wife of Eugene Knight

Knight, Eugene


Husband of Esther A. Knight

Knight, James H.

Sept 14, 1879-May 1978

Husband of Mattie Knight

Knight, Martha


Wife of Daniel J. Knight

Knight, Mattie

Jul 16, 1881-Dec 1982

Wife of James H. Knight

Knight, Pearl Riley

Dec 4, 1896-Feb 2, 1995

“Mother”; Wife of R.H. Knight




Lavine, Anna M.

Nov 2, 1860-Apr 3, 1911

Wife of August J. Lavine

Lavine, August J.

Sept 28, 1857-Jan 3, 1924

Husband of Anna M. Lavine

Lewison, Bertha C.


Wife of Lewis Lewison

Linn, Ruth M. (Saddler)

Jun 3, 1910-Nov 27, 1999

Wife of Steve R. Linn; Daughter of Peter & Myrta Saddler

Linn, Steve R.

May 9, 1909-Oct 24, 1957

Husband of Ruth M. Linn; Parents of Mike; WW Veteran

Long, Dale Leon


Infant son of Fred A. & Mabelle R. Long

Long, Mabelle Ruth

Apr 24, 1901-Oct 20, 1982

Wife of Fred A. Long; Daughter of John A. & Amanda Fosberg; RNA marker

Lundquist, Conrad E.

Sept 25, 1908-Nov 8, 1996

Husband of Marvel G. Lundquist

Lundquist, Marvel G.

Mar 24, 1909-Oct 8, 2007

Wife of Conrad E. Lundquist

Lybarger, Pauline Kay

Dec 28, 1944-Jan 1978

Wife of David Lybarger; Daughter of Paul & Esther Muessigmann




Madsen, Garry T.


Buried in same space with Joan Madsen

Madsen, Joan


Buried in same space with Gerry T. Madsen

Malmberg, Albert William

Jan 8, 1891-Dec 6, 1918

Pvt. 16th Infantry I Div; WWI veteran

Malmberg, Alice


Wife of Arthur Malmberg

Malmberg, Arthur


Husband of Alice Malmberg

Malmberg, Elmer T.

Aug 15, 1902-July 10, 1949

Husband of Mary E. Malmberg

Malmberg, Israel


Husband of Johanna Malmberg

Malmberg, Jean Jane


Infant daughter of Arthur & Alice Malmberg

Malmberg, Joan


Infant daughter of Arthur & Alice Malmberg

Malmberg, Johanna


Wife of Israel Malmberg

Malmberg, John H.

Jan 20, 1862-Mar 21, 1910

Husband of Mathilda Malmberg

Malmberg, Mary E.

Oct 5, 1906-Jan 18, 1994

Wife of Elmer T. Malmberg

Malmberg, Mathilda

Apr 27, 1862-Aug 19, 1927

Wife of John H. Malmberg

Malmberg, Peggy L.



Manley, Alta B.


Wife of Chester D. Manley

Manley, Chester D.


Husband of Alta B. Manley

McCollough, Jeanie M.

Apr 19, 1954-Nov 5, 2002

Wife of James B. McCollough; Married May 26, 1990; Parents of Justin and Fallon

McDougall, Dennis Morgan

July 9, 1947-June 25, 2011

Husband of Bonnie Jean McDougall

Mechem, Mary Ann (Parker)


Space 4 ½; Mother of David Dean and Sue Ann

Metcalf, Elizabeth H.

Dec 25, 1842-Jan 6, 1888

“Mother”;  Wife of John H. Metcalf

Metcalf, John H.

Sept 20, 1829-Nov 15, 1905

“Father”; Husband of Elizabeth H. Metcalf

Meyer, Eugene H.

Jan 12, 1898-Jun 1982

Husband of Ione Meyer

Meyer, Gaylord E.

Sept 12,1923-Sept 30, 1923

Son of Eugene H. & Ione M. Meyer

Meyer, Ione M.

Oct 29, 1901-Dec 21,1996

Wife of Eugene H. Meyer

Miller, Aggnes L.

Sept 30, 1883(calc)-May 2, 1891

aged 7y, 7m, 2d; Daughter  of J.M. & M.E. Miller; South side of gravestone;

 On East side of stone engraved “Children of J.M. & M.E. Miller; (very faded)

Miller, Albert Wilson


“Father”; Husband of Eunice Miller

Miller, Arnold Bernard

Sept 3, 1916-July 12, 1989

Husband of Myrtle Miller; Son of Magnus & Ellen (Wike) Miller

Miller, Eunice Bute

Aug 12, 1892-May 1977

“Mother”; Wife of Albert W. Miller

Miller, George C.

July 29, 1888(calc)-Apr 30, 1891

aged 2y, 9m, 1d; Son of J.M. & M.E. Miller; North side of gravestone;

On East side of stone engraved “Children of J.M. & M.E. Miller; (very faded)

Miller, Lillian (Dagny-Selheim)

May 23, 1916-Jan 16, 2001

Sister of Dorothea Stark

Miller, Myrtle A.   (Oakland)

Nov 9, 1922-June 16, 2011

Wife of Arnold B. Miller; Parents of Ronald, Dennis, Janet; Dau of John & Hannah Oakland

Miller, Patricia Sue


Daughter of Albert & Eunice Bute-family all on one marker

Morrill, Benjamin F.



Morris, Anna

April 11, 1832-Jan 13, 1901

Wife of Michael Morris

Morris, infant

Feb 1903-Mar 22, 1903

aged 28d; Infant son of I.A. & M.M. Morris

Morris, Michael

June 10, 1832-Sept 26, 1907

Husband of Anna Morris

Muessigmann, Esther Louise

Sept 4, 1921-Jan 14, 1993

Wife of Paul M. Muessigmann

Muessigmann, Richard

Feb 17, 1940 – Apr 25, 2014

Husband of Rose Muessigmann; son of Paul & Esther Muessigmann;

 US Army – Vietnam War

Muessigmann, Paul M.

Feb 17, 1918-Jan 17, 1976

Husband of Esther Louise Muessigmann; Son of Henry & Mary Muessigmann

Munsinger, Delbert Wayne


Son of James A. & Lettie Munsinger

Munsinger, Ethel M.

Feb 6, 1923-Sept 15, 1996

Wife of Marvin L. Munsinger

Munsinger, James Aurthur Burdell

Jun 18, 1891-Dec 11, 1991

Husband of Lettie Munsinger; Son of Burdell & Charlotte Munsinger;

US Army-WWI; FHL# 1675688

Munsinger, Lettie


Wife of James A. Munsinger; RNA marker

Munsinger, Marvin L.

Nov 12, 1923-Mar 8, 1994

Husband of Ethel M. Munsinger;  US Army, WWII




Nelson, B. Lillian

Aug 18, 1899-Aug 1980

Daughter of Olaf and Hilda Nelson

Nelson, Clara Mae (Shatava)

Jan 23, 1900-Jan 17, 1986

Wife of Palmer O. Nelson

Nelson, Florence


Daughter of George A & Maude A. Nelson

Nelson, George A.


“Father”; Husband of Maude A. Nelson; also has individual stone;

Family stone 6’ east of individual markers

Nelson, Hilda (Hanson)


“Mother”; Wife of Olof Nelson

Nelson, Hilma Evelyn


Daughter of Olaf and Hilda Nelson

Nelson, infant daughter


Infant daughter of Olaf and Hilda Nelson

Nelson, Inga


Wife of Swan Nelson

Nelson, Inger B.


Wife on Nels Herman Nelson; Parents of Roger D. Nelson

Nelson, Maude A. (Sandahl)


“Mother”; Wife of George A. Nelson; also individual stone; dau of Oscar C. & Anna Sandahl

Nelson, Nels Herman

Jan 20, 1895-Feb 3, 1957

“Herman”; Husband of Inger B. Nelson; Son of Olaf and Hilda Nelson;

WW1 Veteran; FHL# 1643090

Nelson, Olof


“Father”; Husband of Hilda Nelson;

Parents of Nels H, Palmer O, Clarence , B. Lillian, Alice, Mrs. Lyle Nelson

Nelson, Palmer Olof

Aug 7, 1913-Feb 13, 1986

Husband of Clara Mae Nelson; Son of Olaf and Hilda Nelson

Nelson, Swan


Husband of Inga Nelson

Nickeson, Julia Ann

June 1828 (calc)-June 2, 1877

aged 49y; Wife of Ransom Nickeson

Nickeson, Richard Every

Jun 22, 1834-May 3, 1880

aged 45y,10m, 11d; younger brother of Ransom Nickeson; Stone says Nickerson

Norris, Joshua Daniel

Feb 7, 1975-Dec 08, 2002


Northrop, Eugene E.

Oct 1, 1933-Jul 23, 2000

Husband of Arlene R. Northrop; Married Sept 4, 1953;

Parents of Jeanie, Gary, Judy and Tom

Nortnass, Karal J.

July 14, 1891(calc)-Apr 12, 1895

aged 3y, 8m, 19d; Son of C.A.N & N. Nortnass




Ober, Clarence M.

July 21, 1918-May 5, 2002

“Bud”; Husband of  Frances L. Ober; 2nd marriage to Jean Pearson; Son of Carl & Nellie (Kent) Ober; US Army Staff Sargent-WWII-South Pacific

Ober, Frances L. (Jacobson)


Wife of Clarence M. Ober; Parents of Steve, Jerry, Janice

Ochs, Martha

Sept 6, 1918 – Apr 24, 2011

Wife of Raymond E. Ochs; parents of Peggy, Ed, and Kay

Ochs, Raymond E.

Feb 17, 1919 – June 25, 2014

Husband of Martha Ochs

Oliver, Naomi G. (Hall)

Mar 2, 1959-Mar 22, 2006

Daughter of Pastor Enoch & Grace Hall

Olsson, Anna Matilda (Sandal)


Wife of Martin Olsson

Olsson, Frances Mae


Infant daughter of Martin & Anna M Olsson

Olsson, Martin


Husband of Anna M. Olsson; son of Mr. & Mrs. Swan Olsson

Olsson, Swan

May 13, 1842(calc)-Mar 31, 1902

aged 59y, 10m, 18d; Husband of Bertha Olsson

Olthoff, Robert

Apr 14, 1929-Dec 15, 2012

Husband of Mary Olthoff




Parker, Clara Durgess


Wife of Ray W. Parker

Parker, Emma E.


“Mother”; Wife of Ned A. Parker

Parker, Gertrude M.  (Gumtau)

Oct 4, 1904-Dec 31, 2008

Wife of William D. Parker

Parker, Harry E.

May 19, 1883-Sept 17, 1885

Son of  Robert J. & Lucinda J. Parker

Parker, Lucinda J.

Jan 26, 1826-Feb 3, 1905

Wife of Robert J. Parker

Parker, Lucy J.


Name is the only engraving on stone; No dates

Parker, Ned A.


“Father”; Husband of Emma E. Parker

Parker, Ray W.


Husband of Clara D. Parker

Parker, Robert Emerson

Apr 20, 1927-June 16, 1985

Husband of Darlene S. Parker; Son of William & Gertrude Parker; US Army-WWII

Parker, Robert J.

Feb 14, 1822-Apr 4, 1897

Husband of Lucinda J. Parker

Parker, Roberta Lynn

1954-Aug 24, 1958

“Our Bobbie”; dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Parker; gr-daughter of Bill & Gertrude Parker

Parker, William Dean

Oct 9, 1902-Dec 15, 1969

Husband of Gertrude M. Parker; son of Ray W. & Clara D. Parker

Parker, William Dean, Jr.


Infant son of William Dean & Gertrude Parker

Petersen, Della (Hamilton)

1894-June 15, 1957

Wife of Donald Petersen

Peterson, Alfred


“Father”; Husband of Matilda Clara Peterson; lot marked by 4 “P” posts

Peterson, Amanda



Peterson, Andrew


Husband of Mrs. Andres Peterson; “Father”

Peterson, Andrew P.


“Father”; Husband of Jennie Peterson

Peterson, Anna M.


Wife of Carl A. Peterson

Peterson, Archie Raymond

Mar 5, 1899-Sept 16, 1963

Husband of Claire Peterson; son of Andrew P. & Jennie Peterson

Peterson, Carl A.


Husband of Anna M. Peterson

Peterson, Claire (Groves)


Wife of Archie Peterson

Peterson, Clara


Wife of Otto Peterson

Peterson, Clara Matilda


“Mother”; Wife of Alfred Peterson

Peterson, Craig E.

Oct 14, 1961-Oct 14, 1961

Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. G.E. Peterson

Peterson, Edward D.


Son of Alfred & Matilda C. Peterson

Peterson, Emil E.


Husband of Esther M. Peterson

Peterson, Ernest

July 7, 1895-July 7, 1895

Infant son of Emil E. & Esther M Peterson

Peterson, Esther M.


Wife of Emil E. Peterson

Peterson, Janice K.

Nov 8, 1940-Apr 12, 2002

Wife of Geryle E. Peterson; Daughter of Bob and Lil Gumtau

Peterson, Jennie


“Mother”; Wife of Andrew P. Peterson

Peterson, LeRoy


Son of Carl A. & Anna M. Peterson

Peterson, Lloyd

Oct 28, 1900-Dec 1974

Husband of Martha C. Peterson; Parents of Mary and James

Peterson, Louis


“Father”; Husband of Marie Peterson

Peterson, Marie


“Mother”; Wife of Louis Peterson

Peterson, Martha C.

Jan 8, 1907-Jan 15, 2005

Wife of Lloyd Peterson

Peterson, Mrs. Andrew


Wife of Andres Peterson; “Mother”

Peterson, Otto


Husband of Clara Peterson

Peterson, Theodore M.

Nov 16, 1899-Sept 21, 1901

Infant son of L. & M. Peterson

Peterson, Thorvald E.


Infant son of L. & M. Peterson

Philp, Floyd L.

Mar 29, 1895-Feb 20, 1903

Son of James S. & Mina Philp

Philp, Infant Daughter

July 14, 1907-July 14, 1907

Infant daughter of James S. & Mina Philp

Philp, James S.


“Father”; Husband of Mina Philp

Philp, Mina


“Mother”; Wife of James S. Philp

Pierce, Evelyn Louise   (Sandal)

June 11, 1919 – Sept 20, 2015

Wife of Merrill Pierce; Daughter of Martin & Alice Sandal; parents of Karen, Charles




Quick, Anna May  (Keefer)

1882-July 22, 1938

Wife of Thomas H. Quick

Quick, Thomas H.

Apr 28, 1883-Oct 4, 1957

Husband of Anna May Quick




Range, Gaile Suzanne

Oct 9, 1971-Sept 19, 1989

Daughter of Duane H. & Carole (VanDePol) Range; Granddaughter of Dennis L. & Darlene C. VanDePol

Range, Henry J.

May 27, 1902-Sept 1975

Husband of Lucille G. Range

Range, Lucille G.  (Fessenden)

Feb 12, 1912-June 1979

Wife of Henry J. Range; daughter of Charles & Cora Fessenden

Range, Luverne Carl

May 31, 1946-June 7, 2010

Husband of Phyllis Range; US Army-Korea

Read, George T.


“Father”; Husband of Mary Ann Read

Read, Harry A.

Apr 22, 1895-Apr 25, 1971

Husband of Hazel E. Read;  Son of George & Mary Ann Read

Read, Hazel Elizabeth  (Snyder)

Aug 27, 1895-June 1978

Wife of Harry A. Read;  Daughter of J. E. & Cora (Kepler) Snyder

Read, Jack

May 22, 1932-Dec 22,2012

Husband of Sherri Read; US Army-Korea

Read, Lucille

June 20, 1891-Mar 4, 1895

Aged 3y, 8m, 28d

Read, Mary Ann


“Mother”; Wife of George T. Read

Redic, Emmet Cecil

Feb 3, 1895-Jan 9, 1955

Husband of Leora F. Redic; Son of Joe & Belle Redic; WWI Veteran

Redic, Leora Frances (Philp)

May 27, 1903-Jan 3, 1996

Wife of Emmet Cecil Redic; Daughter of George & Jessie Philp

Rehnblom, Andrew


Husband of Charlotta Rehnblom

Rehnblom, Bertha


“Mother”; Wife of Eric Rehnbom

Rehnblom, Charlotta M.


Wife of Andrew Rehnblom

Rehnblom, Eric


“Father”; Husband of Bertha Rehnblom

Rehnblom, Herbert E.



Rethman, Alma Marie   (Hove)

May 6, 1914-Oct 11, 1990

Wife of Oliver Rethman; Daughter of Peter & Florence Hove

Rethman, Oliver


Husband of Alma Rethman; Parents of Randall and Marlys

Ridge, Wilma E.   (Knight)

Sept 24, 1906-June 1982

Wife of Charles E. Ridge; Daughter of James H. & Mattie Knight

Riley, Emma S



Riley, H. E. Riley


“Father”; Husband of Mary Riley

Riley, Mary


“Mother”; Wife of H. E. Riley

Riley, R. H.


“Father”; Husband of Pearl Riley Knight

Riley, Raymond E.



Ringheim, Brita

Mar 25, 1843-Jan 6, 1924

“Bertha”; Wife of Martin Ringheim; Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. J. Granville

Ristrim, Bessie Iowa (Wilbur)

Oct 19, 1873-July 5, 1924

Wife of Frank Edward Ristrim

Ristrim, Frank Edward

1894-May 17, 1923

Husband of Bessie I. Ristrim

Ritter, Elizabeth


Wife of Samuel Ritter

Ritter, Samuel A.


Husband of Elizabeth Ritter

Runkle, Fred C.


“Daddy”; Husband of Mabel M. Runkle

Runkle, Frederic Clare

Jan 21, 1908-Mar 15, 1908

Infant son of Fred C. & Mabel M. Runkle

Runkle, Mabel M.

Apr 22, 1883-Nov 1968

“Mother”; Wife of Fred C. Runkle

Runkle, Maxine G.


Infant daughter of Fred C. & Mabel M. Runkle







Saddler, Myrta I.

1881-Oct 10, 1960

Wife of Peter A. Saddler

Saddler, Peter A.


Husband of Myrta I. Saddler

Samuelson, William J.

Aug 13, 1913-Oct 1985

Husband of Laura Samuelson; parents of David and Dennis

Samuelson, Laura Ruth  (Sundell)

Apr 7, 1911 – Oct 11, 2014

Wife of William J. Samuelson; Daughter of Albert & Julia Sundell;

Sandahl, Carl A.

Jun 5, 1881-Aug 24, 1882

Son of G. Oscar &Anna Sandal (stone says Sandahl)

Sandal, Alice


“Mother”; Wife of Martin A. Sandal

Sandal, Anna


Wife of Oscar Sandal

Sandal, August



Sandal, C. Oscar


Husband of Anna Sandal

Sandal, Martin A.


“Father”; Husband of Alice Sandal

Sandegren, Esther L.

Jan 5, 1898-Jan 1987

Wife of Rudolph E. Sandegren

Sandegren, Richard E.

Feb 2, 1933-Dec 14, 1996

Husband of Billie Jeane Sandegren; Korean War Veteran

Sandegren, Rudolph Eric

Aug 15, 1898-July 18, 1988

Husband of Esther L. Sandegren; WWI

Satre, Amel G.



Satre, Hannah  (West)



Satre, Imbert S.

Feb 26, 1887-Nov 1971

Husband of Rhea V. Satre; date of death  not filled in on stone

Satre, Marie L.



Satre, Rhea V.


Wife of Imbert S. Satre

Schmidt, A. Kathrina



Schmidt, Carl Thomas

May 18, 1913-June 27, 1984

Husband of Alice D. Schmidt; Son of C.F.& Sarah Schmidt;  US Army Air Force-WWII

Schmidt, Clare Dale

Mar 16, 1908-Oct 24, 1973

Husband of Florence L. Schmidt; Son of C.F. & Sarah Schmidt;  US Army-WWII

Schmidt, Enno R.



Schmidt, Florence L.

June 4, 1911-Mar 1986

“Flossie”; Daughter of C.F. & Sarah (McLeod) Schmidt; Marker only-no burial

Scott, Chelsea G.

Aug 20, 1885-Apr 2, 1969

Husband of Golda (Snyder Olofson) Scott; Son of John &Millie Scott

Sebring, Marlene J. (Branch)

Jun 13, 1936-Jan 31, 2006

Wife of LeRoy W. Sebring

Selheim, Klaus L.

Aug 11, 1888-Nov 11, 1962

“Father”; Husband of Synnove M. Selheim;

Family stone is a large metal planter marked Selheim at foot of  lot

Selheim, Synnove M.

Oct 9, 1887-July 22, 1935

“Mother”; Wife of Klaus L. Selheim

Sharp, Henry Earl

July 7, 1920-Apr 19, 2001

Husband of Miriam A. Sharp; Son of Rudolph & Katie Sharp;

US Army-Staff Sergeant-WWII

Sharp, Miriam Ann

Aug 1, 1924-Jan 11, 2011

Wife of Henry E. Sharp; 2nd marriage to Bernie Kadolph

Sigler, Walter A.


“Uncle” of Lil Gumtau

Sneesby, Hattie L.

Dec 26, 1870-Nov 16, 1876

aged 5y, 10m, 21d; Daughter of James & Mary Sneesby

Sneesby, James

Feb 16, 1833-Oct 19, 1907

“Father”; Husband of Mary Sneesby

Sneesby, Mary

May 16, 1836-Nov 12, 1899

“Mother”; Wife of James Sneesby

Sneesby, Oliver E.



Snyder, Abraham G.

Dec 8, 1836(calc)-May 16, 1887

Husband of Matilda Snyder; aged 50y, 5m, 3d;

Civil War Veteran-Union Regiment-PA; Corporal File Number: M554  roll 115

Snyder, Andrew


Husband of Emma Mae (Kepler) Snyder

Snyder, Bessie M.


Wife of William B. Snyder

Snyder, Clara C.  (Berglund)

July 24, 1904-Sept 15, 1961

Wife of Elmer L. Snyder; Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lars Berglund

Snyder, Clara C.

1898-Dec 3, 1965

Wife of Harold L. Snyder

Snyder, Cora Jane (Kepler)

Nov 7, 1871-Feb 10, 1921

Wife of John Edward Snyder; Daughter of Adam and Elizabeth Kepler

Snyder, Elmer Leland

Feb 2, 1903-Jan 13, 1990

Husband of Clara Snyder; Son of Andrew & Emma Snyder

Snyder, Emma Mae  (Kepler)

Apr 10, 1876-Nov 20, 1948

Wife of Andrew Snyder; Daughter of Adam & Elizabeth Kepler

Snyder, Harold L.

Mar 29, 1901-June 15, 1968

Husband of Clara C. Snyder

Snyder, infant son


Infant son of John Edward & Cora Jane Snyder

Snyder, infant son


Infant son of J. G. & M. Snyder; broken stone - no dates

Snyder, John

Oct 1809-Oct 5, 1876

aged 67 yrs; broken marker

Snyder, John Edward

Apr 14, 1865-Nov 16, 1950

Husband of Cora Jane Snyder; Son of Abraham G. and Matilda Snyder

Snyder, Lowell Edgar

July 9, 1900-Mar 21, 1951

Son of John E. & Cora Jane Snyder

Snyder, Matilda (Spangle)

July 8, 1842-Mar 11, 1877

aged 34y, 8m, 3d; Wife of Abraham G. Snyder

Snyder, Richard Leland

July 27, 1925-Oct 8, 2010

Son of Elmer and Clara Snyder; WWII Veteran

Snyder, William B.


Husband of Bessie M. Snyder

Sogard, Irene

Nov 15, 1897-Aug 1975


Sogard, J. Edward

June  26, 1871-Nov 21, 1951

“Father”; Wife of Marie Sogard;  Large marker lists Harold M (1896-1897) and Dean T. (1902-1902) but they are not buried in Lawn Hill; 6 names total on marker

Sogard, Marie

Sept 5, 1868-Sept 25, 1940

 “Mother”; Wife of J. Edward Sogard

Solbrack, Clara A.


Daughter of Tom J. & M.C. Solbrack

Solbrack, Walter

Nov 4, 1921- Dec 31, 2003

Son of Tom J. & M.C. Solbrack; No Stone

Sorensen, Jacob


“Father”; Husband of Lula Sorensen

Sorensen, Lula (Lindmark)


“Mother”; Wife of Jacob Sorensen

Sorenson, Earl Leon

Oct 28, 1895- Dec 21, 1960

Military marker 6’ east of family stone; Iowa Co. B, 99 Div, TNG Camp-WWI

Sorenson, Minnie O.  (Neuman)

Dec 5, 1910-Sept 16, 1979

Wife of Earl Leon Sorenson

Stark, B. Dorothea  (Selheim)

Apr 23, 1911-Feb 6, 1990

“Mother”; Wife of Orlin J. Stark; Daughter of Klaus & Synnova Selheim

Stark, Bertha E.



Stark, F. M.

Oct 15, 1844-Apr 12, 1894

Husband of M. J. Stark

Stark, Guy Russell

Nov 20, 1891(calc)-Mar 6, 1894

aged 3y, 3m, 14d; Son of Simeon & Minnie Stark

Stark, Lieusetta


Engraved on the back of M.J. & F.M. Stark headstone

Stark, M. J.

May 22, 1844-Dec 29, 1926

Wife of F.M. Stark

Stark, Mildred

May 3, 1866-Nov 13, 1952

“Minnie”; Wife of Simeon Stark

Stark, Orlin J.

Aug 18, 1906-Sept 8, 1997

“Father”; Husband of B. Dorothea Stark

Stark, Samuel Jerome

June 3, 1941-Dec 18, 1948

Son Orlin J. & B. Dorothea Stark; Family stone is 6’ east of individual markers

Stark, Samuel Simeon

Dec 25, 1865-Dec 23, 1944

“Simeon”; Husband of Minnie Stark; WWI registration says the birth date is Jan 18, 1873- grave stone say Dec 25, 1865; WWI-FHL#-1643111

Stemple, G. S.


“Father”; Husband of  Mrs. G. S. Stemple

Stemple, Mrs. G. S.


“Mother”; Wife of G. S. Stemple

Stupp, Timothy Christian

Mar 22, 1974-July 18, 1992

Son of Sam & Marie Stupp; brother of Tonia, Tad, & Tom

Sullivan, Delores R.

Apr 29, 1906-Feb 28, 1997

Mother of Virginia Carlson

Swanson, Alfred F.



Swanson, Gladys M.

Aug 27, 1910-Mar 18, 1997

Wife of Oscar W. Swanson

Swanson, Oscar William

Aug 28, 1905-May 22, 1985

Husband of Gladys M. Swanson; son of August & Jennie Swanson







Taylor, Ella

Jan 30, 1862-Apr 8, 1923

Wife of Willard M. Taylor

Taylor, Minnie D. (Sneesby)

July 6, 1861-July 22, 1901

Wife of H. E. Taylor

Taylor, Willard M.

May 3, 1862-Aug 27, 1910

Husband of Ella Taylor; Reverse of Taylor stone engraved for burial of Willard & Norma Burris in Row 2, spaces 3&4

Tegels, Leonard F.

Sept 15, 1917-Mar 4, 1986

Husband of Lillian I. Tegels; Parents of LeRoy, Shirley, Laura

Teig, Emma Josephine  (West)

Sept 13, 1889-Jan 13, 1988

Wife of Martin J. Teig; Daughter of Thomas & Martha West

Teig, Franklin Wayne

Nov 4, 1924-Oct 4, 2008

Husband of Roberta V. Teig; Parents of Diane and Cindy; PFC  US Army-WWII

Teig, Martin Johannes

Mar 20, 1887-Nov 1986

Husband of Emma J. Teig; Son of Johannes & Britha Teig

Teig, Norman L.


Son of  Martin J. & Emma J. Teig

Teig, Roberta Vernell (Whalen)

Dec 8, 1927-July 3, 2013

Wife of Franklin W. Teig

Teig, Tilford John

Mar 7, 1925-Aug 10, 2013

Husband of Wilda A. Teig; Son of Martin & Emma Teig

Teig, Wendall D.


Son of  Martin J. & Emma J. Teig

Teig, Wilda A.

Feb 25, 1926-May 23, 2008

Wife of Tilford Teig; Parents of Russ, John, & Karen;  US ARMY-Nursing Cadet Corps - WWII

Telkamp, Daniel Louis

July 24, 1956-June 6, 1975

Son of Edward Jr & Elmira Telkamp; Grandson of William & Harmka Arends

Telkamp, Edward  Jr.

Mar 2, 1929 – Jan 11, 2016

“Bud”; Husband of Elmira J. Telkamp; Son of Edward H. & Anna Telkamp;

PFC US Air Force - Korea

Telkamp, Elmira June (Arends)

June 10, 1928-May 28, 2005

Wife of Edward Telkamp, Jr; parents of Cynthia, Penny, Daniel, Nicolas, Kimberly and Scott

Trees, Ralph M.


Husband of Roberta;  Pvt. US Army-WWII

Trees, Roberta Ruth

Jan 13, 1916-Aug 29, 2008

Wife of Ralph M. Trees; Married Sept 2, 1940




Ubben, Miriam A. (Hall)

Oct 14, 1956-Apr 14, 2010

Daughter of Pastor Enoch & Grace Hall

Ulrick, Beverly Linn


Aged 18 months; Granddaughter of Ed & Minnie Ulrick

Ulrick, Ed

July 4, 1881-Sept 22, 1958

Husband of Minnie W. Ulrick; Son of John & Caroline Ulrick

Ulrick, Edwin


Son of Ed & Minnie W. Ulrick

Ulrick, Minnie W.  (Peterson)


Wife of Ed Ulrick




VandePol, Darlene C.

1929-Feb 19, 1998

Wife of Dennis L. VanDePol

VandePol, Dennis L.

Aug 26, 1928-Dec 25, 1983

Husband of Darlene C. VanDePol; Sgt US Air Force-WWII

Vogelsang, Florence V. (Smith-Grimes)

Oct 22, 1899-Mar 4, 1981

“Flossie”; Wife of William Fred Vogelsang; Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Gustavis Smith; Adopted by the Grimes family

Vogelsang, William Frederick

Sept 16, 1889-May 22, 1965

Husband of Florence V. Vogelsang; Son of William & Rose Vogelsang;

 Iowa Pvt. 163 Depot Brigade-WWI




Wahman, Erma


Wife of Roy Wahman

Wahman, Bernard Le Roy

Nov 16, 1894-Aug 1966

“Roy”; Husband of Erma Wahman; WWI Veteran

Westberg, Anna L.


Daughter of L.J. & Mary C. Westberg

Westberg, Charley

Jan 12, 1869-Jan 18, 1909


Westberg, Irene

Apr 16, 1891-Feb 15, 1971

No Stone

Westberg, Louis A.


Son of L.J & Mary C. Westberg

Westberg, Mary C.

Jan 21, 1850-Jan 18, 1910


Whalen, Alice (Goodman)


“Mother”; Wife of John Whalen

Whalen, Edgar G.

Mar 13, 1898-Apr 8, 1990

Husband of Irene I. Whalen

Whalen, Irene I.

July 25, 1898-Jan 23, 1989

Wife of Edgar G. Whalen

Whalen, John


“Father”; Husband of Alice Whalen

Whalen, Nioma A.

Mar 10, 1921-May 9, 2001

Wife of Ralph Whalen; Parents of Richard & Jerold

Whalen, Ralph

Apr 12, 1921-Apr 14, 2002

Husband of Nioma A. Whalen

Wilbur, Harvey G.

Apr 19, 1835-July 1918

“Father”; lot has 4 blocks with “W” on corners

Wilbur, Hattie Louise

Feb 28, 1872- 1945

Daughter of Harvey G. Wilbur

Wilbur, Luella M.


Daughter of Harvey G. Wilbur

Wilbur, Mabelle F.


Daughter of Harvey G. Wilbur

Wilcher, John W.



Wilcher, Mary (Read)


Wife of Jas. Wilcher

Wildt, Wallace Kenneth, Sr.

July 6, 1928-Feb 3, 1990

Husband of Donna K. Wildt; Son of William & Marie (Stevens) Wildt;

WWII Veteran; Stanhope FD marker

Williams, Anna


Wife of John S. Williams

Williams, Howard O.

Mar 27, 1889(calc)-Apr 17, 1891

aged 2y, 21d; Son of John S. & Anna J. Williams

Williams, John S.


Husband of Anna Williams;  WWI Veteran

Wilson, Bert B.

July 12, 1892-June 1969

Husband of Eulia E. Wilson

Wilson, Eulia Ethel    (Scott)

Feb 5, 1885-May 1975

Wife of Bert B. Wilson

Wilson, Norris A.



Wilson, Sarah M.

June 24, 1837-Oct 1, 1919

“Mother”; Wife of W.R. Wilson

Wilson, W. R.

Mar 5, 1834-Nov 3, 1894

“Father”; Husband of Sarah M. Wilson

Wing, Alice M. (Nelson)

Nov 6, 1901-Jan 17, 2003

Wife of Jesse A. Wing; Daughter of Olof & Hilda Nelson

Wing, Clarence H.

Jan 20, 1903-Feb 1983

Husband of Helen N. Wing

Wing, Clifford B.

Feb 20, 1907-Dec 1969

Husband of Erma M. Wing

Wing, Erma M.

Dec 31, 1908-Feb 15, 1994

Wife of Clifford B. Wing

Wing, Gary Norman

June 29, 1936-Dec 9, 2010

Husband of Barbara Wing; Son of Jesse & Alice Wing; Parents of Lorrie & Ann; US Army

Wing, Helen N.

Jan 3, 1906-Apr 14, 1988

Wife of Clarence H. Wing

Wing, Jesse A.

Nov 9, 1904-June 1975

Husband of Alice M. Wing

Wininger, Harrison Alfred

Mar 22, 1889-Feb 1975

“Harry”; Husband of Rose Wininger, WWI Veteran

Wininger, Marjorie A.  (Tietjen)

Nov 26, 1929-Jan 12, 1977

Wife of Ray S. Wininger; Daughter of John &Laura Tietjen

Wininger, Rose  (Bockwoldt)

Mar 26, 1889-Dec 2, 1970

Wife of Harry A. Wininger

Wright, Dale J.


Wife of Roland S. Wright

Wright, Roland S.


Husband of Dale J. Wright

Wright, son


Infant son of Roland S. & Dale J. Wright




Young, Edward J.

June 27, 1899-Aug 26, 1974

Husband of Hazel E. Young

Young, Hazel Etta  (Riley)

Oct 20, 1897-Dec 1984

Wife of Edward J. Young; Daughter of Herbert & Mary Jane (Wells) Riley

Young, Nicole Marie


 Gr-dau of Wallace K. & Donna Wildt; aluminum marker

Young, Robert Eugene

Mar 30, 1924-Dec 25, 2008

Husband of Ula May Young; Son of Ed & Hazel Young; Y2 US Navy-WWII

Young, Ula Mae  (Wilson)

June 8, 1925-Aug 2, 2015

Wife of Robert E. Young; Daughter of Bert & Eulia Wilson