Grundy County Institute 1892

Grundy County Institute

The total enrollment up to Monday evening was 108.

A good many visitors have been in the various recitations since the last report.

Rev. Witler of Des Moines, was a caller Monday and took part in the opening exercises.

Misses Estella Paddock and Anna Hansen represent the school journals before the Institute.

The Teachers' Reading Circle was briefly discussed on Monday afternoon. it is likely that a large number will continue the course.

The Institute is under obligations to Dr. Heffelfinger of the use of a skeleton and to Lewis robins for the trouble of handling it and assuming its care.

Representative Briggs of Pottawattamie county, was a visitory Monday, and made some interesting remarks to the State Civil Government class. He was accompanied by E. A. Wright of Beaver township.

Examinations in penmanship and reading were held last Thrusday, and in didactics, history and geography on Saturday. About 100 candidates presented themselves for certificates and promotion in the Institute.

Miss Huffman is carrying all opposition before her in her presentation of the Synthetic system of teaching reading. she is one of the foremost teachers of the state in her line, and her recitations in all her classes are especially enjoyed.

Rev. Allen of the Baptist church, conducted the openeing morning exercises for the second four days of the Institute, while Rev. Geo. B. Shoemaker officiated in like capacity the first four days. Rev. D. W. McLane will serve the Institute the last four days.

the following list of words was pronounced in general exercise hour last Thursday for members of the Institute to spell: receive, separate, siege, salary, kerosene, believe, celery, seige, accordion, melodeon. Four teachers only out of 97 spelled the list correctly. The D grade made the best record, missing only 22 per cent of the list, while the A grade missed nearly 43 per cent.

The matter of a graded course of study for country schools was discussed before a Round Table meeting of each grade during the last week; and it iwas decided to work for its adoption by township and independent district boards. The plan includes a systematic graduation of each school effected and a public graduation of all pupils who finish the course. The superintendent will alter furnish the details. It is intended to divide the county into convenient districts from each of which will be appointed two teachers, who in company with the superintendent will constitute an organizing committee for graduation honors. These two teachers from each district will constitute local officers of the County Teachers' Association.

The following teachers are enrolled up to the time of going to press:

Grundy Center
Winnie Brown Millie Eaton
Hattie Green Mabel A. Dixon
Byrd J. Butler Mable Hundley
Lewis Robins Nellie Miner
Earl Merritt Hugh Willoughby
Sadie McKeen Maude Lamb
Celia Noll Ida L. Watkins
Anna Woodmency    Alice Buchan
Blanche Munn Mary Mast
Emma Mertz Lillie Graham
Estella Paddock Millie Graham
Laura Hundley Dora Colvin
A. J. Metzgar Rose Ranger
Arthur A. Merritt Jessie Roberts
Grace Campbell Carrie Ivins
Esther Dunn Carrie Dunsmore

Elizabeth Clifford    Bertha Williams
Alex K. Doorley Nellie Patterson
Bessie Brown Fannie Klein
Sarah Harrison Lillie Martindell
Hattie Ingols Ena Wilson
Ella Harris Maggie Flynn
Laura P. Cottrell May Harris
Alma Gibson Lizzie Flynn
Minnie White

New Hartford
Emma Struntze    Charles E. Wright
Nellie Dorrity Ed Strong
Cora E. Taylor Pluma Bronson
Lettie Sterling

Nellie Meyers Frederica Anderson
Elizabeth Finlayson    Ada Wright
Nellie Hemmerling

Pearl Richmond Myrtle Crain
Kate Clifford Myra C. Jensen
Clara B. Denniston    Bessie Little

Lillie Miller Katie Moore
Eva E. Albright    Maggie Pollard

Lizzie Schreiber    Mable House
Clara L. Skeel

Conrad Grove
Thos. E. Culf Stella Daggett
G. L. Steelsmith    Alice Crouse
Kittie Frederics Florence E. Moore

Carrie Arthur    Jennie Degnan

Ella Faucett

Cora Schaap    Bessie Ammerman

Lillie Moore

Julia Kennedy    Thos. H. Greelis, Jr.

Steamboat Rock
Alde E. Albright    Mrs. Householder

G. A. Griffin    Dimmie Griffin

Mrs. Clara Venum    Margeret Diddens
Anna Hansen

Jessie Whalen    Zella Whalen
Kate Palmer Ida Whalen
Anna Whalen

Bertha Crary Ada Miller
G. L. Eggleston   

Iowa Falls
Carrie Marble    Florence Marble

Ella Gibson

Cedar Falls
Mrs. A. E. Roseborough

Alice Scoville

-Grundy County Republican (Grundy Center, Iowa), 11 August 1892, pg 4