Grundy Co. Teachers

Co. Schools Now Nearly All In Session

Average Salary of Teachers Over $50 Monthly

The country schools of the county are now nearly all in session. There has been some advance in teachers salaries within the past year. The lowest pay now given to any teacher in a country school is $42 a month. The highest is $65. The average salary per month is above $50.

Below is published a list of the rural school teachers of the county as reported to County Superintendent Earl and also postoffice address and salary per month which each teacher receives.

Dist. No.Salary
1Ethel M. Wilson, New Hartford50.00
2Marie Rassmussen, New Hartford50.00
3Julia E. Schrage, Cedar Falls55.00
4Marie Paulsen, Cedar Falls55.00
5Lulu M. Hoffman, Cedar Falls46.75
6Zella Isley, Stout55.00
7Maud A. Emery, Dike50.00
8Stena Jensen, Dike55.00
9Alina M. Larsen, Cedar Falls55.00
Dist. No.Salary
1Mabel C. Peterson, Stout50.00
2Cora B. Cowell, New Hartford55.00
3Gutman, Haveson, Parkersburg45.00
4Gertrude DeNeui, Stout52.00
5Hazel Mutch, Stout55.00
6Emely Kreig, Stout
7Laura K. Strauss, Dike
8Kathelin McGraw, Dike50.00
9Wilma Williamson, Stout55.00
Pleasant Valley
Dist. No.Salary
1Lena Trey, Parkersburg50.00
2Ella Johnson, Parkersburg55.00
3Lena Spieker, Aplington47.00
4No School
5Ella V. Haren, Holland55.00
6Anna Anderson, Parkersburg50.00
7Jennie Mahanke, Parkersburg52.50
8E. E. Spangler, Wellsburg60.00
9Ruth Sawyer, Wellsburg50.00
Dist. No.Salary
1Bertha Koester, Aplington50.00
2Edith Boleander, Ackley50.00
3Hannah Band, Ackley48.00
4Anna Rabe, Ackley48.00
5Mabel Trepp, Ackley50.00
6No School
7Margaret Beving50.00
8Anna Wessels55.00
9Vera E. Trepp48.00
Dist. No.Salary
1Mary Donohoe, Wellsburg54.00
2Ethel Lamb, Wellsburg56.40
3Alphretta Lanch, Wellsburg45.00
4No School
6Anna White
7Hazel Manton, Wellsburg50.00
8Flora DeNeui, Wellsburg
9A. Deederich, Steamboat Rock
Dist. No.Salary
1Otto Haren, Holland55.00
2Hannah Smit, Holland47.50
3Henrietta Haroldsen50.00
4Nellie Farrow, Wellsburg
5June Glass, Holland50.00
6Millie Bethka, Holland
7Grace Connell, Holland55.00
8No school
9Dena Boldt, Wellsburg50.00
Dist. No.Salary
1Elizabeth Deadrick, Dike47.50
2Viola Lundy, Dike47.50
3Esther Lusted, Grundy Center50.00
4Nita Palmer45.00
5Martha Becker, Dike50.00
6Carrie Horstman, Dike
7G. D. Berg, Grundy Center
8Ruth Davis50.00
Dist. No.Salary
1Anna Nielson, Hudson45.10
4Margaret Tallman, Dike
5Kathryn Murphy, Dike51.00
6Christena Berchedi, Hudson48.00
7Viola Stanton, Hudson45.65
8Melvina Trasher, Reinbeck58.50
9Kelly V. Connor, Reinbeck42.40
Black Hawk
Dist. No.Salary
1Edna Grantwith, Reinbeck46.25
2Orva Taylor, Reinbeck
3Mary Rhode, Reinbeck45.00
5Maud Schermerhorn, Reinbeck
7Mae Murphy, Reinbeck42.50
8Mary W. Keiser, Reinbeck
9Emma Wilmes, Reinbeck42.50
Dist. No.Salary
1Grace Stout, Morrison
2Roy Fricken, Grundy Center
4Merle Steffen, Grundy Center48.00
5Janette Dew, Grundy Center
6Jeanette Stoss, Grundy Center60.00
7Florence Kretchman, Morrison50.00
Dist. No.Salary
2Louise Cullinan, Grundy Center
3Nellie Gilbert, Grundy Center57.00
4Gertrude White, Grundy Center
5Lora M. Drake, Grundy Center46.75
6Nora A. Connell, Grundy Center45.00
7Gerturde Louis, Grundy Center52.80
8Iona Meyers, Grundy Center
9Shirley Dilly, Grundy Center52.80
Dist. No.Salary
1Margaret Keiter, Grundy Center50.00
2Martha Whittney, Eldora65.00
3Ruby Martin, Eldora65.00
4Elizabeth Gilbert, Eldora65.00
5Emma Dinnes, Eldora65.00
6Vera Woodworth, Grundy Center50.00
7Vera M. Prescott, Grundy Center65.00
8Eva White, Conrad65.00
9Florence Schwarck50.00
Dist. No.Salary
1Florence Stell, Whitten54.60
2Flossie Baker, Whitten50.00
3Gladys Doty, Union46.75
4Jessie Cody, Conrad46.75
5Norma Eggleston, Whitten50.00
6Genevive Dillon, Conrad50.00
7Adele Rogers, Conrad50.00
8Jennie Patten, Conrad
9Adella Morton, Conrad50.00
Dist. No.Salary
1Leila Stevens, Grundy Center60.00
2Lucile Gier, Beaman40.00
3Ruth Bristley, Conrad60.00
4Mabel White, Conrad50.00
5Bina Stewart, Beaman55.00
6Orra Kirkham, Beaman51.60
7Lucile Cole, Beaman60.00

--The Grundy Democrat (Grundy Center, Iowa), 15 October 1914, pg 1