Timothy Christian School

8th Grade Graduates

Begin Work On $24,000 School

Work has commenced on a new school building that will be erected two miles west of Wellsburg. The building will be one story with two rooms. It will be constucted of brick. A well has been completed and the basement is now under construction. The Gethman Company from Gladbrook have the building contract. The building is to be completed for $24,000. It is to be finished in time for the opening of the fall term of school.

The new school will be the property of the Timothy Christian School Society, an organiation formed by the members of the First and the Second Christian Reformed churches of Wellsburg and the institution will be supported by them. Children from the homes of members of the two churches will be eligible to attend. It is expected that two teachers will be employed.

Pupils from Rural Schools 3-8-9 in Shiloh township will be going to the new school in such large numbers that in all probability these schools will be closed with the close of the present school year and the pupils now attending them who will not attend the new school will attend the public school at Wellsburg.

--The Grundy Register (Grundy Center, Iowa), 11 April 1946, pg 9

Dedication Timothy Christian School Tuesday October 22

The Timothy Christian School of Wellsburg was completed this past Wednesday. Teachers and scholars who had carried on their work in rooms of the First Church will meet in the new building today.

A special program for the dedication of the new commodious building will be held next week Tuesday evening, October 22 at 8:00 p.m. At that time the Rev. L. F. Voskuil, the former pastor, will be present to deliver the Dedicatory Address. On Tuesday afternoon open house will be held at the school.

The community is cordially invited to inspect the school at the time and also to attend the Dedicatory Services in the evening.

--Wellsburg Herald (Wellsburg, Iowa), 17 October 1946, pg 1

New Parochial School Building Dedicated

A large audience filled the auditorium of First Christian Reformed church of Wellsburg, Iowa, Tuesday to dedicate the new school building erected this past summer two miles west of Wellsburg. The program was in charge of the Rev. J. VandeKieft. The Rev. Voskuil, the former pastor of the First Church, gave the main address of the evening, and the children of the school furnished appropriate musical numbers to commemorate the occasion. The Rev. P. F. Holtrop brought cards of greeting and congratulation from the Christian School Society of Holland, and the Rev. P. Bakker did the same for the Society of the Ackley and Austinville churches. In a fitting dedicatory ceremony, Mr. Lubert Meyer in behalf of the Building Committee presented the keys of the building to the President of the Board, Rev. J. H. Rubingh, who thanked the committee for their faithful service after which the Rev. VandeKieft offered the Dedicatory Prayer.

In the afternoon a large group of friends gathered at the school to inspect the building. Light refreshments were served by the ladies, and opportunity was given to see various displays of work made by the children. The new modern building is completely fireproof. It was constructed at the cost of some $24,000.00 by the Gethmann Construction Co. of Gladbrook, Iowa. The equipment installed is of the best design. Thirty five children are enrolled at present. The teachers are Miss Elizabeth Eekhoff and Mr. Andrew Rich.

The Timothy Christian School is a parent's school founded to provide ?tive christian education for the youth. It is controlled by a Society composed of the parents and others who are committed to the cause. This society does its work through an elected Board.

--Wellsburg Herald (Wellsburg, Iowa), 24 October 1946, pg 1

May Build Christian School at Wellsburg

The Timothy Christian School Society of Wellsburg has put on a drive for funds to construct a local Christian day shcool. Various committees have called on the homes of the vicinity during the past month to build up a fund. The realization of a Christian day school is hindered only by restrictions on construction at the present time. The drive netted the society over $5000. This is a very fine beginning toward the realization of a new building.

--The Grundy Register (Grundy Center, Iowa), 29 June 1944, pg 9

Parochial School Adding Kindergarten

Timothy Christian School Plans A New $10,000 Classroom Addition

Timothy Christian School, located in Shiloh township west of Wellsburg, plans to build a $10,000 one room and basement addition to the present building this summer.

The Timothy Christian School Association's board of directors will set in motion within the next couple weeks a plan to canvass families in northwest Grundy county served by the school for funds to defray the construction cost.

Members of the board are Keith Baker, president; Manly Bakker, secretary; Oldig Haupt, treasurer; Gerald Bakker, Harold Eekhoff, Henry VanderZyden and Henry Haupt. Revs. Carl Toeset and Bernard Visscher serve as advisors.

Construction will begin as soon as the present school term ends May 23. Volunteer labor will be used, under the supervision of George Blythe.

The addition will be connected to the southwest portion of the present building. It will consist of one class room on ground level, plus a full basement. The school's present heating plant, now located in the main basement, will be moved to the basement of the addition.

Brick similar to that used in the present building will be used in the addition also.

Timothy Christian Plans To Expand Teaching Program
The addition will facilitate an expansion of the teaching program of Timothy Christian School which will go into effect next September.

At the present time the school employs two teachers--Lucille Meyer, who teaches first thru fourth grade, and principal Marion Primus, who handles youngsters in the fifth through eighth grades.

A third teacher will be added to the faculty next fall. She is Kristine VandeVoort of Eldora. With the addition of both an extra room at the school and an extra teacher, Timothy Christian will add a kindergarten class for the first time in its history.

The faculty arrangement in September will be as follows:
Miss Meyer, kindergarten, first and second grades; Miss VandeVoort, third, fourth and fifth grades; and Mr. Primus, sixth, seventh and eighth grades.

Timothy Christian had an enrollment of 46 boys and girls this year, compared with 36 the year before. Next fall's enrollment should be more than 55.

Parochial High School For This Area Is Considered
Although still in the planning stages, a parochial high school for this area to serve Grundy, Butler and Hardin counties may soon be a reality.

The Central Iowa Christian Education Association, made up of Christian Reformed Church members thoroughout this area, was formed some time ago with this goal in mind. It is the association's opinion that there is a need for a parochial high school in this area, that there is a sufficient number of school age boys and girls to justify the school, and that financing could be arranged.

--The Grundy Register (Grundy Center, Iowa), 15 May 1958, pg 16