Iowa in the Great War


Casualties of War

October 1918


Here you will find the casualty lists of those Iowan's who served during the Great War. The lists were sent out of Washington D.C. daily (?) and  reported in various papers through out Iowa.  The casualty lists consist of those men who were killed, died of disease, severely wounded and those who were missing in action. Each entry consists of the Marine, Soldier's or Sailor's name, rank and his hometown.


Eighteen Iowan's on Today's Casualty List, 03 October 1918
Twenty-Seven Iowa Casualties Today 04 October 1918
Seventeen Iowan's on Today's Lists 05 October 1918
Seventeen Iowans On Today's Lists 07 October 1918
Sixteen More Deaths at Camp Dodge Today, 08 October 1918
Sixteen Iowans On Today's Lists  08 October 1918
Eleven Iowans On Today's Casualties, 09 October 1918
Nine Iowans On Today's Casualties, 10 October 1918
Twenty Iowans On Today's Casualties, 11 October 1918
Thirteen Iowans On Today's Lists, 12 October 1918
Forty-Five Iowans On Casualty Lists, 14 October 1918

Twenty-six Iowans in Today's Lists, 15 October 1918

Thirteen Iowans in Today's Lists, 16 October 1918

Twelve Iowans On Casualty List, 17 October 1918

17 Iowa Men in Casualties Today, 19 October 1918
47 Iowans in Today's Casualties, 21 October 1918
Eighteen Iowans in Today's Casualties, 22 October 1918
Twenty-Three From Iowa in Today's Casualties, 23 October 1918
Eight Iowans on Today's Lists, 24 October 1918
Nine Iowans on Today's Lists, 25 October 1918
Only Two Iowans Among Casualties, 26 October 1918
Forty-Four Iowans On Casualty Lists, 28 October 1918
Sioux City Man in Canada Casualties, 28 October 1918
Twenty Iowa Men in Casualties, 29 October 1918
Ten Iowans in Today's Lists, 30 October 1918
Fourteen Iowans in Today's Casualties, 31 October, 1918



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