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Oelwein, Iowa Casualties

There were 400 men from Oelwein who served in the Great war and 1100 in WWII.



E.R Mihlheim enlisted as a musician (Cornetist) in the 14th Field Artillery Band. He died of Tuberculosis. He was sent home Aug. 10, 1918 where he died.
Lynn Dean, Army. Brother of Mrs. Ashton Bjorkland says her brother was “of Lamont”
Sgt. Floyd L. McDuffee, Army, died 19 Oct 1918 of pneumonia in France

Albert Seth Hodges, Army, died in France as the result of wounds received in battle 31 September.

Charles Barnes killed 22 Sept 1918, Co. B, 16 U. S. infantry, 4th Brigade, 42nd Division (Rainbow Division). Charles also served on the Mexican border in 1916

Ross R. Reid enlisted in the Army (Co. E, 59th Reg. National Guard), died 19 July 1918 in France, believed to be the Marne;

Paul Histed enlisted in the Army and died at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri. I mention Paul Histed again because the funeral for he and Ross Reid were held jointly at the Christian Church.

Ross, Blaisdell and Charles Barnes were the first men from Oelwein to be killed in the Great War.

Delbert Blaisdell was killed 18 Sept 1918

Charles Barnes was killed 22 Sept 1918

~ sources: Oelwein newspapers.


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