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    Donated by Jen Shaffer
    May, 1929
    • Riverton M.E. Church. - Church school at 10 a.m. No mid-week service this week. H.P. Grinyer, pastor
    • While Mrs. Hank Turnbull, and children, were in Hamburg, Saturday, in Dr. Richards’ office, the little girl accidently spilled some acid on her foot and hand which burned the members quite badly.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Harry Magaw, and children, and Mrs. Mary Dahlgren, spent Sunday in the Finley Ranch home.
    • Mrs. Jack Rubink went to the country Sunday, to visit her sister Mrs. Aggie Matthews.
    • Mrs. Elian Coslolt(?) and Mrs. Blanch Coslett(?) went to Hamburg, Thursday to attend the commencement exercise that night.
    • Kimbur Shull went to Omaha, Saturday, bringing home a new truck.
    • Edith Chaney, who is taking nurse’s training in the hospital; at Hamburg, spent the week end at home.
    • Mrs. M.Z. Ream and Marion and Arthur Roberts spent Saturday at Farragut, visiting relatives.
    • Mrs. Lillian Fouts and daughter, Elizabeth, from Omaha, spent the weekend with relatives.
    • Miss Fannie Finnell, who has been visiting the William Finnell home for the past week, left Saturday evening for Shenandoah.
    • Mrs. Elmer Cooper and children from Shenandoah, spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Blanch Coslett
    • Mr. and Mrs. Bob McClelland and Mrs. Gertrude Finnell, of Shenandoah, spent Wednesday in the William Finnell home.
    • John Finnell and Arthur Hornett (?) from Hamburg, were calling at the William Fugitt home.
    • Ernest Kidd, who is a student at Simpson College, came home Tuesday evening. His mother motored back with him, returning home Thursday evening.
    • Miss Mary Crandall, who has been teaching at Sheridan, Wyoming returned Saturday to spend her vacation with her mother, Mrs. Ina Crandall.
    • Mr. Coon’s sister, Iola, returned home with them to spend the week.
    • Miss Bernice Meek completed her school near Shenandoah and came home Friday night. She has signed up for the same school the coming year.
    • N. Wynn is somewhat improved at the present time.
    • Charles and Orla (?) Scoles were Shenandoah visitors one day this week.
    • Mrs. Fred Beam was in Hamburg last week taking treatment of Dr. Ireland.
    • Auntie Ahlstrand is somewhat improved at this time.
    • Mrs. W.E. Harvey and Mrs. Stella Eskew were in Shenandoah between trains, Wednesday evening.
    • A.T. Roberts and John Roberts motored to Shenandoah, Wednesday evening.
    • The K.I.K. club met with Mrs. Grover Wynn on Wednesday afternoon. A good attendance and an enjoyable afternoon was had. After the business hour a delicious lunch was served by the hostess.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shearer and daughter, Catherine, spent Saturday in Omaha. Mrs. Walter Graves and Walter, Jr., accompanied them home for a week’s visit.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Carl McSpadden attended the commencement exercises at Hamburg Thursday evening.
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts and Betty Jean, Mrs. N.S. Roberts and Miss Mattie Roberts were shopping in Nebraska City, Saturday.
    • Lloyd Comstock and family, of Newton, Iowa, and Mr. and Mrs. Merle Comstock of Des Moines, spent Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alf (?) Comstock.
    • Mrs. Wilber Beam and M.Z. Beam were transacting business in Sidney, Thursday afternoon.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Bryan McMullen and her cousin, Miss Moore, attended the senior class play at Farragut, Friday night.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Grant Bailey and son and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stevens and children, of Hamburg, were Sunday evening callers at the E.C. McKissick home.
    • Henry Ahlstrand and Lon Douglas motored down Saturday. (Rest of article missing)
    • Mrs. Carl McSpadden spent the week in Hamburg with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Strait.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Harry Barr were shopping in Nebraska City, Friday.
    • Mr. and Mrs. George Rice and children from Farragut, spent Sunday with his father, B.E. Rice.
    • Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Walraf, from Hamburg, were calling on the William Fugitt home, Sunday afternoon.
    • Mrs. Stella Beam and M.Z. Beam made a business trip to Hamburg, Monday.
    • Miss Agnes Hastings, of Farragut, come to visit her parents Sunday. She was accompanied by Miss Beulah Bangs and Miss Juanita Keep.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Orville Jones and baby, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Comstock and baby and Miss Retha McKissick and Reid Jones took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Broughton, south of town, Sunday.
    • Mr. and Mrs. W.L Briggs and son Forrest, leave Thursday for Epworth, Iowa, where they will spend the summer. Mr. Briggs has been principle of our school for the past two years. Mr. Briggs is entering school at Dubuque, Iowa for the coming year.
    • Mrs. Maggie Smith completed her year’s work at Harlan Iowa and returned to her home here, Saturday.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Harry Magaw and children and Mrs. Marty Dahlgren were in Shenandoah, Friday.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Markham left for Nebraska City to visit her daughter.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Cowden and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stubbs motored to Omaha, Sunday.
    • Mr. and Mrs. Chester Simmons, from Shenandoah, and Elmer Simmons and family spent Sunday with their mother, Mrs. Avice Simmons.
Source: Submitted by: Jen Shaffer
Transcribed by: Lois Shaul

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