Newsprint Center

Fremont County, Iowa


Tabor, Fremont County
September 9, 1915

--Quincy Adams will attend school this year at Clarinda, Iowa.

--Mrs. Baggs is the mother of Mrs. Howard Tillman.

STUDENTS, some of whom are returning, at the Faith Home this year:
1. John Brandt of Ramona, Kansas
2. George Durkee of northeastern Nebraska
3. Norman Durkee of northeastern Nebraska
4. Miss Harrison of Rockwell City, Iowa
5. Miss Kelson of Madison, Nebraska
6. Frank Kidwell of Hamlin, Kansas
7. Fred Klein
8 .Rube Larson of North Platte, Nebraska
9. Miss Marshall of Madison, Nebraska
10. Miss Hazel Shipy of Canby, N. Dak.
11. Miss Stella Shipy of Canby, N. Dak.

--Miss Rose Mintle plans to return to Tokyo, Japan where she is assistant superintendent of the W. C. T. U. rescue mission....Howard Mintle is her brother.

--Adolph Nick is a returned missionary from Tuzpam, Mexico....He is now conducting meeting at Athelstan, Iowa....He recently married at Canton, Kansas to a trained nurse and deaconess...Both will return to Mexico.

--Mrs. F. L. Smelser and children are planning to return to Japan in November. The San Francisco Exposition has made boat tickets impossible to get before that time.

--Lois and Ershel Stiles are staying with the grandfather George Gould and attending school at Sidney.

-- Mrs. George Weavers and Mrs. L. B. Worcester went to Doniphan, Nebraska.....Fred Weavers is quite ill there.

--Henry Witthun is helping build a pit silo at the Hephzibah Faith Home.

--WIDOW PENSIONS: Pensions for Mrs. Rosa T. Garnsey and for Mrs. Lucy N. Reynolds were not allowed. (It is not stated as to the kind of pensions these would have been.--W. F.)

--Samuel Zook, brother of Jacob Zook, has charge of a Mexican Methodist work in southern Texas, and has been engaged in missionary work among the Mexicans for some eighteen or twenty years.



~ transcribed by Walter Farwell