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Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa
July 1902
  • July 3,1902
    • Mr. W.S. Rupp, living on the old Brewer place southwest of Tabor, died Wednesday night of paralysis, aged about 74 years. The remains wil be taken to Elliot, Iowa, for interment Friday.

    • Mr. D.E. Low, former auditor for the T. & N. Ry., is visiting his family in Tabor this week. Since leaving here Mr. Low has been in the east settling up his father's estate. He will probably remain Tabor several weeks.

    • Miss Hazel Rock went to Council Bluffs last Friday to visit friends a short time and will then go to Silver City. After a short visit there she will go to California where her mother lives. She does not expect to return to school this year.

    • Mr. Denise Wyant of Newman Grove Neb., son of Mr. W. H. Wyant of Malvern, and brother of Mrs. W. B. Bell of Tabor, was operated upon last Friday at Omaha for appendictis. At last reports he was getting along as well as could be expected.

    • Edward C. Bricker, who has served in the capacity of a Merganthaler typesetting machine in the Beacon office for the past two years, left Saturday for Chicago. He will take a six week course in the Armour Institute of Technology. Mr. Ben Williams is assisting in the office during Mr. Bricker's absence.

    • The first catalogue ever issed by Tabor College Conservatory of Music in now being distributed. Hertofore the information contained in this catalogue has been sandwiched in the regular catalogue, but under Prof. Pierce's directorship the conservatory has shown such a remarkable growth the trustees advised the publication of a separate catalogue. The book contains much information for music students. Any person interested can secure a copy free by addressing Tabor College, Tabor, Iowa.
Source:submitted and transcribed by Stephanie Pierce:

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