The Week at Farragut
news items from the Shenandoah World, Friday, January 19, 1906
(copied and submitted by Pat O'Dell)
Farragut, January 17. - The change in landlords at the hotel occurred yesterday morning, Mr. Wm. Eskew, the new landlord, taking possession. The hotel will hereafter be known as the Keaton House and will be run on strictly first class principles. The invoice was made yesterday and as soon as possible the building will be thoroughly overhauled and many improvements will be made. The house is lighted with gas and within the last few days a complete system of water works, hot and cold water all over the lower floor, has been put in which is a comfort and convenience. The hotel is already a popular place with the traveling public and Mr. and Mrs. Eskew and their son, Mr. Lucius Eskew, are going to increase its popularity. The restaurant connected with the hotel is also theirs and it is a place where everyone will find the best of everything. Mrs. Keaton, their daughter of Fremont, Nebraska, whose husband owns the building, has been with them for the past few days helping them get settled, but she expects to leave soon for her home. The many friends of the Eskews are glad to welcome them in their new home and wish for them abundant success.
Mr. Lee Greedy, assistant cashier of the First National Bank, who for the past 25 or 30 years has been so closely identified with Farragut and the surrounding community, has resigned his position in the bank and will sever his connection with the same the first of February and with his family will move to Colorado. He has been with the bank for three years and has been the right man for the place and it is with regret that they let him go. This evening a party of his friends expect to give him and his family a surprise party as a little farewell visit.
Mrs. Don Wikoff went to Hamburg this morning to spend a few days visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Van Eaton. No doubt Don has gone down after her by this time as his face was pretty long after she left.
Mrs. C. H. Gurney, of Hilsdale, Mich., is expected here soon to visit with her brother in law, Mr. A. Campbell, and family.
J.R. Stickler writes home from Long Beach, California, where he and his wife went last fall, that they are having a delightful winter and like the country better than ever. Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Crosser and Mr. and Mrs. John Whistler are in their party.
Rev. and Mrs. A.A. Cressman went to Shenandoah this morning to spend the day with Mr. and Mrs. Byron Davis and family. Mr. Davis' parents are visiting him at present and are old friends of Mr. and Mrs. Creman. Rev. Cressman married Mr. and Mrs. Byron Davis.
W.M. Ferrell, who has charge of the Stickler harness shop, was making an invoice this morning of their goods. They have 29 heavy sets of harness and 7 light sets all ready for the market and every one of them made right there in the shop. By the end of the week there will be several more pairs. They are eveyone beauties.
Miss Buelah Wedmian, of Omaha, came in last evening to visit with her sister, Mrs. W.M. Ferrell. She will be here for some time.
C.M. Hiatt, the livery man at Imogene, was registered at the Keaton House yesterday.
Mrs. Thos. Poulsom went to Shenandoah this morning to visit her daughter, Mrs. Ruey Miller. She returned home this evening.
Frank Roberts went to Lincoln Friday evening taking with him some of his fine black Langshan chickens, which he is exhibiting at the Poultry show now on in that city.
John Ewalt, of near Farmer City, was in town yesterday looking up business matters. He was registered at the Keaton House.
John VanSant went to Omaha this morning to spend a few days with his wife who is up there in the hospital taking treatment for throat trouble.
E.S. Wilcox, one of the leading merchants of Shenandoah, came down this morning and spent several hours visiting with his uncle, Dr. Robbins, and family.
Chas. Evans, who lives over near Farmer City, came to town yesterday and bought a nice new bob sled of J.C. Jones. Mr. Evans expects to move to a farm northeast of Shenandoah in the spring.
Dr. Willard Robbins remains about the same without much change. He is able to see his friends and enjoys their calls.
Mr. George Lafferty loaded his car today and left for the new home in Exeter, Nebraska. Mrs. Lafferty and the children started this morning. Everyone is going to miss this family as they have been a part of the town for so long. If they should again change their place of abode it is hoped that they will return to Farragut.
Thos. Barnes, west of town, received word this morning of the death of his sister, Mrs. Reid, at Essex. She died Tuesday evening at 6 o'clock.
Maurice Pace, of Booneville, Indiana, is visiting at the home of S.A. Thomas this week and to all appearances they are all having a pretty good time.