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The Forney reunion was held in the park August 17 with an attendance of 171. Owing to the rainy weather the attendance was smaller than was expected. The youngest person present was Kay Gore, 8 weeks old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Gore of Sidney. Oldest person attending was Lenny Forney, Thurman, who will be 79 next December 14. Relatives were present from Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Michigan. Following is a list of the people present:
  • August 21, 1941
    1. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boldra and children of Tabor;
    2. Mary Boldra and children of Randolph;
    3. Lillie Brown of Bartlett;
    4. Vivian Ciosek and son of Bay City, Mich.;
    5. Laurence Clapper of Thurman;
    6. Mrs. Marjorie Clarke and daughters of Hornick;
    7. Mrs. Grace Cleft of Hornick;
    8. Buddy and Berniece Cloyed of Thurman;
    9. Gay Cloyed of Thurman;
    10. Harold Cloyed of Omaha;
    11. Mrs. Lizzie Cloyed of Thurman;
    12. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Cobb of Butler, Okla.;
    13. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davis of Shenandoah;
    14. Mr. and Mrs. Will Davis of Bartlett;
    15. Mr. and Mrs. Roland Davison and family of Thurman;
    16. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Douglas and daughter of Tabor;
    17. Nora Ettleman of Glenwood;
    18. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Ettleman of Percival;
    19. Mr. and Mrs. Oren Ewell of Thurman;
    20. Mrs. Alice Forney of Shenandoah;
    21. C. W. Forney of Thurman;
    22. Mr.and Mrs. Clarence Forney of Thurman;
    23. Mr. and Mrs. Eli Forney of Thurman;
    24. Mrs. Emma Forney of Thurman;
    25. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Forney of son of Thurman;
    26. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Forney of Tabor;
    27. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Forney of Thurman;
    28. Mr. and Mrs. Len Forney and daughter of Sloan;
    29. Mrs. Mary Forney of Thurman;
    30. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Forney of Hartington, Nebr.;
    31. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Gore and baby of Sidney;
    32. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Greenwood and children of Glenwood;
    33. Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Greenwood of Bartlett;
    34. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Heck of Hubbard, Nebr.;
    35. Thelma Herker of Thurman;
    36. Hazel Holloway and daughter of West Point, Nebr.;
    37. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hunter and children of Thurman;
    38. Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Johnson of McPaul;
    39. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Keefer and children of Treynor;
    40. Rhea and Lucille Kimsey of Thurman;
    41. Mr. and Mrs. Carl King of Thurman;
    42. Mr. and Mrs. Ernie King and son of Thurman;
    43. Will King of Bartlett;
    44. Jay Leeka of Thurman;
    45. Mary and Jane Lindsley of Bay City, Mich.;
    46. O. C. Lorimor of Hamburg;
    47. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Malcom and baby of Council Bluffs;
    48. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry McCartney and daughter of Thurman;
    49. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Million of Manawa;
    50. Paul Nichols and Glen Nichols of Sidney;
    51. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Pleake of Council Bluffs;
    52. Mr. and Mrs. John Proudfit of Hamburg;
    53. Mrs. Erma Randolph of Bay City, Michigan;
    54. Betty and Patricia Reafling of Bartlett;
    55. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Rickabaugh of Correctionville;
    56. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stanley and family of Thurman;
    57. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Stanley and children of Thurman;
    58. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Stanley of Thurman;
    59. Owen Study of McPaul;
    60. Raymond Study of McPaul;
    61. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Surface of Thurman;
    62. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Surface and daughter of Thurman;
    63. Emma Tennant of Bay City, Mich.;
    64. Mr. and Mrs. Buck Thornton of Sidney;
    65. Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Vanatta of Tabor;
    66. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Van Cleave of Sloan;
    67. Dorothy Van Horn of Bartlett;
    68. Mr. and Mrs. Royce Wederquist and children of Tabor;
    69. Mr. and Mrs. Austin Wiley and sons of Red Oak;
    70. Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Wiley and sons of Sloan;
    71. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Wiley and children of Glenwood;
    72. Luther Wiley of Sloan;
    73. Mr. and Mrs. O. Wiley of Knoxville;
    74. Mr. and Mrs. C. Wright of Thurman;
    75. Mr. and Mrs. Clark Wright and daughter of Thurman,
    76. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wright and children of Hamburg.

Source: Transcribed by Walter Farwell.

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