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We publish below a complete list of the rural teachers in the county, as furnished by County Superintendent of Schools J. M. Ireland:

  • August 14, 1941
    1. Mary Acord at Mt. Hope in Prairie township;
    2. Ruth Acord at Mayflower in Prairie township;
    3. Ruth Aspedon at Mt. Washington in Washington township;
    4. Mildred Barnes at Harvard in Riverside township;
    5. Ruth Barnes at College Hill in Sidney township;
    6. Irene Bateman at Fairview in Walnut township;
    7. Mary Lois Bateman Monroe at Bee Hive in Washington township;
    8. Violet Beetle at Brightside in Sidney township;
    9. Vivian Bennett at Prairie Glen in Fisher township;
    10. Wilma Buffington at Hampton in Prairie township;
    11. Helen Chambers at Grandview in Sidney township;
    12. Virginia Chambers at Sedgewick in Madison township;
    13. Ruth Darland Chandler at Liberty in Madison township;
    14. Maud Clark at College Hill in Green township;
    15. Mary Dempsey at Rice in Monroe township;
    16. Lucien Doty at Spring Valley in Sidney township;
    17. Vivian Dunsdon at Manti in Fisher township;
    18. Ruby Lyons Fender at Sunnyside in Washington township;
    19. Blanche Gardiner at Militia Hollow in Washington township;
    20. Myrtle Glasgow at Hazel Dell in Sidney township;
    21. Orrilla Gordon at John Payne in Washington township;
    22. Harriet Greedy at Rising Sun in Walnut township;
    23. Goldie Griffin at Maple Valley in Prairie township;
    24. Anna Marie Gruber at Locust Grove in Locust Grove township;
    25. Virginia Gruber at Fairview in Locust Grove township;
    26. Lora Hall at Walnut Grove in Sidney township;
    27. Mary Hammers at Mt. Etna in Walnut township;
    28. June Hickman at Hendricks in Madison township;
    29. Dorothy Hill at West Grove in Sidney township;
    30. Jessie Hilton at Morning Star in Walnut township;
    31. Dora Hood at Wade Out in Sidney township;
    32. Margaret Irwin at Pomeroy in Madison township;
    33. Marcie Johnson at Dutch Hollow in Green township;
    34. Fern Kesterson at Eagle in Madison township;
    35. Phyllis Little at Maple Grove in Fisher township;
    36. Alma Livingston at Alma Mater in Locust Grove township;
    37. Marguriete Mackey at Prospect Hill in Walnut township;
    38. May Maher at Honey Creek in Monroe township;
    39. Faith Mann at North Liberty in Washington township;
    40. Ilene Martin at Sunnyslope in Monroe township;
    41. Mamie Mead at Eastport in Benton township;
    42. Genevieve Metz at Lone Willow in Locust Grove township;
    43. Lilian Needham at White Lily in Monroe township;
    44. Edith Nook at Highland in Madison township;
    45. Robert O'Brien at Shadey Dell in Monroe township;
    46. Florence Paddock at McPaul in Scott township;
    47. Vera Parkison at Columbia in Madison township;
    48. Beulah Plank at Valley Farm in Washington township;
    49. Barbara Polk at Nishna Valley in Fisher township;
    50. Bessie Ramsey at High Creek in Locust Grove township;
    51. Wanda Richards at Pleasant Grove in Sidney township;
    52. Ruth Ryan at Hillsdale in Locust Grove township;
    53. Ralph Schaffer at Ricketts in Benton township;
    54. Hallie Shearer at McIntyre in Walnut township;
    55. Lucille Torpy at Prairie in Benton township;
    56. Mary Margaret Torpy at Morning Star in Monroe township;
    57. John Trewett at Fisher Center in Fisher township;
    58. Mary Trivelpiece at Belcher in Washington township;
    59. Eleanor Welty at Riverside in Prairie township;
    60. Hazel Werner at Austin in Washington township;
    61. Jeanne Whipple at Lacey Grove in Sidney township.

Source: Transcribed by Walter Farwell, and submitted by Constance Diamond.

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