Fremont County, Iowa

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The Sidney Argus-Herald
Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa
June 1934

  • June 21, 1934
    • Mrs. Addie Whisler is a cousin of Mrs. Mary Wilson of Farragut.

    • Rex Martin, Harlon Hein, Clyde Dyke and Irvin Foster all have jobs in the Kansas harvest fields near Albert,KS. Glenn Dyke lives at Great Bend.

    • Mr. and Mrs. Burt Wilson are uncle and aunt of Miss Mildred Penn, one of Andersons's former teachers for several years.

    • Berkley Inman, aged 10, whose home is east of Anderson, is the cousin of Mora Jo Martin.

    • Ezra Millsap of Des Moines is an uncle of Mrs. Alvira Waddell's father.

    • Miss Wilma Dyke is the sister of Mrs. Harold Irwin of near Thurman.

Source: Transcribed by Walter Farwell, and submitted by Constance Diamond.

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