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The Liberty Tribune

The Liberty Tribune; Vol. XXI No. 3.
Liberty, Missouri

  • June 8, 1866

      Mr. R. Watkins, one of our best citizens, can truthfully say but what few others can. He has lived on the same farm and at the same place for the last 24 years and has never moved, and yet during that time he has lived in two states and three different counties. The explanation is thus:

      His location was first in Holt county, Missouri which extended to the Iowa line. A few years afterwards Atchison county was taken off of Holt. This threw Mr. Watkins into Atchison. A few years later by a decision of the Supreme Court, the southern boundary of Iowa extended about ten miles further south. This took Mr. Watkins into Fremont county, Iowa. Thus on the same farm, he has lived in two states and three counties. --He is now in the best county of the three.--Sidney, Iowa, Union

Source: submitted by Walter Farwell

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