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Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa
May 1888
  • May 31, 1888
    • In Memorium

      A shocking accident occurred Saturday last near Farragut in which a dear, bright boy was killed by lightning. Frank, a 12 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Coy, was sent on an errand to his aunts, Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Magaw. After completing his business he mounted his horse and started for home. Soon after leaving the residence of his aunt, Mrs. Magaw, a startling electrical explosion occured which attracted the attention of Mrs. Magaw who ran out to the road to ascertain the whereabouts of her dear boy nephew, and saw the horse, or what she thought to be the horse which Frank had been riding, laying beside the road some distance from her house.

      She at once requested the neighbors to investigate and it was found that the horse and Frank were dead by the roadside; no sign or indication to show other than instantaneous death. Ready hands tenderly picked up all that was there of Frank, his burned and bruised body bereft of life, and conveyed it into the presence of the family who were in ignorance of the terrrible calamity until within a few moments of the arrival of the friends with the boy. But few can have an idea of the anguish of those parents who had no idea other than that their dear boy would return, as before many times, promptly upon the completion of his errand. Such a death, alone upon the highway, to be mangled, burned, killed, it was terrible; and only those with a great store of true christian fortitude could control their grief.

      The sympathy, the loving helping hands of friends could mitigate the sorrow, but that aching void in all of its terrible aspects still remains. The way of God are beyond the comprehension of mortals. This boy was riding close beside a wire fence when the current of death-dealing electricity, attracted no doubt by the wire fence and wet hair of the horse, came to poor Frank, striking him on the head . It passed along the body, down along each leg to the horse. The boy was found just a trifle in advance of the horse with his clothing burning. This occurred to this innocent, confiding child, alone on the roadway. The thought of it all seems terrible, and furnished much food for meditation.

      The funeral was held at the Methodist church Sunday last, at 11 a.m., and was among the largest in numbers attending ever held in Farragut. Rev. E.E. Lymer delivered a beautiful sermon, the friends and neighbors lavished attention and assistance in laying away the remains of their dear Frank, the Sons of Veterans acting as bearers, in fact, all that was possible for any to do was cheerfully offered.

Source:Iowa Old Press

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