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Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa
September 1908
  • September 3, 1908
      One of the oldest log houses in Fremont county was torn down on the Ruben Calvert farm north of Sidney last week. The house was first built by M. A. Webster, a grandfather of Webster Bros., who reside here, and on land now owned by Frank Martin. The house was sold about 40 or 46 years ago to Silas Burt, who moved it to his farm and used it a good many years as a corn crib. Mr. Burt finally sold the house to Ruben Calvert; it was then moved to the Calvert farm where it has done duty as a corn crib for a good many years. Mr. Williams who now occupies the Calvert farm found it necessary to tear down the old house last week while making some needed improvements, and says that most of the logs are in good condition yet. He thinks he will again rebuild it and use it for a corn crib.

      While swimming in the Nishna river about four miles north of Randolph on last Saturday, L. E. McGargill suddenly cried out for help and sunk before help could reach him. His body was found in about 12 feet of water and the physician examining his body, pronounced his death due to heart failure, no water being found in his lungs. Apparently he was dead before he sunk in the water. Together with a party of friends he had gone to the river for the purpose of fishing, and while they were preparing a lunch he went into the water to show them how deep it was. After swimming around awhile, as stated, he suddenly called for help and must have died instantly.

      He was the son of Edw. McGargill, and with his brother, William McGargill were the only sons of that family. He was in his 38th year; was married and is survived by his wife and five young children, who will sadly mourn the loss of a kind and indulgent husband and father. Lou McGargill was one of the kindest hearted of men and his friends are numbered by his acquaintances. He will be sadly missed in the community of his home.

      His funeral occurred at Imogene on Monday, August 31, and the services conducted by Rev. Father Hayes, in the St. Patrick's church in Imogene, after which interment was made in the Catholic cemetery.

  • September 17, 1908
    • "Mrs. Acord Visits Sidney"
      Mrs. Nancy Acord, of Salt Lake City, is visiting friends and relatives in Sidney and vicinity. Mrs. Acord was a member of the party who left Fremont county in 1860. They traveled overland and reached Salt Lake City after many hardships. Her father S. B. Frost was sheriff of this county for two terms. He owned the old hotel where the Crozier House now stands. He also lived on the farm now owned by G. S. Benson.

      Jonas Petit an old time resident of Fremont county, but now of Ashton, Kansas, gave this office a pleasant call Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Petit had been visiting relatives and old friends in Sidney and vicinity the past week, and before leaving for their home in Kansas he came in and had his subscription to the SUN moved up a notch.

      During the course of our conversation Mr. Petit said that when he first came to Fremont county in 1865 it was one hundred miles to the nearest railroad, and freight had to be hauled that distance by teams or brought up the Missouri river in flat boats, and hauled by teams from the landing there. Mr. Petit has been a reader of the SUN a good many years and though living at a distance from here, through the columns of the SUN keeps posted on Sidney's advancement.

  • September 24, 1908
    • "William Dalton Dead".
      William Dalton, one of the early day settlers of that community, died from a complication of ailments Friday morning at his home in Tabor. Mr. Dalton was in his seventieth year. He was born in England and came to the United States a young man in company with twenty five other of his countrymen, many of whom settled in that locality. He arrived in Fremont county the day Abraham Lincoln was assassinated--April 14, 1865--and has figured prominently in the county ever since as a farmer, stock raiser and bank director. Besides his widow, three daughters and a son survive him. These are Mrs. J. E. Thompson of Malvern; Mrs. Lizzie Douglas of Carson; Mrs. Chas. Lutz of Tabor and Joseph Dalton of Tabor.

    • A Catholic Priest of Omaha, was in Randolph a short time ago looking up a location for a church which they intend to build there soon. The church extension committee is expected there soon to look over the field and will probably buy lots on which to erect a suitable building.
Source: submitted by Walter Farwell

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