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Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa
October 1908
  • October 8, 1908

      While in Anderson last Saturday we were surprised at the magnitude of the business carried on there. Hutchison & Chambers have a large stock of general merchandise and are doing a large business. Their stock is up to date and they handle reliable goods, and they believe in making known that they are there for business by advertising. Hutchison Bros. have a large hardware and implement stock and deal in live stock and grain in addition to their store.

      It is reported that these firms at Anderson are doing as much business as any like firms in the county and what one can observe there most any day in the week will bear out the report. This firm also believes in judicious advertising and by making known their business have built up a fine patronage. Their stock is carefully selected and they handle only the best goods on the market.

      The new bank, in charge of Mr. Fichter is enjoying a nice patronage and is a much appreciated convenience and will undoubtedly grow to be one of the largest and soundest banking institutions in the county. Anderson is certainly booming and becoming noted as a trading center.

Source: submitted by Walter Farwell

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