Fremont County, Iowa

Newspaper Archives

The Fremont County Sun

Vol. VII No. 38
Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa
  • November 9, 1899
    1. Lucius Eskew was in Sidney today taking an examination for a teacher's certificate. He expects to teach this winter
    2. Marriage licenses were issued to:
      • B. E. Swiggart, 22, and Maude DeFreece, 18
      • Edward Coffee, 24, and Etta Pauley, 24
      • F. R. McIntire, 22, and Jennie B. Philo, 22
    3. The memorial sermon for the children of Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Thornton will be preached next Sunday morning at the Baptist church beginning at 10:45. All are welcome. It will be remembered that as these children died from diphtheria no public service was held at the time.
Source: Transcribed by Walter Farwell, and submitted by Constance Diamond.

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