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  • June 20, 1895
    Graduates From Fremont County Schools, 1895

    By H. A. Simons, County Superintendent.
    • May Barnes, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • Stella Beam, Riverton rural school
    • Wallace Beckwith, Thurman High School
    • Emma Birkby, Knox rural school
    • Grace Bobbitt, Sidney High School
    • Margaret Bobbitt, Sidney High School
    • A. Bodinus, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • Anna R. Borchers, Hamburg High School
    • Robert Briley, Thurman High School
    • Ada Brock, Sidney rural school
    • Bessie Campbell, Farragut High School
    • Bird Cannon, Tabor High School
    • Arthur Carter, Sidney High School
    • Lizzie Chambers, Farragut High School
    • Florence Clark, Tabor College
    • Richard Clark, Tabor High School
    • E. W. Cole, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • Mary Crozier, Sidney High School
    • Clark Cummings, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • Edith Davis, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • Rozelle M. Davis, Hamburg High School
    • Mary Dempsey, Imogene rural school
    • Willie Digman, Knox rural school
    • Albert Eskew, Sidney rural school
    • Lucius Eskew, Sidney rural school
    • Milton Estes, Sidney High School
    • Eva Dee Fichter, Anderson rural school
    • Josephine Fleming, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • Charles Forney, Thurman rural school
    • John Frazer, Sidney High School
    • Ralph Gallup, Farragut High School
    • H. S. Galt, Tabor College
    • Edgar Gordon, Farragut rural school
    • Ruby Gray, Thurman rural school
    • Sadie Gunnison, Sidney High School
    • David Hall, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • Agnes Harrison, Tabor High School
    • C. B. Hatten, Tabor College
    • Henry J. Heaton, Randolph High School
    • Lulu Heckel, Sidney High School
    • J. G. Holmes, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • Nettie Hughes, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • Jennie Hume, Knox rural school
    • J. W. Hunter, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • Florence Hydinger, Hamburg High School
    • Nellie Irwin, Thurman rural school
    • Bertha Lacey, Sidney rural school
    • Alvia Logsden, Walkerville rural school
    • Grace Long, Hamburg High School
    • Tempest Long, Thurman High School
    • Flossie MacCloud, Randolph High School
    • Laura Maloney, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • E. H. Matthews, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • Kate Matthews, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • Vernon Matthews, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • Myra McClelland, in music, Tabor College
    • Mabel McCormack, Tabor High School
    • Charles Metelman, Sidney High School
    • Orrin Mills, Imogene rural school
    • Charles Moore, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • Daisy Newlon, Shenandoah rural school
    • Frank Newlon, Shenandoah rural school
    • Effa Notson, Hamburg rural school
    • Jennie Notson, Hamburg rural school
    • Daniel Nies, Hamburg High School
    • Katie O'Brien, Percival rural school
    • Fred Osborne, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • Viola Palmer, in music, Tabor College
    • Otwa Pardee, Sidney High School
    • Edith Parrish, Shenandoah rural school
    • Emma Pease: Promoted from primary to intermediate, No. 2, Fisher township.--Addie Martin, teacher
    • Will Phelps, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • Myrtle Reed, Tabor High School
    • Elmer G. Rood, Randolph High School
    • Mary Rossean, Hamburg rural school
    • Julia Russell, Tabor High School
    • Robert Russell, Tabor High School
    • Mary Ryan, Shenandoah rural school
    • Lizzie Savidge, Tabor rural school
    • Nellie Sheldon, in music, Tabor College
    • Sadie Sheldon, Percival rural school
    • Mervin Simons, Hamburg High School
    • W. H. Speese, Tabor College
    • Frank Stevens, Shenandoah rural school
    • John Stiles, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • M. C. Sutton, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • A. A. Vazakas, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • Fannie Walker, Farragut High School
    • Bertha Webb., Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • Alice West, Preparatory Course, Tabor College
    • Louise West, in music, Tabor College
    • Jesse Whisler, Farragut High School
    • Owalta Whitehill, Shenandoah rural school
    • Viola Whitehill, Shenandoah rural school
    • Charles Wilson, Riverton rural school
    • Mamie Wilson, Anderson rural school
    • Abbie Wynn, Riverton rural school
    • Helen Yowell, Sidney High School
  • June 27, 1895
    • MARRIED At the home of the bride's parents in Lacy Grove, at 8:30 P.M., Wednesday, June 26, 1895, Miss Jessie Polk to Mr. Lucius J. Abbey, Rev. W. F. Bartholomew officiating. Very handsome invitations had been issued for the occasion and a large company of selected guests were present at the ceremony. At the hour appointed an appropriate wedding march was played by Miss Maud Lowery, when the bridal party took their position surrounded by a display of laurel wreathes, and the reverberation of the music ceased, the solemn and impressive words of the minister bound them together. A costly display of presents were generously bestowed by loving friends and an elegant supper gave dignity and grandeur to the occasion. The bride is in possession of the all the qualifications of a noble young lady and needs no introduction as all know her especially from her quiet manner and gentle disposition, and she has also for the past two years been one of our most successful school teachers. Mr. Abbey is our county Recorder, a quiet, unassuming, Christian young man, strictly attentive to his official duties and in no way lacking those characteristics which constitute the elements of true manhood. The best wishes of friends go with them as they pass from beneath the parental roof, and enter in the practical reality of the establishment of a home of their own with the people of Sidney. Rev. D. A. Allen, pastor of the M. E. church at Hamburg, was present on the occasion and assisted Pastor Bartholomew in the performance of the marriage ceremony.
    • Prof. D. D. Darby, the penman and teacher, of Northboro, Iowa, is in attendance at the Normal Institute here this week. Mr. Darby has been secured by County Superintendent Simons to do the artistic lettering and manuscript work on the diplomas for the rural district graduates. The superior penwork done by the Prof. on these diplomas show him to be one among the finest penmen in the state of Iowa.
    • ADVERTISEMENT - D. D. DARBY, penman, NORTHBORO, IOWA. Graduate of two penmanship schools. Plain and ornamental writing. Flourishing. Lettering. Drawing, etc., etc........Card writing a specialty. Send stamp for estimates.
Source: submitted by Walter Farwell

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