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Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa
March 1910

  • 12 March 1910
    • W. F. Knappe of Washington township; Mrs. Minnie Juergens of Madison, Wisconsin; Mrs. A. J. Trudeau of Lexington, Nebraska; Mrs. John Lutz; Mrs. F. E. Mann -- all are siblings.-- "Local News",
    • T. M. Lacy now lives at Burden, Kansas.-- "Local News"
    • Mrs. Elmer J. Anderson is the sister of Dr. Harry Tweedy of Lebanon, Kansas, and of Claud Tweedy of Tabor.-- "Local News"
  • March 18, 1910
      Concerning the life and death of Mrs. Susannah Reeves we have gathered the following facts for publication, as promised in our last issue: Susannah Irwin was born in Meggs (sic) county, Ohio, August 11, 1823, and died at her home in Sidney March 6, 1910, aged 86 years 6 months and 23 days. She grew to young womanhood in her native state and was there married to Elza Armstrong Reeves August 31, 1845. To this union were born three sons, and two daughters, all of whom survive her: Samuel of Otis, Colo.; Hugh of Sidney; Josiah of South Omaha; Mrs. Phoebe Laird of Tabor; Mrs. Clara Burnham of Griswold. All these were present at the death and burial of their mother except Mrs. Burnham. The aged husband departed this life November 2 (sic) of last year at the age of 82. In June 1853 (sic), she came with her husband to Fremont county and has since lived here continuously. Mrs. Reeves was a saintly Christian lady, for many years a devout worshipper in the faith of the Methodist church, under whose rites the funeral services were held. Her kindly deeds and cheerful assistance to afflicted ones in years gone by are the strongest testimony of her Christian character and will cause her memory to be tenderly cherished for all time to come.
  • 12 March 1910
    • L. Wankel's mother has died in Parchiem, Germany.

Source: submitted by Walter Farwell

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