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Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa
April 15, 1910


Jack Heuston (sic), a young man who had been employed this spring by Mat O'Brien, Jr., near Imogene, was struck by a northbound Wabash freight just north of the crossing at Summit about 1:30 o'clock last Sunday morning and was instantly killed. The unfortunate man was returning from Shenandoah where he had spent the evening with friends. Just how the accident occurred will never be known. It may be that the high hills surrounding the crossing obscured from view the approaching train; or it is probable that the young man had fallen asleep, trusting to his horse to take him home in safety.

The crew of the train that killed him did not know of the accident until they had reached Malvern. The engineer thought he had struck something on that crossing, but not knowing what it was, did not stop the train until he reached Malvern. Then looking over his engine he discovered a man's coat and several wheel spokes on the cowcatcher. He instructed a passing southbound train to stop and investigate and they, after finding the man, notified Agent Miller at Shenandoah, who went out with a handcar and carried him into Imogene.

Hueston (sic) was a young man who has worked around Imogene for a good many years and always bore an excellent reputation. He was about 25 years old and his home was in IIlinois.

Considerable excitement prevailed for a short time when the searching party found a lady's hat lying along the track, but invesitgation proved it to be a new one which Hueston (sic) had been commissioned to bring home from town for the wife of his employer.

Source: submitted by Walter Farwell

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