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Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa
January 1902
  • January 9, 1902
    • W. F. Read and J. C. Kesterson of Sidney, Iowa, closed a deal last week with Winfield & Jessup for the Scheck ranch of 960 acres south of Latham. This is considered one of the greatest bargains in land that has been secured in this locality this season. Messrs. Read and Kesterson will build new dwellings and barns and make other improvements. When all the improvements they are contemplating are complete these gentlemen will own one of the model ranches of southern Kansas. They will move out about March 1st. In behalf of the people of Lathan and the surrounding county, the Mirror offers hearty welcome.--Latham, Kansas "MIRROR".

    • On information sworn out by Rev. Joseph Berkheimer some two weeks ago, before Justice Leeka, a search warrant was put into the hands of Constable Sollider and 18 gallons of liquor seized at the McPaul depot. County Attorney Norcott was over Wednesday to prosecute the case and Fremont Benjamin, of Council Bluffs, appeared for a wholesale liquor house, of Lexington, Ky., which shipped in the liquor. Benjamin asked for a continuance of the case in order to obtain depositions from the house; the petition was granted and the trial set for February 20th. The 18 gallons of liquor were consigned to 10 different persons in the vicinity of McPaul. The liquor will perhaps go into the gutter.
Source: submitted by Walter Farwell

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