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Sidney, Fremont County, Iowa
Local News
  • September 3, 1896
    • Sherman Brown's child died Tuesday.--Percival News "Local News" says a son died Wednesday.
    • Jessie Gaines' daughter was born Sept. 1, 1896.--Riverton News
    • Clifton Scoles married Jessie Buttercase in the Methodist Church on Wednesday.--Riverton News
    • Clark Marvin's son Claudie died Tuesday circa 5 years old; burial Mt. Zion; lives 2 1/2 miles southwest of town.--Riverton News
    • Mrs. James Reade who was born January 26, 1873 diedAug 28, 1896 ; she was the sister of Mrs. C. W. Brown of Hastings, Nebraska; of A. H. Godwin of Cowels, Nebraska; of Bert Godwin of Sheridan, Wyoming. --Local News
    • G. W. Iiams celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.--Local News
    • M. K. Reed's three months old baby died Sunday, the baby died on August 30.--Local News
    • Dick Shannon died Saturday in Nebraska City; F. R. Shannon of Sidney is his nephew.--Local News
    • Mrs. Elmira Tate died September 1, 1896 aged 66 years, she died in Randolph, and she was the mother of R. S. Tate. --Local News
    • J. C. Spidell married Bertha Shuffler at Thurman on Wednesday.--Bartlett News
    • E. L. Warner's son was born August 31, 1896.--Thurman News
Source: submitted by Walter Farwell

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