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Sidney, Iowa
August, 1896
  • August 6, 1896
    • Charles Addy's daughter was born July 28, 1896.--Randolph News.
    • Father Bagg's funeral was Monday at Tabor.--Green township News.
    • Oscar Crandal's son was born Aug. 4, 1896.--Riverton News.
    • W. T. Edward's daughter was born August 2, 1896.--Sidney News.
    • Myrtle Ettleman died Aug. 1, 1896 aged 19 years ......The Herald says she was the daughter of Maroni Ettlman who lives two miles north of Thurman.
    • Frank Frazer's daughter was born Aug. 4, 1896 in Madison township.--Riverton News.
    • Thomas Galbreth's son was born July 30.--McPaul News.
    • Mr. Remington died Sunday, and was buried at Fairbury, Illinois.--Bartlett News.
    • A daughter was born to Charles Young on Wednesday......The Herald says she was born July 29, 1896..--Randolph News.
  • August 13, 1896
    • Charles F. Barnes daughter was born August 8, 896.--Local News.
    • Jesse Buckingham's son was born (sic).--Bartlett News
    • Edward C. Fowlkes of Nebraska City and Miss Maude Helvey of Fairabury, Nebraska were married on Aug. 11, 1896 at the Commercial Hotel in Sidney.
  • Local News
    • Sammy A. Irwin was buried in Thurman Sunday.--Thurman News
    • S. L. Kellogg's son was born Aug. 8, 1896.--Percival News
    • Dan Lamar's mother died in southern Missouri.--Riverton News
    • William Smith married Maude Bail on Aug. 7, 1896.--Pleasant Valley News.
    • Fred Story received a telegram that his father-in-law died Thursday in Indiana.--Nishna Valley News
    • Frank Wages' daughter was born Aug. 8, 1896.--Riverton News vJohn Weeks married Myrtle Harris in Omaha on Wednesday.--Bartlett News
Source: submitted by Walter Farwell

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