Marble Rock Historical Society CD's

The Marble Rock Historical Society has the following CD's for sale. These work with PC-type computers only.
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Pictures of Marble Rock and The People
Contains approximately 1800 Pictures. See how the dam and power house were built. See the beauty of the steel bridge built in 1875. Look at Main Street down through the years along with the disastrous fires that burned both sides. Many school pictures, including composite class pictures. Trace family through photographs. Each picture is a JPEG file and may be viewed and printed from your PC-type computer.
Suggested donation   $16.00



Our Heritage - A Collection of Memories
The 1976, 136 page bicentennial book published by the Marble Rock Historical Society is no longer available in print, but you can now read it from your computer using Acrobat Reader which is included on this disk.
Suggested donation    $10.00



Marble Rock High School Annuals - 1948-1853
In 1948, the Marble Rock High School Seniors published the first "Rocket" annual. This CD includes the first six annuals from 1948 through 1953. 335 pages can be viewed or printed using Acrobat Reader which is included on the disk.
Suggested donation    $10.00



Marble Rock High School Annuals - 1954-1958
Five annuals (249 pages) from 1954 through 1958 and Acrobat Reader are included on this disk. 1958 was the last class to graduate from Marble Rock High School.
Suggested donation    $10.00



Civil War Letters
The 120 letters (200 pages) on this CD-R were written by C. T. Ackley to his wife who struggled at home with the farm and small children. They were written from January 1864 through July 1865 while serving at the battles of Atlanta, Dallas, Jonesboro and Sherman’s March to the Sea. Of the 44,000 Iowans that served in the Civil War, C. T. Ackley discusses Crumb, Asper, Sours, Clay, Jud, Parish and Hawks from Marble Rock.
This CD-R contains photocopies of the hand written letters and Microsoft Word and Word Perfect translations for easy viewing. CD-R was compiled by Jerry Adams his Great Grandson.  The originals are on file at the University of Iowa Library. Suggested Donation $10.00.