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Estherville Schools
Emmet County, Iowa

Estherville High School Graduates

1891 through 1899
1900 through 1909

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1924 and 1925 Estherville High School yearbook

Lara A. Braley has kindly provided a list of the students and faculty in the 1924 Estherville HS yearbook, Ho-Lo-Co as well as a list of students in the 1925 Ho-Lo-Co yearbook.

1925 Estherville Jr. College Faculty Members

Estherville Junior College was in existence from 1924-1968 and is the predecessor to present day Iowa Lakes Community College.

A list of faculty members from Estherville Jr. College, 1925, also contributed by Lara Braley.

Anderson, Elda E
Kidder, Ruth
Gibson, Wm. W.
Hillard, J. H.
Latchem, Dorothy M.
Pingrey, Lucy O.

Off to School (1903)

The list of Estherville students who will attend school elsewhere has been increased since last week by the following:

Miss Delia Dukes, Cornell college, Mt. Vernon
James Lathrop, Portland, Ore.
Claude Cobb, Iowa State Normal
Willis Barber, Iowa State Normal
Robert Neville, Fort Dodge
Leo Streater, Winnebago City, Minn.
Nina Woodhouse, Cedar Falls
Clare Foote, Buena Vista college, Storm Lake
Erma Swartz, Scott Preparatory
Mary Barnum, Coe college, Cedar Rapids
Mamie Sullivan, Cedar Rapids Business college
Mamie Martin, Cedar Falls
Ethel Henry, Coe college, Cedar Rapids

Source: Estherville Enterprise, Estherville, Emmet County, Iowa; September 9, 1903.

Lincoln School

Located north of Estherville
Photo taken April 2007 shortly before demolition of building

Jackson School
1022 2nd Ave S
Estherville, Iowa

The school was built in 1895 and is still standing but currently being used as an apartment building. This photo shows planks used for a short time on the school in the late 1940s. It was said they were used to try and influence a vote to construct a new elementary school.

Submitted by: Emmet County Museum volunteer. Photo held at the Emmet County Historical Society Museum Complex.

Inner Circle, Estherville High School

Inner Circle

Country School north of Estherville on route 4
Class of 1903


Back row, left to right: Frank Schultz, Henry Dobbe, Roy Bartleman, Jesse Schultz, Annie Weir, Miss Nora McMahon (teacher with flag), Edith Mathwig, Frank Crumb, Laura Mathwig, Walter Schultz, John Dobbe

Front row, left to right: John Weir, Elma Crumb, Susan Schultz, Eleanor Weir, Della Weir, Alta Weir, Everett Logue

1928 Girls Glee Club, Estherville High School

First Semester Second Semester
Bettie Beymer--President Ethlyn Volding--President
Alice Gray--Secretary Katharine Blazer--Vice President
Betty Parsons--Librarians Virginia Shadle--Secretary
Lois Hansen--Librarians Luella Shaw--Librarians
Harriet Shaw--Librarians

MEMBERS: Bettie Beymer, Katherine Blazer, Helen Brockway, Lila Verne Broms, Genevieve Chapman, Elizabeth Cole, Wilma Gookin, Alice Gray, Josephine Handel,Lois Hansen, Leah Hotelling, Anita Houltshouser, Virginia Johnston, Le Von Johnston, Francis Kirk, Mildred Larson, Ivadelle Lambert, Marion Ruth Mahlum, Olive Nelson, Harriet Osher, Betty Parsons, Virginia Shadles, Luelle Shaw, Dolores Simpson, Vivian Shadle, Ethlyn Volding, Lola Wilson, Pearl Schneider, and Beverly Tomhave.

Estherville High School, year unknown

Although this photo is labeled as Estherville High School it is actually a photo of the Roosevelt school which was attached to the high school. Roosevelt was an elementary school and is still in use today as an elementary school.