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Submitted by Cheryl Locher Moonen
Poor House, 1869
Dubuque Herald
Dubuque, Dubuque, Co., Iowa
Sunday, February 25, 1869
In relation to the county poor house – after a thorough examination of the premises, the different departments of the house seemed clean and well-aired. The persons of the inmates and their clothing seemed also clean.

It is believed that the boy Wilder should be immediately taken from his partially insane mother and cared for. He is now a bright looking child, six years of age, but must become stupefied if he remains long to his present situation. it is further respectfully suggested, that the paupers of the county, those able to labor, be employed on the premises in agricultural pursuit, rather than remain idle. They might thus be made useful to the county, and at the same time, by moderate labor, benefit themselves.

The following are the names of the inmates of the county poor house, forty-five in number:
Name Age Remarks   Name Age Remarks
Nellie Kelly 55 Insane   Harriett Smith 38 Insane
Will Wilder 31 Insane   Will Wells 47 Invalid
Edward Davis 62 Crippled   Mary Davis 76 Crippled
Adeline Gale 31 Fits   Patrick Condreu 67 Rhematism
Mary Condreu 76 Cook   W. Dolon 69 Blind
Sarah Ann Teach 39 Insane   John Siagel 79 Old Age
Joseph Wilner 55 Insanity & fits   Nicholas Hannon 45 Idiotic
James Fitzpatrick 82 Idiotic   James Lovess 69 Idiotic
Catherine Stack 55 Insane   Mary Marah 41 Insane
Ellen Mordaville - Insane   Arthur Doyle 76 Infirm
Mary ---- 38 Insane   John Condreu 71 Infirm
Henry Johnson 18 Crippled   Pete McNeveus 38 Insane
Caroline Scott 47 Insane   Joseph L. Lichtenmeier 40 Insane
Fletcher Hanson 27 Idiotic   James Mansfield 71 Infirm
Bridget Mansfield 61 Blind   Mary O'Keefe 73 Infirm
John Lynch 31 Crippled   Ralph Montgomery (col) 73 Infirm
Roswell Graves 73 Infirm   James McDonald 48 Crippled
Loony Patterson 30 Crippled   Timothy Welsh 44 Invalid
Mary Boyer 35 Invalid   Mary Miller 31 Invalid
Hannah Buffou 25 Partially Insane   Miles Hayden 50 destitution
Margaret Wilder 44 Partially Insane   JohnWilder 6 (smart boy)
John Crowley 51 Lame        

All of which is respectfully submitted.
Morgan Hayes
Clerk of the Grand Jury






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