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The Patrick O'Connor Family

Compiled and contributed by Ron Seymour

Children of Patrick and Ann O'Connor
Back row, left to right: Margaret, Maurice, Ellen
Front row, left to right: Anna, Bridget, Johanna, Kathryn

Patrick O’Connor


Patrick O’Connor was born in Coolie, County Cork, Ireland in 1810. He emigrated to America when he was about 21 years old with his brother, Edmond who was 14 years older than Patrick. They landed at Quebec and then moved to Ohio in April, 1837.

They moved to Dubuque and Patrick became a Naturalized Citizen on Sept 14, 1840. In Sept. 1841, he purchased 240 acres of land near Bankston. Seven years later, on Nov. 24, 1847, he married a neighbor girl, Anna O’Connell, who lived a little over a mile west of him. She was almost fifteen years younger than he.


Anna was born in 1825, the daughter of Daniel and Bridget (O’Keefe) who had immigrated to Iowa in 1846. Daniel O’Connell was born in 1792 in the Townland of Ballawen, Parish of Kenorkrane, County Cork. He became a US Citizen on July 13, 1847. His wife Bridget was born in 1799 in the Parish of Watergrass Hill, County Cork. The O’Connells never seemed to prosper as farmers. In 1853, the Tax Assessor excused their taxes and wrote in his book that “this is a very bad 40 (acres) of land and the owner is old and poor”. Daniel died on Oct. 27, 1871 and his wife died three years later on Oct. 15, 1874.


Patrick and his brother lived and farmed together their entire lives and the 1853 Tax records show that they were co-owners of the farm.


While Patrick’s in-laws may not have had much success as farmers, the same was certainly not true of the O’Connors. By 1856, he had 30 acres of land tilled and harvested the following: 4 tons of hay, 250 bushel Wheat, 150 bushel Oats, 300 bushel Corn, 100 # of Potatoes and 150 # of butter.


Patrick was one of the founders of the Church at Bankston, and was listed in the 1880 “History of Dubuque” that listed his land holdings at “about 400 acres”.


Edmond died on Nov. 5, 1882 at age eighty-six. Patrick died on July 15, 1895 and left $1700 on cash to be distributed to his heirs. His real estate had already been disposed of, but what the conditions were for the sale or transfer is not known. Anna passed away on July 2, 1909 at age 84.

Children of Patrick and Anna O’Connor

Mary J. was born in 1849; she married James O’Connor in 1869 and she died at age 32 on Dec. 28, 1880.

He was born in Ireland on July 30,1844 and died in 1922 at the home of his daughter in Minneapolis. It is believed that they had five sons and two daughters although this seems hard to believe in only 11 years of marriage. It is possible he remarried but no mention is made of it in his obituary.


When her father died intestate in 1895 and his children filed for probate, they originally did not include Mary’s surviving children as part of the Estate. However they corrected this a couple months later and included Alice Labelle, Clement O’Connor and John O’Connor as heirs to Mary’s portion of the estate. This amounted to less than $45 each. But they could not determine the whereabouts of Clement and his portion was paid to the clerk of court.

             Some of their children are buried at Farley:

James Daniel died on May 7, 1880 at 3 months 21 days

            Annie died on Dec. 17, 1887 at 7 years 10 months and 2 days

                        Florence Patrick died March 17, 1873 at 4 months and 15 days

            Edmond died on Feb. 6, 1877 at 11 months and 26 days.

John J. was born in 1874 and died in 1944 and his wife Annie was born in 1876 and died in 1910

Johanna b 1850, d. May 29, 1918 at Elma. She was married to Thomas Cashman who was born in Ireland in 1843. The

Cashman’s were neighbors of the O’Connors.


Bridget b. July 7, 1852 d. July 12, 1936 married Daniel Sullivan

Had 10 children, eight of whom survived to adulthood. Their second eldest daughter, Anna, married John Seymour.


Anna b. 1854 also married Wm. Cashman (probably was Thomas’ brother)


Maggie b. 1856 Married Tim Deegan and they also lived at Elma.

Morris (Maurice) b. 1859 d. July 25, 1930 He married Jettie O’Connorat Sinsinawa Wisc. in 1885. She came to Iowa to teach school. She died in 1895 during childbirth. The baby also named Jettie died as had a child two years earlier. (The gravestone just reads “Baby”) Two children survived to adulthood. A son, Frank was born in 1886 and died in 1920 and a daughter, “Winnie” (Mrs. Vincent Daly).


Ella b. 1861 d. 1862


Kathryn (Katie) b. Dec. 8, 1862 d. Mar. 15, 1949. She married William Kingsley in 1893. Mr. Kingsley was born in Plymouth Mass. on Nov. 25, 1861 and moved to Dubuque in 1865. He died May 4, 1923 and is buried in the Catholic cemetery at Asbury.


Ellen b. July 5, 1865 d. Mar. 1, 1958 She married Matt Daly on Nov. 27, 1889.  They farmed near Bankston (called the “Tivoli Stock Farm”) until he was elected Clerk of Iowa Township. Matt Daly then served nine years as a County Supervisor. They moved to Dubuque in 1910, but in 1914 he was defeated in his bid for another term as Supervisor. He was murdered on Feb. 7, 1921.

The Daly’s had two children: a son, Walter who was killed in a train accident in 1918, and a daughter, Eva who married Walter Lattner in 1912. The Lattner’s had 8 children:

            Daughters: Helen, Mary Irene, Lenore, Grace and Mrs. Velma Healy

            Sons: Alfred, Gene, Loras

Edmond b. 1868 d. 1876




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